How to Post a Job on Facebook

how to post a job on facebook

Facebook has over 2.9 billion monthly visitors worldwide, with the United States accounting for 45% of monthly visits. Businesses are beginning to recognize how effective this platform can be for job candidates. While you may not want to abandon your other recruitment efforts, Facebook should be one of your options for posting job openings. In this article, we’ll enlighten you on the 5 easy steps on how to post a job on Facebook.

Steps to Post a Job on Facebook

You can post a job on Facebook by doing the following:

#1. Step 1: Begin at Your Facebook Home Page

To post jobs, you must first log in to your personal (or business) Facebook account and create your company’s business page as an administrator. After logging in, go to the menu on the left-hand side. The Pages with a flag icon will take you to pages that you manage.

  • Allow for Messaging

Messaging is a setting on your Facebook Business page that allows job prospects to contact you. To alter the default settings, click Professional Dashboard from the menu on the left side of your business page, and then Messaging settings.

#2. Step 2: Post a Job on Facebook.

Your Jobs page is located in the Your Tools area of your Professional dashboard, on the left-hand side of your business page. To begin your job posting, go to your business page’s left-hand menu and select Jobs. This will take you to the Hiring site, where you can post a position. Your job will be put on Facebook’s free public job board, where you will be able to accept applications and directly contact individuals.

#3. Step 3: Complete the Create Job Form

You may already have a job description with useful information for job seekers to decide if they’re a suitable fit for your position, such as the job title and particular specifics about the function. You can use this to fill out all of the fields in the Create Job section of Facebook.

#4. Step 4: Freely Post Your Job Listing:

You will have the opportunity to evaluate and update your job before posting it. Once you’ve checked your post and determined that everything is to your satisfaction, click Post to finish the process. Note: Facebook requires you to follow its Job Policy, which prohibits bullying, harassment, and abuses of privacy. Not only should you be aware of specific Facebook regulations, but it is also a good idea to be informed of federal labor laws in order to remain compliant.

When someone applies for one of your openings, you will receive a message on your Facebook account. If you have a working email, the applicant can send you one as well. Furthermore, on your Facebook Business account, click on the Jobs menu or tab to see all the jobs you’ve advertised and who has applied to each.

#5. Step 5 (Optional): Increase the Visibility of Your Job Posting

Job postings on Facebook are free, but there are advantages to paying for job advertising (which Facebook refers to as “Boost”), as it enhances the reach of your post. It also allows you to target your audience by filtering job title, education, and other factors. As a result, your job will appear in the Facebook news stream for users who fulfill your criteria. You offer a budget when you enhance a job posting. Facebook, like any other type of Facebook advertising, allocates your budget to impressions and clicks.

When you first post your job, you can select to promote your job listing. This phase appears after you have filled out all of the essential and optional information on your job posting. Simply click Continue to investigate your job-boosting possibilities. You can improve your job when you create the ad and after it is posted. After you click Continue, another fillable page with detailed information appears. The target and special ad categories are already set.

You simply need to complete the following sections:

Audience: Enter a mile radius around the location you wish to focus on.
Duration: Enter the number of days you want the campaign to run for. For free job postings, Facebook has a 30-day limit, but you can choose to have paid advertising for more or fewer days, based on your company’s objectives.
Budget: Once you’ve determined how many days you want the employment boost to be active, you can enter the amount you wish to spend each day. Facebook will estimate the number of people who will see your post based on the budget and length.
Payment details: If everything appears to be in order, you can enter your payment details, which include your payment method, location, and currency.

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Benefits of  Posting a Job on Facebook

Facebook job posting provides a broad reach to prospective job seekers and also a low-cost way to publicize job openings. It includes software for managing applications and communicating with candidates.

The Drawbacks of a Facebook Job Post

Posting jobs on Facebook may attract people with no skills or those who are not actively seeking employment. Sorting through and managing applications may also necessitate additional effort.

Things to Do Before You Post a Job on Facebook:

You can do a number of things to make your job posting more interesting and compelling, as well as target the people with whom you want to interact.

Concentrate on the Job Posting, Not the Job Description:

There is a distinction. Job descriptions are created by HR personnel. These are documents that list the job duties and qualifications for various roles inside the business. You will want to share these with potential candidates at some time, but not right now. A job ad, on the other hand, is intended to bring qualified individuals “to the table” and encourage them to apply.

