Most liked tweets of all time

Most liked tweets of all time almost always come from famous individuals such as Politicians, Actors, Inventors, Footballers, etc. This, however, does not mean that they are the only ones on twitter. Twitter has around 330 million active users per month. The site has become a popular area for people to connect and comment. Most Liked Tweets of All Time are a natural result of their popularity. Here are some of them.


Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy tweets from famous people that have reached the pinnacle of popularity.

#1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted about how he could reintroduce cocaine in drinks (which is a controlled substance under US law) while purchasing Coca-Cola. Though as a joke, the tweet from the world’s richest man quickly went viral, with 4.6 million users liking it and 690,000 retweeting it. Users were naturally taken aback when the tweet was framed and placed at Twitter’s headquarters. It was tweeted at 6:26 a.m. on April 28, 2022.

Elon Musk also made history when he purchased Twitter for $44 billion, but the remark from a humble human being who welcomes the perspectives of opponents soon entered the picture. So, what exactly is it? He said that he values critics’ perspectives since they are an important element of democracy.

Further, he stated that he would not suspend their accounts because free speech is for everyone. He naturally drew a lot of praise because of how organized and honest he is. It was tweeted at 9:42 p.m. on April 25, 2022.

#2. Barrack Obama

The tweet depicts both the sadness and the hope felt in the aftermath of the 2017 Charlottesville tragedy. The man of such stature was touched by how individuals, including women and children, were made targets because of their race and color.

Considering an emotional moment, stressing people’s struggle, former US President Barack Obama’s tweet highlighting a cited paragraph from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography inevitably went viral.

He tweeted
“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. By 2022, the tweet had received 4.1 million likes. The image depicted Obama visiting a daycare center in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2011. It was tweeted at 5:36 a.m. on August 13, 2017.

Barack Obama also paid respect to American basketball player Kobe Bryant after learning of his and Gianna’s deaths in a helicopter crash. He tweeted on the site on January 26, 2020, and it was the second most-liked tweets of the year.

He tweeted “Kobe was a legend on the court and just getting started in what would have been just as meaningful a second act. To lose Gianna is even more heartbreaking to us as parents. Michelle and I send love and prayers to Vanessa and the entire Bryant family on an unthinkable day.

#3. Chadwick Boseman

The most liked tweet of all time came from the account of Chadwick Boseman, an American actor. The actor was a fighter who fought against adversity from the day he was diagnosed in 2016 until he died of the colon cancer  in 2020 .

An emotive tweet regarding the loss startled followers, as supporters in spirit condoled the tragedy and supported their family at such a difficult time. On August 29, 2020, at 7:41 a.m., it became one of the most-liked tweets of all time. It has been liked by 7.2 million Twitter users as of 2022, making it the most-liked tweet of all time.

#4. Macaulay Culkin

Growing old is part of getting more content, mature, sophisticated, and feeling light from inside, thus age is simply a number. Actors with extraordinary abilities usually bring a ‘life’ to their tweets. Similarly, Macaulay Culkin, an American actor best known for his role as a young “Kevin McAllister” in Home Alone, has shared a photo in honor of his 40th birthday.

Yes, tweeting is part of the fun, and stating things in a lighter tone gets a lot of attention from the fans. It was tweeted on August 27, 2020 at 2:43 a.m. and received 3.1 million likes in 2020.

#5. Twitter

Twitter, too, does not shy away from the opportunity to be sarcastic and amusing. The tweet emphasizes the significance of the time when social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp experienced widespread outages owing to server troubles.

This brought energy to Twitter, which felt special and apart from the league and wasted no time in gaining leverage from the fans, although humorously and lightly. The image is entirely for readers to relate to the current circumstances. It was tweeted at 10:57 p.m. on October 4, 2021.

#6. Joe Biden

America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.” This was President Joe Biden’s first tweet after defeating Donald trump in 2020. The tweet gained over 1 million likes 30 minutes after being posted.

Another most liked  tweets of all time from President Joe Biden’s was during his inauguration ceremony. Going to perform the obligations of the 46th President of the United States is a momentous occasion, especially for the world’s oldest and largest democracy.

