How to Leave Feedback on eBay

How to Leave Feedback on eBay

Feedback or reviews are important. They help other buyers with making decisions as it concerns buying a product. As a buyer on eBay, your feedback should be aimed at helping other buyers to either go ahead with buying on the platform or not. While you’re at it, ensure that you do not discredit the platform with your feedback. In this article, we will be showing you how to leave feedback on eBay without discrediting them or discouraging other buyers.

Leaving Feedback on eBay

Giving feedback to sellers is an essential component of using any online marketplace. It contributes to a great purchasing and selling experience for both customers and sellers. Begin by connecting to your platform account and providing seller feedback. Then, go to the product page or user profile of the seller for whom you want to leave feedback. Search for a link or button that says “leave feedback” or “give review” towards the top of the page. When you click this link, you will be taken to a form where you may rate the seller from 1 to 5 stars and write a brief summary of your experience.

Include pertinent information such as shipping time, communication, product quality, and so on. Finally, submit your review, which will be shown on the seller’s profile once it has been accepted by the platform’s administrators. You can help other customers make educated decisions when purchasing online by giving honest and informative reviews for sellers.

Leaving Feedback on eBay Using iPhone

To leave feedback on eBay using an iPhone, use the eBay app and sign in to your account. Then, at the bottom of the screen, hit the “More” icon and pick “My eBay.” Scroll down to “Purchase History” on the My eBay page. This will provide a list of the products you have purchased. To read an item’s information, tap on it, then press “Leave Feedback” at the bottom of the page. You can then provide the seller feedback in the form of a star rating as well as a written note about your experience with them. When you have completed entering your feedback, it will be accessible for viewing by other buyers.


Giving Positive Feedback

Giving helpful, constructive criticism is an important part of offering appropriate feedback. As a consumer, you should give feedback on a variety of factors, such as customer service, product or service quality, how the experience made you feel, and overall value for money.

It is critical to provide precise and specific feedback so that the organization receiving it can take action based on your experiences. You should also be open about any terrible experiences you’ve had but try to keep things civil and friendly.

Before submitting your review, ensure that you have the correct domain name or company so that your review is directed to the correct location. In order to safeguard your anonymity, remove any links or personal information. If your experience changes over time, it’s important to update your review as necessary.

Feedback’s Influence on eBay Transactions

Feedback was once an important element of the eBay experience since it allowed buyers and sellers to gauge each other’s reliability. However, in recent years, eBay has made changes to its feedback mechanism, making it less valuable.

The inclusion of seller ratings was the most major change. This allows purchasers to review their seller experience based on a variety of parameters (such as item quality and shipping time). Buyers are no longer required to provide extensive comments on their transactions; instead, they can just provide a rating score for each category. As a result, feedback is no longer a trustworthy source of information about a seller.

Furthermore, eBay now allows buyers and sellers to resolve disagreements privately without providing public feedback. This means that even if a transaction has a problem, it may reflect in the seller’s public feedback score.

Ultimately, feedback on eBay is still important, but not as much as it previously was. It is still worth considering when making a purchase or sale decision. But it should not be utilized as the only source of information on the dependability of an eBay user.

How to Rate Buyers

A buyer’s rating on a scale of one to five stars is an important aspect of the purchasing and selling process. A one-star rating indicates that the buyer was poor, whereas a five-star rating suggests that the buyer was outstanding. When grading a buyer, two essential issues should be considered: did the buyer satisfy the expectations clearly established before the work, and did they demonstrate professionalism throughout the transaction?

When examining these questions, it is critical to examine how well the customer communicated with you throughout the process. Did they keep you up to date on their progress? Did they respond to your inquiries or requests in a timely manner? It’s also worth considering how professional their demeanor was – did they keep their promises and treat you with dignity?

After you’ve completed these questions, you may give the buyer an overall star rating on a scale of 1 to 5. Before saving your rating, you can add any further remarks about the buyer or job. This allows other buyers and sellers to get an educated opinion about working with this specific buyer.

How Many eBay Buyers Provide Feedback?

After a successful transaction, approximately 50% of eBay purchasers write comments. Because happy customers are more likely to leave positive feedback than unhappy purchasers, it is predicted that between 20 and 30 percent of successful transactions receive favorable feedback. Unhappy buyers, on the other hand, are more likely to provide feedback—estimates show that they will do so in about 90% of cases.

