New Movies on Streaming Services: Updated

New Movies on Streaming Services

There are too many streaming services where you can watch all kinds of new movies. Talk about Netflix, VOD, Amazon Prime, Peacock, and a whole lot of them. Below are 13 interesting new movies to watch on these streaming services

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#1. Old Dads: Streaming on Netflix

Comedian Bill Burr makes his directorial debut with Old Dads, a film about dads in their middle years, as you must have guessed already. The jokes in this show are as much about the characters’ inability to relate to the world around them as they are about the numerous oddities of modern life. Burr’s comedy has evolved to include not just jabs at others but also at himself and his flaws. Only time will tell if his picture is able to maintain this level of interest, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on as one of the week’s more promising comedies.

#2. No Hard Feelings: Streaming on Netflix

No Hard Feelings, a picture that gives Jennifer Lawrence the humor she’s deserved for a long time, is part of a slight revival of the R-rated comedy this summer. The film follows troubled Maddie (Lawrence) as she responds to a Craigslist post from a family looking for a young woman to date their son in order to reclaim the automobile she needs to commute to work. If she sleeps with him, he’ll give her their automobile. The two wind up bonding outside of the peculiar arrangement, which leads to both antics and a strangely beautiful undercurrent. However, rest assured that it is still highly sexually graphic and provides Lawrence with an opportunity to express herself in a way she never has before.

#3. LYNCH/OZ: Streaming on VOD

Interesting movie! Have you ever wished there was a movie that explored not only David Lynch’s genius as a filmmaker but also his ties to the Land of Oz? If so, you won’t want to miss this documentary. It’s a video essay in the sense that it puts the director in dialogue with the classic picture and allows him to reflect on his own ideas via that lens. It was certainly an unusual one, but we should have known better.

#4. Afire: Streaming on VOD

Christian Petzold’s Afire, one of the best movies of the year, is one of the unexpected streaming releases on VOD so far. Although it opens with a story of a holiday at a house by the Baltic Sea, it quickly shifts into a character study of an egotistical writer named Leon (Thomas Schubert), who can’t seem to get out of his own way even as a fire approaches. Enough talk already; you know where to find the movie if you haven’t seen it yet. Hurry now.

#5. If You Were the Last: Streaming on Peacock

If You Were the Last was quietly dropped this week for streaming, so you wouldn’t be the first to be taken aback by the news. It’s a romantic comedy about two astronauts who end up stuck in space together, with Anthony Mackie playing Adam and Zoe Chao as Jane. What would you do if you were stuck in space? Would you fall in love or keep things platonic, knowing that you may never make it back to earth?
Find out what happened between these two by streaming on Peacock.

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#6. Night of the Hunted: Streaming on Shudder

The story of Alice (Camille Rowe), who arrives at a gas station late at night and finds herself stuck there by a shooter, is this week’s Shudder offering. She has no idea why this person is after her, but she needs to figure out a way to escape as soon as possible. This might be your jam if you’re in the mood for a dramatic film with a claustrophobic setting this week.

#7. Polite Society: Streaming on Prime

Nida Manzoor’s feature debut, Polite Society, is an action comedy that is every bit as funny as it is touching. It focuses on Priya Kansara’s Ria and Ritu Arya’s Lena, two sisters, and takes us into their unrealized desires. When the older sister begins to think about her future and marriage, the younger sister becomes fearful of the family she will be joining and wants to interrupt the engagement. It’s like five different movies in one, and it ends up being an underdog narrative. Despite the many tempo and genre adjustments, the piece never feels cluttered. Its knowledge of the movies it’s referencing helps it build on solid ground with each successive move. It’s a great action comedy with wonderful characters you just wish you could get to know more of when everything takes to the air and kicks you square in the head.

#8. Saw X: Streaming on VOD

Very few horror movies are able to successfully balance comedy with gore. Saw X not only accomplishes this more well than the majority of the subsequent films in the genre, but it also provides a fantastic showcase for Tobin Bell. It’s the greatest picture in the series in over a decade, and it takes place between the first two. This may not mean much but it’s still a lot of fun for people who want to get up with old pals.

#9. Cobweb: Streaming on Hulu

This is a recent horror movie on Hulu. It centers on a normal family who starts to experience some rather unusual events within their own home. The story follows a small boy who thinks he hears knocking sounds coming from the walls. Imagine a knocking sound from the walls. Now that I think about it, it’s really…
Well, go ahead and stream the movie on any of the streaming services, including Hulu, and share your thoughts in the comment section.

Missing Link, another recent stunning stop-motion animation film that really pops off the screen, is a terrific adventure film that is also just wonderful to look at. It is a gorgeously constructed film whose intricacies raise the plot to brave new heights. It is the story of the titular sasquatch known as Mr. Link (Zach Galifianakis) and his attempt to find his way home. Despite the fact that the Laika studio has grown more well-known for some of its other productions, this one should not be neglected.

#11. Copshop: Streaming on Amazon Prime

Copshop is a ragged and mean film that is far more entertaining than it should be. It begins with a con artist named Teddy (Frank Grillo) trying to hide out in this police station in the hopes that no one will find him. He was arrested, particularly for this purpose, because he is desperate for protection. All of this is thrown out the window when a hitman (Gerard Butler) appears in the cell across from him. Teddy will have to make an unexpected alliance with one of the department’s rookies (Alexis Louder) to survive with no one to trust and the possibility that everyone is a killer.

It is a solid action thriller from start to finish, gruesome and brutal without ever overstaying its welcome. Even though it cuts corners on most of the setup, once it gets going, there is no turning back. When it all comes to a head and everything is either shot or set on fire before flying off into the sunset, it’s the perfect icing on the cake for this hilarious little frolic.

#12. Moneyball: Streaming on Amazon Prime

Baseball is a romantic sport, after all. Even if you’re not a sports enthusiast, Moneyball is one of those movies that you can’t stop watching once it starts. Though the film is about baseball, it is also about much more. It’s about striving for success in a world when the odds are stacked against you, the isolation that comes with pursuing a passion, the remorse you may feel when you make a mistake you can’t undo, and what happens when you set out to challenge the status quo. It is simply one of the best sports films ever filmed. It is a masterpiece that may never get old, with snappy dialogue, a terrific score that rises up at just the right moments, and an undercurrent about family that tears your heart out.

#13. Surrounded: Streaming on Amazon Prime

Surrounded is the final film from the late Michael K. Williams, a titan of the screen who passed away far too soon. It is a meandering western that benefits from its performances. Mo Washington (Letitia Wright) is the protagonist, and she travels to the American West in search of a gold mine. But the trip is cut short when her stagecoach is attacked, and she must take hostage a deadly bandit until aid arrives. Even though Williams has a smaller role than the film’s primary characters, he is nevertheless a major draw. Without giving too much away, I will say that his performance is briefly magnetic and a reminder of his enormous talents. His presence alone elevates the film, even if the scenes before and after his debut aren’t as interesting.

What streaming services get the most new movies?

The following streaming services are reputable for showing interesting new movies:

  • Philo
  • Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Disney
  • Shudder

What will be the most-watched movie on Netflix in 2023?

Based on the number of views in its first 91 days on Netflix, the action comedy “Red Notice” was the most popular English-language Netflix movie of all time as of October 2023. The film has received approximately 231 million views.

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