Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro: Important Differences & Features

watch-5-vs-watch-5-pro- Important Differences & Features
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If you have been meaning to change your Watch 5 to a Watch 5 Pro but are not sure whether to go ahead with it because you thought there wouldn’t be much difference between the two, you’re not wrong to think that, and neither are you right. However, at the end of this article, you’ll be absolutely sure about your decision to either continue with your Watch 5 or migrate to the Watch 5 Pro. Let’s compare Watch 5 vs Watch 5 Pro.

Watch 5 vs Watch5 Pro: Important Differences

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro look similar, they differ significantly. Given how fashionable, cutting-edge, and modern the Watch 4 is, the fact that the Watch 5 is essentially an exact replica of that model is not necessarily a bad thing, or is it? The Watch 5 Pro has a similar circular shape, but its 1.4-inch sapphire crystal display is set into a thicker titanium frame that weighs 10 grams more than the Watch 5’s 44mm iteration. For those who want to make a bigger statement, it appears substantially more solid than the Watch 5.

watch 5 vs watch 5 pro

While the Watch 5 Pro is only available in a 45mm variant, the Galaxy Watch 5 is offered in 40mm and 44mm models. The Watch 5 has a 1.2-inch Super AMOLED display in its 40mm edition, while the Watch 5 Pro and its 44mm counterpart have a 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen. In other words, whichever model you choose, you’ll get a high-quality screen because they all have more than 450 sharp pixels per inch.

The Watch 5 is enclosed in an aluminum shell, while the 5 Pro has a titanium case for added durability. Although both devices have the same IP68 and 5ATM water (and dust) resistance ratings and have also been tested to MIL-STD-810H requirements, this provides them with better robustness and toughness.

Additionally, both watches have round faces and two side buttons, but the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s casing gives the display an elevated edge. This is probably done to help safeguard the screen when engaging in more demanding activities. Durability should be improved by the sapphire crystal glass display’s 60% increased scratch resistance over earlier Galaxy Watch models.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which is nearly twice as thick as the Galaxy Watch 5, is less pleasant to wear while you sleep as a result of these adjustments.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is available in Graphite, Silver, Sapphire (only available in 44mm), and Pink Gold (only available in 40mm). There are two color options for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: black titanium and gray titanium. The adjustable bands on both watches allow you to customize them to your personal taste.

Pricing and Availability

The price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ranges from $279 for the Bluetooth-only model to $329 for the model with LTE. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro starts at $449 for the Bluetooth variant and $499 for the model with an LTE connection. Both watches are available from Samsung directly.

Can the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Answer Phone Calls?

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, like most Galaxy watches, include a speaker and microphone. These two pieces of hardware enable you to make and receive phone calls directly from your watch.

Watch 5 vs. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: Features

#1. Special features

This may be displeasing for long-time Galaxy Watch users, but the Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro do not have the rotating bezel of older models. This provided each gadget with a more quality feel and may have made using and navigating the Galaxy Watch more intuitive than merely swiping. Nevertheless, since both watches are affected by this absence, neither one gains ground on the other.

As for the distinctive features they do have, thorough sleep tracking is arguably the most remarkable. Sleep scores keep track of your habits and the various stages of sleep, and they can also identify snoring and low blood oxygen levels. Improved sleep coaching, which offers a program that is structured and aids in better sleep, complements this. The SmartThings app and the appropriate smart devices may be used with both watches to control TVs, lighting, and air conditioners in a variety of ways to enhance your sleeping environment.

The Watch 5 Pro contains the aforementioned GPX mode, but aside from that, neither watch goes much beyond the functionality present in the Watch 4 series. Of course, because this is only for serious hikers, it’s debatably insufficient to give the more expensive watch the upper hand in this contest.

