How To Screen Share On Discord

how to screen share on discord
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Discord has become an important communication tool for many people, not just gamers. Knowing how to share your screen on Discord allows you to show off your activities, share game footage, and even be instructional. Here’s how you can screen share on Discord:

Screen sharing with Discord on your computer

When utilizing a laptop or desktop computer, you may Discord screen share within a chat and even select which of the windows you want to show.

How To Screen Share On A Discord Voice Channel

You can share your screen in both voice channels and private chats on Discord. A Discord screen share in a server is really simple:

Join a server using your invitation link, then join a voice channel within the server.

  • When you press the Share your screen icon in the voice status panel, a new window appears, giving you discretion over what you want to share.
  • Choose whether to share the entire window, a single tab, or a program window.
  • To begin a screen share in a Discord server, press the Go Live button.

How To Share Screen In A Voice Or Video Call

In order to communicate what is happening on your screen during a video or phone chat, you will still use the Go Live tool.

  • Begin or join a voice or video call with another person.
  • In the voice status panel, you will notice the Share your screen icon again, which you can select.
  • Choose whether you wish to share the entire window, a single tab, or a program window.
  • Select the Go Live option.

How to Share a Screen on Discord Mobile

Discord allows you to quickly screen share from your phone or other mobile devices. You can, for example, use an app to communicate what you’re doing. We’ll show you how to screen share on the Discord mobile app down below.

Mobile screen sharing information

Because certain programs have restricted the function, knowing how to share your screen on Discord mobile isn’t always enough to communicate exactly what you want. On Discord, for example, you cannot share Netflix via voice channel or direct message.

It’s also crucial to note that you can’t just share one app or window because the entire display will be shared, including any notifications when people watch the screen sharing.

How to share a screen in a Mobile Discord Voice Channel

From your mobile device, you can share your screen with all other users of a Discord voice channel:

  • Open the Discord app and navigate to the appropriate voice chat.
  • Select Join Voice to join the voice channel.
  • You can now tap the Share Screen button, which will prompt you for confirmation before proceeding. The Start Broadcast button appears on iPhones, whereas the Start Now button appears on Android.
  • Reduce the app’s size and browse to the content you want to share. As an example, consider a game.

How to Share a Screen in a Mobile Voice or Video Call

It is simple to stream your screen on Discord during a private voice or video call:

  • Start a voice or video call using the Discord app.
  • Swipe up for more options if you don’t see the Share Screen menu.
  • When the confirmation box appears, confirm that you want to start the broadcast.
  • Navigate to the location where you want to share something, such as a browser window or the Photos app.

Screen Sharing in Discord for Gaming

Can you screen share from a game on Discord? According to Discord’s website, “to share your game, it must be recognized by our built-in game detection system.” 

To see if this is the case, run the game you want to play and share, then return to the relevant Discord server or conversation. If there is a Go Live panel, simply press Stream to begin the Discord server screen share.

The steps are as follows:

  • Start the game you want to share.
  • Go to the Discord chat or server to see if there is a Go Live option in the game.
  • If the game does not display, try adding it via User Settings > Game Activity > Add it!
  • If the game is detected, when you click the Stream button, a pop-up box will appear where you may select which speech channels to transmit.
  • When you click Go Live, you will get a Picture-in-Picture window that allows you to view exactly what you are sharing.

How to Manage Stream or Screen-Sharing Quality

There are options for controlling the quality of your Discord screen sharing. The Screen button, located above your status bar, allows you to change the frame rate and resolution of your stream. When you begin sharing your screen, you will also see some sharing quality options. The quality you can utilize is determined by the account you have.

  • All users can broadcast at 720p/30 frames per second.
  • Nitro Classic users can stream at 1080p/60 frames per second.
  • Nitro members have the option of using 4K/60 FPS.
  • Both the Go Live and Screen Share modes allow you to easily alter the quality.

How to Control Screen Sharing

When you wish to share your screen on Discord on a PC or mobile device, there are a few options for ensuring complete control.

How to Share Your Screen and Webcam Video at the Same Time

You can send a webcam stream as well as a Go Live stream at the same time. To do so, launch the stream as shown above and click the Video button in the program’s bottom-left corner.

How to Use Sound to Share Your Screen

Discord allows you to share your screen activity in two ways: streaming the entire screen image or streaming a selected window. If you stream the screen, the system audio will be missing. To allow Discord to share your screen with sound, navigate to the Applications menu and select an appropriate window. Screen sharing with audio on a Mac may necessitate the installation of Audio Capture Engine.

