How to Turn On Profile Views on TikTok 

How to Turn On Profile Views on TikTok 

Do you wonder who is checking out your TikTok page? If you want to see how many people have viewed your profile and who they are, you can do so by turning on profile views on TikTok. This piece will explain how to activate profile views on the popular video-sharing app TikTok. By enabling profile views, you can see how many people are interested in your account. In addition, knowing who is checking out your profile can help you better cater to your audience. The time has come to get started. 

Let’s take a look back at tik tok’s brief history before we dive into how to turn on profile views.

Tik Tok History 

TikTok is a viral video-sharing app that has gripped the globe in recent years. 

The software, which emerged in 2016 as Douyin in China, became known as TikTok in 2018 for users around the world. Since then, TikTok has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms with over a billion members by 2021. 

The app’s success can be attributed in great part to the novelty and interest generated by its content, which consists predominantly of 15- to 60-second films. 

These videos may contain anything from educational content, life hacks, and beauty tutorials to comedic skits, lip sync battles, and challenges. The algorithm of the app ensures that you are given content that is specific to your interests, which makes the app very addicting and entertaining to use. 

However, TikTok has also become a venue for discovering new music and trends. Many popular songs and dances first appeared on the app before they became widespread in popular culture. TikTok’s large following has not gone unnoticed by celebrities and other influential figures; as a result, many of these individuals are now leveraging the site to promote their own products and content. 

In addition, the popularity of TikTok is not showing any signs of abating, and the app has emerged as a significant participant in the social media scene in a very short amount of time 


In just a couple of years, TikTok gained a massive audience thanks to its 30-second video format. Before its rebranding, the app was known as, but it quickly became a force in the realms of social activism, pop culture, and music. A new crop of superstars and content creators who can engage their audience in under a minute have found success thanks to the app’s viral trends. 

TikTok went back to its roots by featuring videos of people dancing and lip-syncing to popular tunes. It later became a viral challenge in which people shared their own versions of

“Renegade,” propelling the careers of content creators like Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae to the level of celebrity. In several cases, individuals have been able to amass such a large number of followers that it has allowed them to launch their own content studios or opened doors to a professional performing career. 

Many popular TikToks now include music, which has helped breakout stars like Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat who were previously unknown. Artists and record companies are increasingly using TikTok as a promotional tool, with the hope that one of their songs would become successful enough to be featured on the app and eventually make it onto the Billboard 100. 

Evolution Continues

As a forum for both dancing movements and social and political action, TikTok has expanded to have a significant impact on modern culture. Teens and young adults are using the video-sharing platform TikTok to spark open dialogue on political issues and racial inequality. A lot of people used the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter” to get the word out and find methods to help the Black Lives Matter campaign. App users might also use this strategy to jointly reserve seats for a Donald Trump rally, but then not show up to show their disapproval. It’s not just celebrities that have made Tik Tok accounts to win over the younger generation. 

Over 2.6 billion people around the world have downloaded TikTok, making it one of the most popular social media apps. One of the reasons for its immense popularity is the sheer variety of videos available on the site; with just a few clicks of the mouse, users can get everything from comedy sketches to tutorials on how to apply makeup to updates on the latest fashion trends. 

Interesting Facts About Tik Tok 

Here are some of the interesting facts about tik tok. 

#1. Nearly All TikTok Users (Nine Out of Ten) Use the App Several Times Daily 

An overwhelming majority, almost 75%, of programs are used only once before being deleted. Next time you hear a TikTok statistic, you’ll know for sure that the platform makes up the last quarter. 

Nearly nine out of ten TikTok users log in each and every day. Plus, they spend a lot of time using the app. 68% of TikTok users, according to a one-month assessment of their habits (Global Web Index, 2019), view videos posted by others, while 55% post videos of their own. 

Also, TikTok members also seem to have different preferences when it comes to watching and sharing content.

To delve deeper, there may be some obvious reasons why people would rather consume content already out there than create their own. TikTok could be more appealing to its users as a kind of entertainment. Even while users are devoting more time to consuming current material, an incredible number of people are still uploading and sharing their own movies. This is further evidence of the social platform’s simplicity and the room for artistic expression it provides. 

#2. TikTok Wins Over American Youth 

TikTok may still leave some of the older scratching their heads, but it has hit the mark when it comes to connecting with the younger generation. 

According to Statista’s projections for 2020, 62% of all TikTok users in the United States are young adults. Compared to the general population, just 7.1% of them are considered to be 50 or older. 

Many adults who use social media have never heard of TikTok, which begs the question: why is it so popular among young people? It’s intentional, to put it simply. 

TikTok’s initial success among teenagers and young adults can be traced back to the developers’ conscious decision to focus on that demographic. 

One may argue that the developers of TikTok had a deeper understanding of the millennial demographic than its rivals. From the get-go, they knew exactly who they wanted to reach with their social media app, and that knowledge informed their research into the users’ behaviors and interests. 

Users of TikTok are encouraged to explore their artistic sides. TikTok is used by many young people to share videos of themselves making funny dance moves or singing along to popular songs. 