#2. Battery power

The Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro give users some meaningful options as opposed to earlier generations, which offered watches with identical battery sizes. The Watch 5’s 40mm model has a 284mAh battery, while the 44mm model has a 410mAh equivalent. On the other hand, the Watch 5 Pro has a 590mAh battery, which is intended to last longer for fitness enthusiasts who take their hobby more seriously. Its capacity can handle 20 hours of continuous GPS use, which is 60% more than the battery in the Galaxy Watch 4, according to Samsung.

This is not meant to belittle the Watch 5’s battery, which is 13% larger than the one in the Watch 4 and charges from 0% to 45% in just 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the Watch 5 Pro is a powerhouse for a gadget its size, and our review found that it can operate under moderate to heavy usage for three days without recharging. In contrast, our Watch 5 review revealed that unless you use it sparingly, it will struggle to last for two days.

#3. Health and fitness-tracking feature

With a few minor, but possibly significant discrepancies, both gadgets are nearly equal when it comes to tracking fitness. Both of them have Samsung’s BioActive Sensor, which offers an expanded surface area to improve reading accuracy. This entails that you may keep an eye on things like body fat levels, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and sleep. The GPS in the Watch 5 Pro has been improved with a “GPX” feature that allows users to share their whereabouts, retrace their movements, and view turn-by-turn directions, which is one change.

This, along with the larger battery on the watch, makes the Pro better suited for hikers and long-distance walkers. Even though it has a minor advantage over the Watch 5 in its regular form, this isn’t really enough to give it the victory in this contest.

SpecsGalaxy Watch 5 ProGalaxy Watch 5 
Starting price$449$279
Sizes45mm40mm, 44mm
ColorsBlack Titanium, Gray TitaniumGraphite, Silver, Sapphire, and Gold
Dimensions45.4 x 45.4 x 10.5 mm44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8 mm (44mm) or 39.3 x 40.4 x 9.8 mm (40mm)
Weight1.64 oz1.18 oz (44mm) or 1.01 oz (40mm)
Durability5ATM + IP685ATM + IP68
Battery life (rated)80 hours50 hours
ConnectivityBluetooth, LTE, NFC, and GPSBluetooth, LTE, NFC, and GPS
Storage1.5GB RAM + 16GB1.5GB RAM + 16GB
CompatibilityAndroid 8.0 or higherAndroid 8.0 or higher

Can the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro answer phone calls?

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, like most Galaxy watches, include a speaker and microphone. These two pieces of hardware enable you to make and receive phone calls directly from your watch.

Is it possible to use my Samsung Watch 5 without my phone?

You can make and receive calls without your phone when you activate your Watch5 on an active Google Fi account and plan. When your watch and phone are linked, you can also make and receive phone calls. Also, when your phone is nearby, you can use the Samsung Watch5 Wi-Fi to make and receive calls.

What can my Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 do?

Navigate your next journey with Google Maps, listen to YouTube Music, text, ask Bixby or Google Assistant for assistance, and phone or browse the web. Keeping data from your previous Galaxy Watch is also simple with Smart Switch.

Can we put a SIM card in the Samsung Watch 5?

It should be noted that the SIM card is preinstalled and cannot be removed. The Galaxy Wearable app must be installed on your smartphone in order to link your watch to it.

Bottom Line

Truly, there aren’t many distinctions between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for most users. The case shapes are unusual, but most users are unlikely to pay a few dollars more for them. That is why your Watch 5 is most likely the best watch for you. I did say you weren’t wrong.

However, if you enjoy outdoor sports such as hiking or something similar and are searching for a Samsung smartwatch that can keep up with your adventures while also providing better battery life, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could be a viable alternative.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is more robust, more aesthetically pleasing, and has a larger battery, so it has just enough going for it to take the overall triumph. The Galaxy Watch 5, on the other hand, comes pretty close, with a similarly fantastic screen, terrific fitness and health-tracking functions, solid software, and a sufficient battery. The larger battery of the Watch 5 Pro, however, makes it more beneficial for folks who actually require an always-on and trustworthy fitness-tracking watch, which is why it wins. I did say you weren’t right, either.

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