New Movies to Stream This Weekend: Top 13 Picks

New Movies to Stream this Weekend: Top 13 Picks
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One of the most effective ways to cool off after a long week of stress is by watching movies. Trust me, it works! You can tell from the way I’m assuring you that I too am a movie freak. I’ll be showing you in this article the top 13 new and trending movies to stream on Prime or Netflix this weekend. Hey, don’t get carried away. Let’s get right to you

New Movies to Stream on Prime this Weekend

As we enter the Halloween season, there are plenty of horror flicks making their streaming debuts to check out. Relax; there are also family comedies, entertaining action dramedies, a new take on the Western, and much more. Whatever kind of movie you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it here.

#1. The Hunted’s Night

Out on Friday, October 20th, 2023. Courtesy Shudder

Night of the Hunted, one of this weekend’s Shudder offerings, follows the story of Camille Rowe, who played Alice’s character. She makes a  stop at a gas station late one night and finds herself stuck there by a sniper. Having no idea why this individual is hunting her down, but she still has to think quickly in order to escape with her life. If you’re searching for an anxious film set in a restricted space, this is your weekend selection.

#2. No hard feelings.

Out on Sunday, October 22nd. Courtesy Netflix 

No Hard Feelings, a picture that finally offers Jennifer Lawrence the humor she’s long earned, is part of a midsummer renaissance for the R-rated comedy. Featuring the troubled Maddie (Lawrence) as she seeks to reclaim a car she needs for work, she responds to a Craiglist ad asking for a young woman to date their son. She will get their car in exchange for sleeping with him. This results in many hijinks as well as a weirdly lovely undercurrent as the two wind up building a friendship outside of the unusual arrangement.

#3. Old Dad

Out on Friday, October 20th. Courtesy Netflix

Old Dads, the directorial debut of comedian Bill Burr, is about exactly what the title implies: middle-aged patriarchs. As they strive to navigate a changing world and raise children, the humor revolves around their estrangement from everything around them as well as the numerous oddities of modern life. Those who think Burr is merely making fun of others should know that his humor has evolved to include his own flaws. Time will tell if his film can sustain this momentum, but it’s still one of the more intriguing comedies to keep an eye on this weekend

#4. Cobweb

Out on Friday, October 20th. Courtesy Hulu

Back to the horror movies! Oh my goodness, Cobweb. One of the list’s newer horror flicks. The basics involve a family who notices something unusual happening in their home. It focuses on a young boy who begins to hear knocking sounds coming from the very walls themselves.

#5. Saw X

Out on Friday, October 20th Courtesy VOD

There aren’t many horror flicks that can be both silly and horrific. Saw X not only does this better than most of the other recent entries in the franchise, but it also allows a fantastic Tobin Bell to take center stage. It is the best addition to the series in over a decade, taking place between the first and second movies. This may not seem like much given some of the other gaffes, but it is still bloody excellent fun for those wishing to reconnect with old acquaintances.

#6. Surrounded

Out on Friday, October 20th. Courtesy Prime Video 

Surrounded is another one of the new movies to stream this weekend. It follows the narrative of Mo Washington (Letitia Wright), who is traveling west to stake a claim on a gold mine. However, her voyage is disturbed when her stagecoach is ambushed, and she is forced to take a deadly bandit captive until help arrives.

Though Williams is more of a supporting character than a key character, the film is worth seeing just for him. Without giving anything away, his performance is briefly captivating, serving as a final reminder of his enormous talents.

#7. The Polite Society

Out on Amazon Prime Video right now!

Polite Society is one of the most new and entertaining movies to stream this weekend. It’s an action comedy that’s both funny and touching. It centers on two sisters, Priya Kansara’s Ria, and Ritu Arya’s Lena, and takes us into their separate unrealized fantasies. As they look out for each other, they see that they are growing apart when the elder sister begins to think about her future and marriage, which the younger sister wants to ruin since she is afraid of the family she is marrying.

It thus becomes a sort of underdog story while also being five different films at the same time. Rather than seeming crammed, everything flows naturally through the tonal alterations and genre changes. It carries a consciousness of the films from which it draws, ensuring that each new step it takes has a solid foundation beneath it. When it all takes to the air and kicks you in the head, it’s a triumphant action comedy with wonderful characters you wish you could learn more about.

#8. The Silver Dollar Highway

Out on Friday, October 20th. Courtesy Prime Video

Silver Dollar Road is the documentary to watch this weekend. It is directed by Raoul Peck, who previously directed the excellent I Am Not Your Negro. It concentrates on the Reels family, who are attempting to keep their ancestor’s land from being taken away by the powers that be. According to a 2019 ProPublica story, which is well worth reading, the law not only restricts Black land ownership but also exacerbates the racial wealth divide.

#9. Goosebumps (Disney Plus)

When it comes to horror fiction’s big names, R.L. Stine is right up there with Stephen King, though Stine’s work is mostly oriented toward a younger readership. Goosebumps was transformed into a terrific series in the 1990s, as well as a couple of movies throughout the years, and now we have a scary new revival on Disney+ that is also doing well with critics and audiences.

#10. Chemistry Lessons (Apple TV+.)

Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott, had her work dismissed in the 90s because she is a woman scientist. She eventually becomes the host of a food show. It’s based on Bonnie Garmus’s novel of the same name, which she wrote based on her own experiences. The first two episodes are now available on Apple TV+.

#11. The Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix)

Mike Flanagan returns to Netflix with another horror-drama limited series, this time based on Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. The new spin on these frightening classics is doing about as well as Flanagan’s previous endeavor (which I enjoyed). This is now available on Netflix.

#12. John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams (Peacock)

This is a good trailer since it makes John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams look terrifying. The only thing scarier is the Rotten Tomatoes score, which is currently at 22% with critics (no audience reviews have been posted). It could still be good, but a low average is not promising. The first season is currently available on Peacock.

#13. Frasier (Paramount Plus)

Kelsey Grammer reprises his most renowned and adored role as Dr. Frasier Crane, now older and greyer but still as pompous and entertaining as ever. He’s left Seattle and found his way to Boston, yet he’s the only former cast member to make the cut. The first two episodes are now available on Paramount+.

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