How To Make A Blend On Spotify: Detailed Guide

how to make a blend on spotify
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Along with providing a high-quality music streaming service, Spotify also has a ton of other tools that enable you to communicate with your friends through music. These tools have helped Spotify stay competitive. We’ll go over all you need to know about Spotify Blend, one such feature, and show you how to create a Spotify Blend Playlist with your friends.

What Is Spotify Blend?

Spotify Blend is one of the features of the streaming service that enables users to create a playlist with family, friends, and musicians. Based on your musical interests and those of your friends, Spotify Blend helps you create and combine music playlists.

The function debuted in August 2021 and had an update in March 2022. The purpose of Spotify Blend is to make it possible for two or more users to exchange and compare their musical tastes.

You and your friends or family may use Spotify Blend to find new songs, albums, genres, and artists that you both like. Spotify Blends makes it easier to find new songs and podcasts by providing a greater range of music from listeners who have similar tastes in music and podcasts.

How To Make A Spotify Blend With Friends and Families

Users can combine Spotify playlists with up to 10 other Spotify users using the Blend feature. Users can combine and update their music preferences in a single playlist to build a shared music and podcast playlist based on their tastes.

Additionally, Spotify allows you to mix music from people using various platforms, including Android, iPhone, and the web.

Here’s how you can use Spotify Blend with friends and families:

  • Launch the Spotify mobile app or browser to access the Spotify website.
  • On Spotify, select the search tab and type “Blend.”
  • Select “Create a Blend” from the menu by tapping on it.
  • Tap the “Invite” button to create a Spotify Blend link and send it to others.
  • Send the link you received to any member of your blend group you choose, then wait for them to accept your invitation.

After doing this, Spotify will create a new playlist for your new group. Please be aware that everyone you connect to Spotify Blend will receive a unique shared card that they may use on any social networking site, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Another Alternative

Making a Spotify Music Blend with your friends can also be done this way:

  • On your device, whether it be an Android, iPhone, computer, or tablet, launch the Spotify app.
  • Choose “Made for You” from the search results page.
  • The “Made for Us” part can be found under “Made for You.”
  • Under the “Made for Us” area, select the “Create a New Blend” option.
  • Send your family and friends the Spotify blend link that was created.

You can locate your blend in your “Made for You” area once it has been set up and your family or friends have joined in. It’s also listed in your library’s playlists section.

You should also be aware that the playlist will be changed to reflect everyone’s preferences each time a new participant is added.

How to Add Friends To An Already Existing Spotify Blend

You can still add additional people to the Blend playlist after it has been made if you want to add more intriguing songs to spice it up. 

  • Click Your Library in the lower right corner of the Spotify app.
  • Click the rounded Playlists button at the top to limit the list to playlists.
  • Select the Blend playlist to which you wish to invite your buddy.
  • Select the people icon.
  • Click Invite More to provide the link to more people.

How To Make A Spotify Blend With Artists

Use Spotify Blend if you want to learn more about the musical tastes of your favorite performers. You can communicate with people other than your friends with the Spotify Blend feature. You can also combine your favorite musicians with others with this tool.

In addition, you can compare your musical preferences to those of your favorite performers with this function. You can combine playlists with artists like BTS, Megan Thee Stallion, Camilo, Kim Loaiza, Kacey Musgraves, Mimi Webb, etc. using the Spotify blend link.

Furthermore, you may make playlists that only you can access with Spotify Blend and your favorite musicians. In other words, you won’t be able to send your friends and family the Spotify mix link for your favorite artists.

Here’s how to make a Spotify Blend with artists:

  • Open the Spotify browser in your web browser or the Spotify app on your phone.
  • Look up the names of the musicians on Spotify.
  • The ‘Artist’s Pick’ section can be found on their Spotify profile. If you’re using Spotify Blend in a web player, be sure to look under “Popular”.
  • Obtain the Spotify Blend invite link for the artist.
  • To make a Blend, click the link in the artist selection box. You currently have a Spotify Blend with your preferred musician.

You should be aware that not all artists have the “Artist Pick” or mix features available on their Spotify accounts. This could be caused by the artist not having their Spotify account’s blend feature turned on.

