How to Make a Reel on Facebook: All You Need

hoe to make a facebook reel

In response to the fast-growing popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels and the growing trend in short videos among young users, Meta tested out a video feature within a small group of American users and, ultimately, launched “Facebook Reels” to the general public. Although slow to join the game, Facebook Reels has proven to be an efficient method for content creators’ marketing strategy. Therefore in this post, we will teach you all you need on how to make a reel on Facebook and answer questions like how to make money from these reels? Or how to stay trending?

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels are brief videos, not more than 60 seconds long, programmed with features like music, audio clips, and effects.

Reels can be created using video uploads from your phone’s photo library or by uploading a fresh video at the moment of production. They can be recorded as a collection of clips or all at once. You can also upload videos up to 60 seconds long as well as “remix” (duet) other people’s videos. Since its release, Facebook Reels has gained new tools, including the ability to save drafts.

Facebook Reels first made its debut in the US in September 2021 and went global in February 2022. Even at its late creation (unlike TikTok, which had its debut in 2011), Facebook Reels are now available to content creators all over the world in more than 150 countries.

Facebook Reels contain some similar features to other video-based apps like Instagram. As Facebook and Instagram Reels are both owned by Meta, it only makes sense that they are connected across the apps, which is why the process of commenting on Instagram Reel while viewing it on Facebook will cause a bounce between both apps.

Though connected, Facebook Reels are different from Instagram Reels in the sense that Facebook Reels will appear on people’s Feeds whether or not they follow you. Through this, you can interact with more people outside of your immediate circle of friends and family.

Purpose of Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels is a brand-new platform that allows users to make quick, engaging videos, reach new audiences, and participate in cultural events on Facebook. You can add effects and music to your reel or use your own unique audio to help you communicate your thoughts to your audience.

Facebook Reel content has an educational and narrative aim and also helps in discovering new knowledge. With the aid of Facebook Reels, users can learn new things. That might be something you wish to display to the world, or it could be you as a brand or a creator. 

Where Can I Find Facebook Reels?

Facebook has made it simple for the Reels to appear widely around the platform because they want you to see them. You can locate Reels in three different places on the platform:

On your Feed

Once you load up your Facebook Feed page, Reels show up above your Page, on the right side of your Stories. As you navigate through your Feed, you’ll also see Reels halfway down.

Facebook Groups

In Facebook Groups, you will find Reels on the right side of the vertical menu.

From your Menu

By tapping the three-lined icon at the top right corner for Android users and at the bottom for iPhone users of your homepage, you’ll be able to find Reels at the top left within the menu.

How to Make Reels on Facebook

Accustomed to Instagram Reels and TikTok and have no idea how to make Reels on Facebook? This part here is for you. In just five steps, here’s how to make Reels on Facebook and how to share:

#1. Launch the Facebook App

#2. Create your Reel

Click “Create Reel” on your Facebook Feed’s page. Alternatively, tap on the camera icon in the top-right corner if you’re already watching reels and want to start creating one. 

A gallery of your phone’s photo library will load up. Here you can upload previously taken pictures (this is how you make a Facebook reel with photos) or videos to Facebook Reels. Alternatively, you may create a new video for the reel.

#2. Record

While recording, if you choose to make a new video, tap the red and white buttons to start and stop. A reel can be created by stitching together multiple clips. Effects like the green screen can be used while recording. You can also upload a photo from your own collection to be used as the green screen background.

You may also add music, change the speed, add filters, or use a timer to create videos without holding your phone. Keep in mind, however, that your green screen will vanish if you decide to use a filter.

#3. Edit, add Description, and Save

Using the menu on the right side of your screen, you can add audio clips, texts, stickers, or music to your reel. Here you can also adjust the length of your video. Here are other things you can do…

  • Audio; For those of you wondering how to make Facebook reels with music, you can choose the music you want as your reel soundtrack from Facebook’s library of licensed songs with this feature.
  • Your video can be sped up or slowed down using “Speed.”
  • Your video can be enhanced with a filter or other visual effects, such as sparkles, using the” Effects” feature.
  • You can use the “Timer” feature to select a duration of up to 60 seconds and a 3- or 10-second countdown for when you want to start recording. Additionally, “Green Screen” gives your video background.
  • You can add text to your video using “Text.” You can trim your imported video to make it shorter.
  • The Reel’s Caption tool adds closed Captioning, while the stickers feature will allow you to overlay icons and other small pictures on top of your video.

When finished, press the “Next” button. Your next page will be the “Share” page. You can choose who to share your reel with and add a description here. Additionally, you have the option to enable remixing for your reels, which will allow others to use your video to make their own video.

#4. Share

Once you’re satisfied with your settings, click the “Share” button to upload your video to the platform.

How to make a Reel on Facebook Business Page

As Reels have become a skyrocketing means of online marketing for businesses,  more and more people have become curious about how to make Facebook reels for their business pages. If you’re part of this category, the below steps are for you.

  • Click on the search icon on the top-right part of your Feed’s page
  • Type in any page you manage, participate in or would like to join and search
  • Click on your desired page from the search results; join the Page if you haven’t before.
  • Navigate through the business page till you see “Reels” on the left of a vertical menu
  • Tap Reels and begin the process of creating a reel as itemized above.

How to Make a Facebook Reel earn you Money

In July 2021, Meta announced its investment of over $1 billion in creators across Facebook and Instagram, and in September of the same year, Facebook launched a new program named Reels Play.

To reward eligible Facebook creators whose Reels receive at least 1000 views over 30 days on Facebook, Reels Play on Facebook will pay a bonus. Reels from creators participating in the invite-only program must adhere to the guidelines provided by Facebook for monetizing material, and the content must be the creator’s own to qualify for the bonus.

Reels Play on Facebook’s bonus system is presently only accessible by invitation. Invited creators will get a notification in the Facebook App and Creator Studio. This feature offers creators up to $35,000 every month.

Additionally, Meta revealed that viewers will be able to award stars to content creators while watching their reels. The creator, in turn, receives one cent from Met for each star awarded. You can then be paid once it reaches 10,000 stars, i.e., $100.

Meta has also introduced an ad-placement program and made it accessible to nearly all countries where in-stream ads are available.

How to Make a Reel on Facebook Get More Views

Now that you know how to make a Facebook Reel, here are some tips to keep you trending and eligible to earn cash.

  1. Pay attention to content that works for you
  2. Link your Insta Reels
  3. Make use of Music in your videos
  4. Repurpose your Tiktok videos. Make sure you get rid of the watermark.
  5. Make sure your Reels grab attention and keep viewers interested
  6. Get the best lighting possible
  7. Try new things. Be flexible.
  8. Keep up with the trends.

How long do Reels stay on Facebook?

Reels remain on the platform for as long as your account remains active. Your reels can be viewed, shared, and stitched by other users indefinitely, as long as you do not deactivate your account.

Why can’t I create Reels on Facebook?

Facebook Reels can only be created on iOS or Android Apps. You won’t be able to create a Reel on a device’s browser. Therefore, if you’re looking to join the short video community, download the Facebook App.

How to make Reels on Facebook less visible?

You cant fully stop Reels, but you can decrease how many reels you see.

  • At the Reels section of your Feed’s page, click the ellipses next to the title
  • Press “Hide”

You should see lesser Reels on your page,

If you just want to stop autoplay on your Facebook app;

  • On your Feed’s page, tap the menu
  • Tap “Settings & Privacy”
  • Select “Settings”
  • Tap “Media”
  • Finally, tap “Never autoplay video.”
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