#3. TikTok is the Most Downloaded App on the Apple App Store 

This TikTok stat will astound you if the last one didn’t already. 

Over sixty million people downloaded TikTok in the second quarter of 2022 alone on iPhone and iPad devices, according to data from Sensor Tower. CapCut, Google Maps, YouTube, and Instagram make out the top five, but this app easily outperforms them all. 

In contrast, TikTok is behind only Facebook and Instagram as Google Play’s third most downloaded app. That doesn’t mean, though, that Android users aren’t huge fans of TikTok. The data show that in the second quarter of 2022, there were 125 million downloads made by Android users.

As of the second quarter of 2022, TikTok has accumulated over 187 million downloads, making it the most popular app in the globe. Instagram, the app that came in second, only had about 170 million downloads. This is the seventh time in the last 10 quarters that Tik Tok has been number one, which is quite an accomplishment. 

#4. An Average TikTok User Spends 50 Minutes or More Daily 

The typical TikTok user spends half an hour on the app each and every day. These people use the app frequently throughout the day to talk to their friends and send updates to other social media sites. 

Furthermore, this information is useful for advertising brands on TikTok, and it may be of general importance to individuals who are trying to make money from ads. That percentage is comparable to Facebook and Instagram and bodes well for the app’s long-term viability. 

The app’s organizers’ top priority is making the app fun and easy to use. Several people spend at least an hour per day on the app TikTok because it is so engrossing. 

#5. The Typical TikTok Video View Count 

In 2018, more than a million videos were seen daily on TikTok, according to data from Influencer Marketing Hub. It’s incredible that TikTok reached 1 million daily views in just a year since its inception. 

Just looking at just one TikTok data point should be enough to get your attention. As stated before, the app’s initial growth was spurred by the 2017 acquisition of competitor Once the two apps were combined, there was no turning back. This allowed TikTok to enter the market with minimal disruption and meet the needs of an already established user base. TikTok currently has a significant user base, but this is attributable not just to its success in wealthy countries but also to its rapid expansion in developing nations like China and India. 

In addition, TikTok’s rapid expansion can be due in large part to the platform’s content and community. From that point on, TikTok’s popularity and user base expanded rapidly. 

#6. Around 34% Of All Users Post Each Day on TikTok 

TikTok’s user base is more active than those of competing social media apps. One-third of all users post a video every single day. Consistent posting, as on other social media, is the key to growing your following. The algorithm behind TikTok means that even those with no followers can have their posts seen by millions in a single day. 

TikTok’s user base has an enormous organic reach. The analytics behind TikTok are razor-sharp, revealing exactly what content users want to view most.

#7. TikTok Is Banned in India 

Although the launch of the short-video streaming app TikTok in September 2016 was a major success in India, the app was banned in the country permanently in August 2020 due to public safety concerns. 

With nearly 200 million subscribers, India’s rapidly expanding community took a major hit from this move. After a year of the boycott, some content creators are still struggling to make ends meet because the app is largely ignored and poorly reviewed. 

What Is the TikTok Profile View? 

TikTok Profile view indicates how many times your profile has been viewed by other users. TikTok’s profile pages can be accessed via the user’s username or profile image. Profile pictures, bios, and a grid of your movies are the norm on this page. 

A profile view is an instance in which a user visits your profile page. TikTok users who want to build a larger fanbase and more active community should pay attention to their profile view counts. 

You may learn interesting things about how many people encounter your material and interact with your business by monitoring the number of times your Profile is viewed over time. 

TikTok keeps tabs on more than just profile views; it keeps tabs on the likes, comments, shares, and followers its users generate. Using these indicators, you may see how many people find value in your material and where there is room for expansion. 

Also, creators and businesses can use TikTok’s analytics tools to monitor their content’s performance on the platform and adjust their approach accordingly. 

How Does the Profile Views Feature Work? 

Some have compared a profile view to a two-way mirror. If you allow profile views, the person whose profile you are seeing will be able to see who is looking at yours, and vice versa if you view their profile. 

Wow, that’s a lot of fairness, right? Maybe not, though; the app’s profile views function might cause quite a deal of discomfort if you’re a silent lurker who casually visits profiles on a regular basis. 

If you want to prevent people from seeing your profile, you can disable profile views by switching to a one-way mirror that allows you to see everything clearly from your side but prevents them from seeing anything from yours. Unfortunately, TikTok’s profile views system does not function in this way.

If you turn off profile views, not only will your browsing history with that person be hidden, but you will also not be aware if they view your profile. 

TikTok’s profile views feature displays a comprehensive list of all the users who have viewed your profile within the past 30 days. This is updated daily to display the visitors’ activity over the selected time period. 

TikTok’s ‘Profile View History’: Some Advice Before You Dig In 

There are a few factors to keep in mind before moving forward, since they may explain why you are unable to see the feature or are not obtaining the expected results: 

If you don’t have more than 5,000 followers, you won’t be able to access your profile’s view history. 

To access your profile’s history, you must be at least 16 years old. 