About Spotify

The year 2006 marked the beginning of Spotify, and ever since then, it has been providing its users with a buffet of podcasts, videos, and music. Spotify is a Swedish online music and audio streaming service that was established by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Spotify, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, offers a huge selection of more than 70 million songs from a variety of different record labels and media organizations. The company helps its consumers access the basic functionalities and enjoy the restricted content while providing them with digital, copyright-protected podcasts and musical content. These limited contents are defined as freemium since they contain adverts. However, Spotify also offers user-friendly subscription plans that enable people to access its vast library of material without being interrupted by advertisements.        

Music or audio streaming is the company’s main line of business. Despite being formed in 2006, Spotify didn’t go live until 2008, two years after its founding. One of the key factors contributing to Spotify’s commercial success is the fact that it offers a good selection of search criteria, allowing users to simply enter a song, artist, album, or genre in the search bar and push Go. With 381 million active users (monthly), 172 million of them are paying users as of September 2021, Spotify has a significant fan base.

The Different Modes

There are two ways for a user to utilize Spotify: online and offline. You need a premium membership to use the offline mode and have access to Spotify’s 13 million+ song catalog. However, an internet connection is required for the online mode; premium membership is not. If you don’t want to use the app, Spotify is available on both mobile and desktop, so you can just sign in to and start listening.

Additionally, Spotify unveiled “Spotify for Artists,” a platform that gives musicians and their teams access to audience data and a number of tools for promoting their music and managing their Spotify profiles. Spotify for musicians is a terrific platform for musicians, allowing them to sell products with their brands and promote their events.

History of Spotify

Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek created Spotify in an effort to combat the issue of music piracy. Before the rise of music streaming services, many people downloaded music that was illegally obtained. This was a developing issue for the whole music business and is where Spotify’s history began. Daniel and Martin founded the Spotify company in 2006 after realizing the enormous potential of music streaming.

The inventors simply came up with the moniker “Spotify” by accident. Daniel misheard the name “Spotify” while Martin and he were shouting out some potential names for their music streaming company. The phrases “Spot” and “Identify” were later combined to form the name Spotify.

On October 7, 2008, Spotify’s services were initially made available to the general public (by invitation only) in Scandinavia, the UK, France, and Spain. In the UK, Spotify began providing free but constrained access to its services in 2009. When last reported in October 2021, Spotify was operating in over 180 countries and was actively pursuing the entry of many more additional ones.

Do You Need Premium For Spotify Blend?

No, Spotify Premium is not necessary for you or your friends to create a Spotify Blend. Check out our comparison of Spotify free vs. premium to help you decide if you want to purchase Spotify Premium.

Can You Download A Spotify Blend Playlist?

Undoubtedly, a Spotify blend playlist is downloadable.

On What Devices Can You Use Spotify Blend?

It works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and the web app.

What Do The Colors Mean On Spotify Blend?

A red color scheme indicates that the majority of the tracks are upbeat. A mix of upbeat and danceable music is indicated by a pastel color scheme. A yellow color scheme denotes the presence of high-valence (happy, upbeat) music.

Why Does Spotify Blend Add Random Songs?

If you have the “enhance” feature enabled, Spotify may be adding songs at random to your playlist for a variety of reasons. When you add a song to Spotify, it will automatically add related tracks to your playlist as long as the enhance feature is turned on.

How Do I See My Blend Percentage on Spotify?

Tap the three-dot icon after the Blend playlist loads in the Spotify mobile app and choose “View Blend story.” For individuals who like their idols more than the average listener does, the first tale should include their Spotify taste match percentage, also known as their musical compatibility rating.

In Conclusion,

A fun way to connect with family and friends over music is by using Spotify Blend. You can also learn more about the musical preferences of your favorite performers. You and your friend in the Spotify blend group can make playlists based on each other’s musical preferences. Users can post their blend story on a Spotify blend. They simply need to:

  • Select “Blend” and select the options icon.
  • Choose “view blended story” and “share”

You can still use the blend feature even if you don’t have a Spotify premium membership. Users of Spotify can use “Blend” to create a playlist with their loved ones, whether they have a paid subscription or not.

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