Locate the Right Audience:

Facebook provides numerous ways for narrowing your audience and targeting anybody you choose. You can include and exclude specific groups depending on their education, interests, top pages visited, and so on. You must also decide on a geographical area to cover. If you’re at a remote location, the world is definitely your “playground.” However, if you require a physical presence, you must consider a candidate’s relocation reason.

Conduct some research:

Hold some brainstorming meetings with other employees, particularly those from the department where the job position lies. What aspects of their professions do they enjoy the most? What do they dislike the least? Examine employee testimonials. You may see what they have to say about the benefits and drawbacks of their jobs that are relevant to your posting. This will provide you with ideas on what to emphasize to make your posting more appealing.

Utilize Current Employees’ Facebook Presences:

Your employees are an excellent resource because they frequently have Facebook friends with comparable educational and professional backgrounds. They can share your job posting and invite their friends to do the same. This has the potential to broaden your reach. Request their assistance via an internal email, and also request the names of any friends or acquaintances who are not looking for work but could be interested. These “passive candidates” occupy a large number of posts.

How do you advertise job openings on Facebook?

You can look outside your Facebook business page to find other ways to post a job on Facebook:

  • Timeline of your personal account. The job posting will appear in your Facebook feed, informing everyone of your friends (or a subset of your choosing) about your open position. Employees could also post on their personal Facebook pages.
  • A group. If you belong to a professional Facebook group or know members of a social group who could be interested in this position, share your job posting with their members.
  • Another Facebook business page. If you have a Facebook careers page to handle your social recruiting, it may be beneficial to share your Facebook job ads on other sites as well, such as your company’s main Facebook page. This allows you to reach out to passive applicants (those who aren’t actively hunting for work but might be tempted).
  • Private message. If you believe some of your contacts may be a good fit for a specific position, send them a private message to test their interest.

What makes a job posting on Facebook interesting?

With an appealing Facebook job posting, you may attract more job candidates. Here’s how to make your job posting on Facebook more appealing.

#1. A good text length and captivating words.

Although there is no perfect length for a Facebook post, keep in mind that mobile devices, such as smartphones, account for more than half of all Facebook posting. Write for the reader who is skimming through the posts. Make sure your opening four words capture your readers’ attention, or they will quickly scroll down.

#2. Images.

Posts with photographs on Facebook receive double the engagement of posts that have no images. Use graphics that demonstrate why prospects would want to work for you. Beautiful offices, interesting employees, and unusual perks are all solid bets. Although the thumbnail image in shared links is acceptable, it is preferable to add one or more full-sized photographs.

#3. Additional visual.

Instead of an image, you can publish a GIF or upload a video by pasting the link into the status update. Videos on Facebook play automatically, making them stand out in people’s news feeds.

How Do I Find Job Postings on Facebook?

Job posts can be found and applied for on Facebook via your feed as well as Business pages. Employers will see your communication as an application and will be able to view your public profile.

Where can I look for job postings on Facebook?

You can search for job openings on Facebook and apply for them using either your news feed or the Business sections on the site. Your message is treated as an application by potential employers, and they have access to view your public profile.

How do I make changes to my Facebook job posting?

You can edit a job post after it has already been created if that is something you would like to do.

Changing the details of a job posting on Facebook can be done as follows:

  • Launch the Facebook page in a new tab.
  • Simply navigate to the left column and select ‘Manage Jobs’
  • On this page, you will be able to view all of the job postings that you have created.
  • You can edit a job posting by selecting it and then selecting the pencil symbol that appears next to it.

After making any necessary changes you want, use the option to ‘Save’ the job posting.

How can I refresh a job posting on Facebook?

If, after thirty days, you still haven’t identified the appropriate candidate for the job, you can renew the post you made on Facebook.

Here is how to keep your job post active on Facebook.

  • Launch the Facebook page in a new tab.
  • Simply navigate to the left column and select the ‘Manage Jobs’ option.
  • Find the posting for the position that you wish to renew, and then click on the three dots that appear next to it.
  • Choose the “Renew Job” option.

You saved time by not having to start from scratch when creating the Facebook job post, and it will now be open for an additional 30 days.

How can I delete a job posting from Facebook?

 if you no longer require a Facebook job post, you have the option to delete it from your account. Simply navigate to the ‘Manage Jobs’ page, look for the Facebook job post you want to delete, then click the ‘Delete Post’ button.


Businesses have to create a new Page or use an existing one to post a job on Facebook. They could then go to their Facebook business account’s Jobs tab and click “Create Job” to add the job title, location, salary, and other information. After evaluating the job posting, they would click “Publish,” and the position would be open for applications.

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