His post shows his sense of responsibility for the country and his intention to run for office in order to be accountable to the people. He sincerely wanted for a new day for America during his presidency, and that the country would climb to the pinnacle of success upon his return. It was tweeted at 7:50 p.m. on January 20, 2021.

#7. Kamala Harris

After being proclaimed the winners of the presidential election in the United States in 2020, Kamala Harris, who will become the next US Vice President, shared a video of herself congratulating Joe Biden, who will become the next President of the United States. Due to the fact that her tweet received 3 million likes and 526.5 thousand retweets, it is now ranked as the one of the most liked tweets of all time.

#8. Greta Thunberg

Thunberg tweet reads “this is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes.” Following Andrew Tate’s arrest in Romania, rumors began to surface that his arrest was tied to a video he released insulting Thunberg. The claim was bolstered by presumption that a pizza box visible in the footage from a Romanian pizzeria showed that Tate was in the country at the time. This rumor, however, was later refuted.

#9. Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis, an American comedian,  tweeted in response to SpaceX’s announcement that it would launch Crew Dragon Demo-2 in May 30, 2020. At the time, the COVID-19 pandemic was in full swing, and many were protesting George Floyd. Milonakis’ post was able to grab the attention of Twitter users despite the gravity of the situation around the world, and it rose to become one of the most liked tweets of the year. According to Twitter’s analysis of user engagement at the end of the year, the post was the third most popular tweet of the year 2020.

Final Words

The world of Twitter has witnessed some of the most interesting and contagious moments in recent times, and the above most liked tweets of all time from significant personalities are  contributory factor to that fact. These tweets, which range from profound words of hope and solidarity have managed to win the affection and attention of millions of users all around the world.

The tweets contain the opinions of a diverse group of people, ranging from well-known celebrities like President Joe Biden, ex president Barrack Obama and millionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk who are concerned about climate change.

Collectively, they provide a glimpse of the events and feelings that have formed our world in recent years, and they serve as a reminder of the potential of social media to unite and inspire all of us. In addition, they offer a snapshot of the events and feelings that have shaped our world in recent years.

Who has the most Instagram followers?

‘Learn from Khaby’ is the most-viewed Instagram reel to date. It shows lousy checking an iron several times to ensure he has unplugged it and that it is cold. The video has received over 12 million likes.

What is the most tweeted hashtag in 24 hours?

The hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon received over 41 million tweets in 24 hours (a new global record), breaking the record set by the 2014 World Cup semi-final match between Brazil and Germany, which received 37.6 million tweets in 24 hours.

  • #competition
  • #influencer.
  • #influencermarketing.
  • #fridayfeeling.
  • #MondayMotivation.
  • #tbt.
  • #traveltuesday.
  • #vegan

What was the first hashtag in the world?

On August 23, 2007, Chris Messina, best known as an advocate for open-source software, proposed using the pound sign to organize tweets. The first hashtag he offered as an example on Twitter was #barcamp, a loosely organized series of technology conferences he helped to build.

Who is the owner of a hashtag?

Hashtags’ appeal as a marketing strategy has grown as a result of their use as a social media indexing system. While the relevant platform owns the system as a whole, unique hashtags are generally subject to the same ownership regulations as other social media content.

Do Twitter hashtags expire?

Brands usually spend thousands of dollars to maintain the use of a sponsored hashtag. When this event is over, the hashtag will, in most cases, simply stop being used. The only way for an organic, unsponsored piece of information to have its hashtag become obsolete is when the Twitter community stops using it in tweets.

How do I earn followers on Twitter?

You can earn followers by doing the following

  • Share relevant and valuable content.
  • Post visual content.
  • Tweet on a regular basis.
  • Communicate with other people.
  • Spread the word about your @name in every possible venue.
  • Utilize your already established clientele as a resource.
  • Conduct a campaign to gain more followers.

When should I make posts on Twitter to get engagement?

Tweets that go out between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 am attract the greatest engagement, on average.
During business hours—that is, from 9 am to 5 pm—there is the least amount of participation possible. Furthermore, between the hours of 8 and 11, the number of favorites and retweets on a tweet is at its maximum.

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