Kindle Scribe vs Remarkable 2 (All You Should Know)

Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable

Amazon recently debuted its Kindle Scribe E-reader, and if you’re wondering which will win in an Amazon Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2 match, here’s their weigh-up.

On September 22, 2022, Amazon announced the Kindle Scribe, with a November 30 release date. Notably, it’s the first Kindle with a 10.2-inch, 300 ppi display with writing pen capabilities. Since the launch of the Kindle Keyboard in 2010, it has been the first Kindle sold without the choice of a discounted ad-supported variant.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe offers all the Kindle reading features while still having a large display that can be used for annotations or taking notes. It has a front LED light that automatically adjusts brightness and a sharper display than ReMarkable’s. 


  • Integration with the Kindle store of Amazon
  • Bright display with front light
  • Three storage possibilities


  • There are fewer notepad templates.
  • Integration of Dropbox and Google not featured

The Remarkable 2

Remarkable 2 is the best document creation and editing tool for minimalists. It is beautifully designed and features numerous paper-style templates, Docs, and Dropbox connections. It’s a stunning, elegant instrument to behold.


  • Drawing and handwriting come naturally
  • Flexible notebook templates
  • Elegant and slim design 


  • Front light absent
  • Not the cheapest

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2

Amazon Kindle Scribe vs. ReMarkable 2: How do they compare? Let’s get to it.

Specifications, Pricing, and Availability

On the surface, the ReMarkable 2 appears to be cheaper, but when you consider that you’ll need to purchase either the regular Marker ($79/£59) or the Marker Plus with built-in eraser ($99/£109), you’ll be spending at least $378/£358 on the ReMarkable tablet.

Amazon’s entry-level choice is the Basic Pen, which starts at $339 (£329). You can spend more on storage or the Premium Pen, which has a built-in eraser on the back like ReMarkable’s Marker Plus.

Amazon Kindle ScribeReMarkable 2
Storage16GB, 32GB and 64GB8GB 
Screen Size10.2-inch E Ink display, paper-like texture, 300 300ppiRemarkable 2
Battery12 weeks (reading only) and 3 weeks (writing)2-3 weeks battery life
ConnectivityWi-Fi and Bluetooth Wi-Fi
Front lightLED: with auto-brightness and Adjustable warmthNone
Dimensions196 x 229 x 5.8 mm – 433g187 x 246 x 4.7 mm – 403g
Weight433g, 15g stylus403.5g


There are similarities and differences between both devices. The essential point is that their differences in size will result in slightly distinct experiences.

The Kindle Scribe from Amazon is wider but shorter than the ReMarkable, giving it a wider appearance.

Looking at it from the front, you can see that, unlike the ReMarkable 2, which has a larger ‘chin’ below the display, Amazon’s has an even bezel surrounding three sides, and – instead – there is a thicker bezel on the left side of the screen, perfect for gripping or resting the side of your palm on when writing. And because it automatically rotates the interface, you can have it on the left or right.

What’s fascinating about the frame is that Amazon used its trademark black frame, creating a strong contrast between the display area and the frame. However, ReMarkable made the front the same colour as the display, allowing it to blend in better.

It’s worth mentioning that ReMarkable’s tablet is more than 1mm thinner and 30 grams lighter. Giving it a more nimble sensation in the hand. When placed face-up on a surface for writing or sketching, both devices contain four small rubber feet on the back to keep them from sliding. 

Both devices are intended to be controlled via the front-facing touchscreen and only contain power/wake buttons. Both have USB-C charging and file transfer of files ports.


On the display front, both devices are comparable. Both have a big E Ink display with a paper-like feel on the surface, so writing on it feels like writing on paper. It’s not rough, but it’s also not smooth, so there’s some friction.

However, there are some distinctions. The main difference is that there are no LEDs for front lighting on ReMarkable’s tablet. This restricts when and how you use it. Alternatively, it suggests there must be some light in the room to see the display.

The Kindle Scribe contains 35 LEDs that brighten the display when the light level falls. Plus, like the Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite, you can control the warmth to make reading at night more comfortable. You can program this warm light to turn on at particular hours or automatically at sundown.  It also supports auto-brightness, adjusting the display’s brightness to match your surroundings.

Of course, both gadgets retain their transflective qualities, so they will look excellent in a brightly lit room or region. However, there is no competition in low-light conditions.  Kindle Scribe takes the cake.

Performance along with experience in Writing

Kindle Scribe review annotations on Amazon

Although the remarkable 2 has been on the market and competing in the e-ink writing tablet space for much longer, the Kindle Scribe came out of the gate smoothly. Keep in mind that the Scribe only debuted in 2022.

