How to Reset Airpods Pro: Comprehensive Guide

How to Reset Airpods Pro: Comprehensive Guide
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In just a few steps, you can manually reset your AirPods Pro when it’s giving you issues. In this article, I will be showing these steps. Continue reading


If your AirPods or AirPods Pro are acting up, you should reset them to restore normal operation. Notwithstanding the electronics you use, they will virtually always have problems that can be resolved by turning them off and on again. Sometimes glitches continue, so you must thoroughly reset the hardware to eliminate any remaining issues.

A factory reset of AirPods, like any other piece of gear, can provide you with a fresh start, as if you’re using them for the first time.

You may also want to reset the AirPods so that they can be safely passed on to someone else, such as by selling them to help fund new models such as the second-generation AirPods Pro. This is a smart practice to follow, as long as you remember to disconnect the AirPods from any associated Apple ID.

Problems That Can be Resolved by Resetting

The most common issues that can be resolved by resetting your Apple AirPods are listed below.

  • The AirPods are not charging.
  • AirPods have connectivity issues.
  • The batteries in AirPods run out far too rapidly.
  • AirPods do not turn on and emit a creaking sound.
  • There is no sound from the AirPod on the left or right.

Resetting Your AirPods Pro

The use of wire-free earphones is becoming increasingly common, and Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro product lines offer some of the best options currently available in this category. There is a lot to like about the glossy white buds, including the fact that they have powerful drivers and amplifiers that can be customized quickly and easily through iOS.

Not only that, but they also have the head-tracking wonder that is stereo sound. However, just like with any other consumer technology product, you may experience a few issues or glitches with your AirPods from time to time.

You can easily reset your AirPods Pro if you find yourself in the throes of an audio malfunction or if you need to remove the AirPods from your Apple environment. This is a very straightforward task, and with the release of iOS 17 in September, resetting was made simpler than it had ever been before.

If you haven’t downloaded the new iOS 17 yet, our article on How Long Does iOS 17 Take to Download will guide you.

In order to guide you further in resetting your AirPods Pro, we have compiled this detailed guide that will take you through each step of the procedure.

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  • On the charging case, place your AirPods inside, make sure the top is closed, and leave them in there for at least half a minute.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your iOS device, and then select Bluetooth.
  • Tap the “i” icon located on one of your AirPods to access the Forget This Device menu. The effect of this step is that your AirPods will no longer be connected to any of the devices on which you have previously used the same Apple ID.
  • When you open the lid of the charging case, make sure the setup button on the rear is pressed and held down until the status light goes from amber to white.
  • There you go! You’ve successfully reset your AirPods Pro

Reconnect your AirPods Pro

Now is the time to reconnect your Apple gadget with your AirPods Pro. Leave the lid of the AirPods charging case open and let your Apple device restart the pairing and setup process (if your AirPods aren’t appearing, try closing and re-opening the case). Finish the pairing and setup, and you’re ready to go!

Note, however, that the initial setup for AirPods Pro, including the fit test, will require you to re-answer several questions.

Even if you’re using a different operating system, like Android, the procedure is the same. However, instead of automatically setting up your AirPods at the end of the process, you’ll need to head to your Android device’s Bluetooth settings, locate your AirPods, and reconnect them.

What to Do When Your AirPods Won’t Reset and Other Solutions

If your AirPods Pro still won’t reset after you’ve tried the methods outlined above, here are some more troubleshooting actions you can take:

  • Use a cotton swab to clean both your AirPods and their case.

It is possible for dirt and debris to become lodged on the stem of your AirPods or within the case. This would prohibit the AirPods from making full contact with the charging plate. It is also possible that, as a result of this, your charging case will be unable to detect your AirPods, making it more difficult to reset them properly.

Clean your AirPods and their case with a damp Q-tip and a lint-free cloth or paper towel that has been dipped in isopropyl alcohol at a 70% concentration. Pay attention to the tail of the AirPods as well as the interior of the charging case.

  • Get in touch with Apple Support for AirPods

If none of the aforementioned solutions are able to get your AirPods Pro to reset effectively, the issue may be with the device’s hardware. Contacting Apple Support for assistance is the best course of action you can take in this situation.

Can used AirPods be reset?

Used AirPods can be reset, of course. The problem is that AirPods can only be paired with one Apple device at a time. Although AirPods can pair with several devices using separate Apple IDs, the primary user will be the only one who can access features like Find My AirPods.

AirPods Max

To factory reset your AirPods Max, press and hold the digital crown and noise-canceling button simultaneously.

Because there is no charging case for AirPods Max, a separate approach is employed instead. You’ll still need to unpair the AirPods Max from your device, but things will alter after that.

How Do I Reset My AirPods Max?

  • If you have the AirPods Max connected and your iPhone is running iOS 16, go to Settings and then choose your AirPods Max. Next to the AirPods Max, tap the More symbol, which looks like a lowercase i inside a circle. Tap Forget This Device again to finalize the pairing.
  • If you have the AirPods Max connected and your device isn’t yet on iOS 16, go to Settings, Bluetooth, and then the lowercase i inside the circle next to the AirPods Max. Tap Forget This Device again to confirm.
  • Hold down the Digital Crown and noise control buttons for about 15 seconds or until the adjacent status light flashes amber and then white.

After resetting, is it possible to track AirPods?

Once an AirPod is reset, it can no longer be located using the “Find My AirPods” function.

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