How to Play YouTube in the Background on an iPhone: Free Tips

How to Play YouTube in the Background on an iPhone
There are times you want to only listen to your favorite videos on YouTube while busying yourself with other things on your iPhone, but the video stops each time you try. What if there was a way you could play YouTube videos in the background and perform other tasks at the same time on your iPhone? Continue reading to find out.

One of the world’s most diverse content platforms, YouTube makes it simple to locate how-to videos, TV episodes, and even the newest music videos. But it’s not only about watching. As I earlier mentioned, there are times when you just want to play YouTube in the background while using your phone for other purposes.

As you know, the movie will always stop playing if the YouTube app is closed, but there are a few easy workarounds that let you keep an iPhone video playing in the background. Even better, there are approaches to obtaining a tiny pop-up YouTube player as you explore other websites. This short article shows you how to play YouTube on your iPhone while doing other things in the background.


How to Use YouTube to Play Videos in the Background (YouTube Premium)

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service that removes ads from desktop and mobile versions of the site, gives users access to only certain videos, and lets users download videos. It also enables background YouTube streaming after turning off your phone’s screen or switching to another app. As long as you have YouTube Premium, this is by default turned on and should work.

Additionally, YouTube Premium offers you the option to turn off the screen in the YouTube Music app and grants you ad-free access to that service. What’s the snag? Money, as you could guess. You can receive a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium, which will cost you $12 per month or $23 per month for a family subscription for up to six people.

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This is undoubtedly the most practical option to play YouTube on your iPhone in the background, despite the extra cost not being ideal.

What if you want YouTube videos to play on your iPhone in the background without paying for Premium? Web browsers are useful in this situation. In Safari and Chrome, it’s restricted to turning off the screen while still listening to YouTube, but with some other browsers, you can get around the restrictions by using Apple’s Control Center.

I’d suggest trying out any other iPhone browsers you choose in addition to Firefox and Opera, which are two browsers that are unquestionably compatible with this strategy.

Here’s how to make this approach effective:

Step 1: Open your preferred browser and go to YouTube. Try typing directly into the URL bar if Google diverts you from Firefox to the app.

Step 2: Next, look for the video you want to watch.

Step 3: Switch to the desktop version of the website once you’ve located and launched your movie.

Depending on the browser you’re using, you may access this differently, but it’s typically done by tapping the desktop site option after selecting the Options button in the bottom-right corner.

Step 4: Start your video. You might need to wait for the commercials to end.

Step 5: Return to your home screen at this point. Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode should begin playing when your video first starts.

Step 6: To continue using your phone as usual while the movie is still playing in the PiP window, drag it to the edge of the screen and use the “x” button to close it.

Even though it takes a few extra steps, you can play YouTube videos on your iPhone in the background without spending any money.

Can I use YouTube and other apps on the same screen on my Android phone at the same time?

You can play YouTube videos in the background for free by following the steps provided. In case you’re wondering, this works on both Android and iOS. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Launch Google Chrome and navigate to
  • After the page loads, tap the vertical three-dot icon in the top-right corner and choose Desktop Site.
  • Next, look for and open any video.
  • Your video will begin playing immediately on the next page.
  • Now return to the home screen, but the video will no longer be playing in the background.
  • Pull down the notification shade to reveal the media controls for the video you just watched. Simply touch play, and your video will begin to play in the background.

Why does YouTube not allow background play?

YouTube does not want to allow the app to play in the background for a free user since the user may not view the advertising if it is playing in the background, resulting in income loss.

How can I listen to YouTube without a subscription?

If you live in the United States, you must have a YouTube Premium subscription to download videos to view offline on YouTube. Certain videos may be available for download to all users in some places. If you don’t have Premium, you can download videos using an app like 4K Video Downloader or an internet converter.


YouTube is an excellent platform for listening to music, but when you use it on your iPhone, you’ll notice a significant limitation: the music stops when you switch off the device or return to the home screen and start another app.

Not only does being able to switch off the screen save battery power, but it also prevents the touchscreen from working while the phone is in your pocket and inadvertent presses can skip to the next video.

Because you’re reading this, you’re already aware that the YouTube app does not allow you to turn off the screen while watching a video in order to listen to music in the background. As you have read above, you can do all these things without having to pay or subscribe to YouTube Premium.

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