Since the Kindle Scribe supports many more formats, it is more likely to have the file support you require to ensure you can view your essential documents, whether you’re attempting to carry about notes, files, presentations, or anything else. It will simply not work on the reMarkable 2 if it is not a PDF or an ePUB. Due to its versatility, the Kindle Scribe provides access to a considerably wider potential library, even though both devices can also be used as standard e-readers.

Given that the reMarkable tablet cannot play any audio because it does not support Bluetooth audio, Amazon additionally provided the Kindle Scribe with the ability to play audiobooks, making it much more helpful than the reMarkable 2.

Positive aspects of the ReMarkable 2

 The remarkable 2 does provide a superior alternative when it comes to the actual writing experience. It genuinely has a paper-like texture to it. Additionally, the LiveView feature, which replicates what you’re writing on your computer, is amazing and quite helpful for people who take notes religiously.

Additionally equipped with optical character recognition (OCR), the reMarkable 2 can search your handwritten notes for words, letters, word strings, etc. Just like finding anything you want in a document by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F (CMD + F for my Mac pals). Oddly, the Amazon Scribe didn’t have this capability, so if you have a lot of handwritten note files on your Scribe, OCR won’t be able to assist you in finding them.

Features, hardware, and software

These two gadgets are intriguing because, although they have comparable hardware and software, their software means that they are aimed at significantly different customers. The paper tablet from ReMarkable is intended to replace all of your notepads, journals, written to-do lists, and other paper-based items. 

This means that when you start it up, you are guided through creating a new notebook and have a wide selection of templates to choose from that are made to seem like the page formats of various books. A daily to-do list template, conventional ruled and lined sheets, grids, dotted pages, and more specialized formats like blank sheet music and guitar tablature are all options. They are very flexible.

If you have a Connect subscription, you may also log in to your OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive accounts to gain immediate access to your compatible documents on those services. The ReMarkable tablet connects directly to the cloud services because it has Wi-Fi. Additionally, you may immediately drag and drop supported files into your tablet using the ReMarkable software for PC.

You can read e-books on it, but doing so requires manually dragging and dropping EPUB files.

The Kindle platform was used to build Amazon’s gadget, which is already set up and prepared for quick access to many books. It functions like a standard Kindle and offers access to millions of books via Amazon’s store. It is much simpler than Remarkable for reading, and its ease of access is crucial to the reading experience.

Additionally, the Kindle Scribe provides checklists, lined paper, grid paper, and other template types. It provides a variety of ruled paper and lines paper templates, to-do lists, daily planner layouts, and blank, dotted, and grid paper, as well as to-do lists and daily planner formats. Even sheet music is provided. To compete with ReMarkable’s offering in this area, it will require many enhancements in software upgrades.

It supports reading PDFs, Word documents, and other documents like ReMarkable. You may send any document to your library to read or annotate on the Kindle Scribe using the Kindle phone app or the ‘Send to Kindle’ online browser option.

You can also add sticky notes and write handwritten or text comments on any books you read. Unfortunately, the Kindle Scribe does not support handwriting recognition or text conversion. You have that feature and the choice to transform a written page into text with the Remarkable.

One benefit of Remarkable is that you may access all of your ReMarkable notebooks and documents from just about any other device utilizing a cloud service and a desktop or mobile app. A subscription for unlimited cloud storage is required, but it is extremely reasonably priced and includes a 3-year tablet protection coverage.

Last but not least, the batteries on both tablets work admirably well and can last for weeks. You might even last months, especially if you use the tablet a few times daily.

Can I Read Kindle on Remarkable 2?

ReMarkable 2 only supports pdf and ePUB files. Kindle books are not compatible.

Is There Anything Better Than Remarkable 2?

Regarding the Kindle Scribe vs. Remarkable 2 breakdown above, Kindle Scribe obviously has many more advantages than the Remarkable 2 and, therefore, is a better alternative.

However, here are 7 other best alternatives to remarkable 2:

The Onyx Boox Note Air performs better than the reMarkable 2 in speed and power. However, it is more expensive.


Although the Kindle Scribe initially appears to be the best of both worlds, its note-taking capabilities are limited. There is no OCR for searching handwritten notes, and book annotation is impossible.

If you’re searching for a gadget that prioritizes reading first and offers a note-taking feature, opt for the Scribe. If your main purpose is scribbling down notes and you’re not too fussed about the other things a Kindle offers, go for the Remarkable 2.

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