Your profile view history is private and can only be viewed by you. 

Only the previous 30 days of your profile’s activity can be shown. 

Only users whose profile view history is turned on will have access to it.

While you won’t be able to see who has viewed your profile if your account is set to private, you still might show up if they want to display it. If you turn off the function, your profile view history will be deleted, but if you turn it back on, it will be restored to its prior state. 

You will disappear from other users’ profile view histories if you disable this function, but you will appear again if your view was within the past 30 days. 

How to Turn On Profile Views on TikTok 

Unless you specifically opt-in to see who has been viewing your profile, TikTok will not reveal who has been checking it out.  However, there are a few options for making profile views visible. 

Method 1: From the Privacy Settings, Select:

  • TikTok profile in the lower right of the screen and tap on it.
  • “Menu” by clicking the three parallel lines in the upper right corner of the display.
  • “Settings and Privacy” from the list of available options. 
  • Click “Privacy” and then “Profile Views” 
  • To turn on profile views on Tiktok, toggle the “profile view history” setting.

Method 2: From Your View Profile Page 

Follow these steps on your profile page to turn on the profile view history:

  • Select your TikTok profile in the lower right of the screen and tap on it.
  • Select “Step” from the menu in the upper right corner. 
  • If you click on it, you can check out someone’s profile.
  • Select “Turn on” to start saving your profile views 

Method 3: From the Inbox 

  • If you want, you can turn on the profile view history directly from your mailbox by following these steps: 
  • The “Inbox” button can be found near the bottom of the screen. 
  • Go to “Activities” and then “Profile views.” 
  • The link will take you straight to the profile page.
  • To start saving your profile views, tap the “Turn on” button. 

How Can I See Who Viewed My TikTok Profile? 

Here’s how you can quickly check your TikTok profile views after enabling the “profile views” feature: 

Click the “Profile” menu item at the screen’s footer. 

Tap the “eye” icon on the upper right of the screen. 

A list of those who have viewed your profile within the past 30 days will be made available to you. 

In addition to making you available to all other users, enabling “profile views” also shows you who has viewed your profile. That implies they can tell if you’ve been checking out their profile as well. 

Is There a Way to Secretly Check Out Someone Else’s TikTok Page? 

Yes. You can safely check out other users’ profiles on TikTok. If you want to see someone’s profile without them knowing, you can disable the profile view option. Even if you don’t sign up for TikTok yourself, you may still check out user profiles and videos.

Why Don’t I Have Profile Views on Tik Tok? 

There are a number of possible explanations if, after enabling the option, you still don’t see any users on your profile history page.  There is the possibility that you have more than 5,000 followers and/or are younger than 16 years old. In this instance, TikTok will not show you any information about who has visited your profile. The fact that no one has visited your profile in the past 30 days is another possible explanation. 

The third probable explanation is that the people who have viewed your profile don’t have the option to “show profile views” enabled. In that scenario, you won’t find them in your browser’s history. Ask a friend (who you know has profile views enabled) to browse your profile, and if their visit shows up in your history, you know the feature is functioning. 

In this way, you can discover who has been watching your videos on TikTok. Very practical!

What Happens When You Turn Off Profile Views on Tik Tok? 

By disabling profile views, you can hide the fact that you’ve visited another user’s profile without them knowing, and vice versa. Your name will no longer display on a list of people who have viewed your profile because all of your past profile visit history will be erased instantly. If you successfully disable this feature and wait 30 days before activating it again, your profile viewing history will be permanently erased and unrecoverable. 

Do My Previous Views Count if I Disable Profile View History Later? 

To keep track of who has been looking at your profile and who you have been looking at, you must enable the functionality on both your account and the profile being viewed. As long as you have profile views enabled for your account, or for up to 30 days after your last visit to someone else’s profile, your name will appear in that person’s Profile view history. 

If you’ve been checking out people on TikTok but missed turning on profile views, you can keep your profile from appearing in their profile view history by disabling profile views. Again, if you disable profile views for your account, your name will be removed from a viewer’s view history because the app only displays a list of persons who regularly utilize profile views. 

If you turn off profile previews on your tik tok account before someone checks their history, none of the profiles you’ve previewed will count toward or appear in their Profile view history. 

How to Turn off the Profile Views Feature on Tik Tok? 

You can turn off the function that displays your profile views on Tiktok in the following ways: 

  • Launch the App 
  • Access your TikTok profile. 
  • Select the “Profile” link under the page footer. 
  • To access the menu, tap the three dots in the top right corner. 
  • Click the “Privacy” tab at the bottom.
  • Select “Profile Views” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Select “Do not let others see your profile views.


To sum up, TikTok is a social media network that has experienced phenomenal growth over the past few years. TikTok allows you to see who has visited your profile, so you can keep tabs on your popularity. It’s a helpful indicator for people who want to expand their fan base and get more people involved with the service. By following the previous measures, you can turn on the profile view history. 

You can get more exposure on the platform and connect with more people if you provide high-quality content and monitor your stats. For truly jaw-dropping results, you may also want to look at the best TikTok video editor.

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