How to Mute and Unmute Your Microphone While Screen Sharing

In most screen sharing settings, you can use the Microphone icon at the bottom-left corner of the microphone icon because you are essentially on a call. It mutes and unmutes the sound when pressed. The program operates in this manner on Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. On a smartphone, the icon is located at the bottom of the screen.

How to Quit Sharing

To stop sharing, simply click the Stop Streaming button, which is located directly above the user panel on the desktop version and in the center of the screen on mobile devices.

Changing the layout while streaming

While streaming, look for the Layout icon in the top right corner of the screen, which allows you to choose between Focus and Grid. The Focus option makes a single screen the primary visual, but the Grid mode makes all screen feeds the same size.

Screen-sharing Tips

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your streaming goes as planned and as high-quality as possible. The more you try to share your screen on Discord on PC or mobile, the better you will get, and the more you will comprehend all of the program’s minor details.

When broadcasting, make sure to turn off notifications because they can disrupt the stream or possibly reveal sensitive information to those watching your screen share.

Stream in the greatest quality possible, and you can even increase your Discord membership if you want.

Always perform a test run to ensure that you understand how sharing works.

What Is Discord?

There are over 2.6 billion gamers globally, with many of them using Discord to communicate. For gamers, a gamer founded Discord. Now, it’s ditching its exclusive brand in favor of becoming as accessible as possible for anyone looking for a “place to talk.” This includes both you and your teammates.

It’s a popular alternative to programs like Slack and Microsoft Teams. The best aspect of Discord is that all of its basic features are entirely free. Create an account, create a server, and fill it with users who can text chat, voice chat, video chat, and screen share for free.

You can upgrade your account to Discord Nitro to improve your server’s video and live stream functionality and limits, but this isn’t necessary for most corporate purposes.

What are Its Distinguishing Characteristics?

Discord’s extraordinarily high server limitations are one of its strongest features. A single server can support up to 250,000 members and 25,000 online members at the same time. This is sufficient for the vast majority of businesses that use the platform.

Each server may host up to 500 distinct channels, allowing hundreds of talks to be well-organized by topic.

If you’re worried about security and privacy when discussing sensitive material, Discord protects your communications with two-factor authentication (2FA) and a specially engineered client-server architecture that keeps your IP hidden. Logging in from a different IP address requires email verification, and other users can only join your server if you provide them an invite link.

Discord provides a secure message board, chat room, and VoIP chatting system.

What Are the Advantages of Screensharing?

Screen sharing in your workplace has numerous advantages. Here’s a list of reasons why you should use screen-sharing in the workplace.

#1. Increase meeting productivity.

Video conferencing sessions have been on the rise for a long time and are now more popular than ever.

This simplifies communication by eliminating the need to gather team members in a physical conference room — everyone can participate in the meeting from wherever they are.

Instead of sending out PowerPoint presentations for everyone to download and follow along with, you may share your screen with your team and display the PowerPoint to them.

#2. Improved Technical Support

When apps fail to function or software malfunctions, you must contact technical support. If you’re working remotely, this can make it difficult to solve the problem.

Instead of describing the problem over the phone or by email, you can share your computer screen with your IT technician and allow them to see the problem for themselves, making it much easier to repair.

#3. Improve Your Client Pitching

For example, if you’re doing a remote meeting with a client to pitch them on your SaaS product, it’s preferable to show them the product in action rather than depending on static explanations of how-to guides that come with the product.

You can show them how it works on your computer to give them an idea of how it will function for them. This builds greater trust in you and your product.

Why Can’t I share my Discord Screen?

Discord may be unable to record and stream your screen on any platform if the necessary permissions are denied. To achieve this on Windows, launch the Discord software as an administrator. You may do this by going to the Start menu and looking for the Discord app.

How Do I Share My Screen On Discord With One Person?

Create a new DM or click any DM, including individual and group DMs. Click the Call icon, which looks like a phone handset in the upper right corner. Turn on Screen Share by clicking the Turn on Screen Share icon, which looks like a monitor with an arrow in it. After selecting your resolution and frames per second (FPS), click Application Window.

In Conclusion,

Sharing screens on Discord on your PC and mobile allows you to share exciting and intriguing gaming or tutorials with your friends from a distance. Many gamers utilize Discord’s screen sharing tool, and it doesn’t take long to become acclimated to all of the many features for sharing in a private conversation or going live to a large group.

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