How to Leave Feedback for a Seller on eBay

When you want to leave feedback for a seller on eBay, simply click on your Purchase History page. Locate the item you bought from the seller and press the “Leave Feedback” button next to it. You will be led to a form where you may rate the seller’s service and leave any comments or questions that you may have. You can rank areas such as Item as Described and Communication on a five-star scale. Once you’ve finished filling out the form, go to the bottom of the page and click “Leave Feedback” to preserve your comments. Your rating and comments for this seller will then be shown to other buyers.


Can a Seller Leave Feedback for a Buyer on eBay?

No, sellers on eBay cannot leave negative or neutral feedback for customers. Certain restrictions are in place on eBay to maintain fairness for both buyers and sellers. A seller is unable to give feedback to a buyer who files an ‘unpaid item’ (UPI) dispute against them. This is to prohibit vendors from retaliating against disputing buyers. Furthermore, eBay just established a new policy that permits sellers to block buyers who have had two or more UPI strikes in the last 12 months. This is yet another measure to protect both buyers and sellers.

The Resolution Center is one such tool, allowing sellers to start an unpaid item case and take action if a buyer does not pay for an item within four days of the purchase date. The Resolution Center also allows buyers and sellers to communicate and resolve any concerns that may emerge throughout the transaction. Other tools, however, are available to sellers to help them protect themselves against unjust behavior from buyers and bring those buyers to eBay’s attention.

Another useful tool is the feedback system, which allows sellers to provide positive comments for buyers who pay on time and treat them fairly. This contributes to the creation of a trustworthy environment on eBay by encouraging good behavior from buyers. eBay offers a Buyer Protection Policy that protects both participants in a transaction financially. This policy applies to things that are not as described, do not arrive at all, or have been materially misrepresented by the seller.

In summary, while sellers are unable to provide negative or neutral Feedback for buyers, there are other options accessible to them on eBay that can help them safeguard their rights and ensure fair interactions with their consumers.

Obtaining Feedback Using the eBay App

You may find the feedback you left for others on the eBay app by heading to the Account menu and then pressing on the Feedback link. There are two alternatives available from there: Feedback received recently (for feedback you’ve received) and Feedback left for others (for feedback you’ve left). To view all of the feedback you’ve sent out from the eBay app, simply tap on the Feedback Left for Others page.

Who Should Start eBay Feedback?

The seller should first write feedback on eBay. This helps to start the feedback process on a good note by indicating that the payment was received or cleared. It also assures the buyer that their item has been dispatched and is on its way. After receiving the goods, the customer can provide comments to the vendor. Both parties are urged to provide feedback within 60 days of the listing’s end.

Getting to the eBay Feedback Forum

Logging into your eBay account and clicking the “My eBay” page will take you to the Feedback Forum. Scroll down to the bottom of the “My eBay” page and click the “Go to Feedback Forum” link in the “Help & Contact” section. From there, click the “Request Feedback Revision” link on the right rail to submit a revision request for any item you’ve sold or purchased.

Is Feedback on eBay Visible?

Unfortunately, eBay does not make all feedback visible to all users. Some comments may be withheld from public access depending on the type of feedback a user has given or received. This is done to safeguard both consumers and sellers while also providing a safe and secure online purchasing experience. If you receive feedback that is concealed from view, it is most likely because the buyer or seller opted to conceal it. If you have any specific queries about a piece of feedback, contacting the member who left it directly is the best move.

What’s the Duration of Negative Feedback on eBay?

On eBay, negative feedback is visible for a period of 12 months. After that, the negative feedback will no longer be visible to other eBay users. Negative feedback cannot be removed before this time period, so it is advisable to try to address any issues with buyers or sellers as soon as possible.

Is It Necessary to Leave Negative Feedback on eBay?

No, leaving negative feedback on eBay is not necessary. As a buyer, it is critical to maintain professionalism and courtesy throughout the transaction. If concerns develop throughout the transaction, it is best to communicate them immediately with each other so that they can be remedied. If contact fails or the issue cannot be resolved, it is preferable to use eBay’s dispute resolution method rather than providing bad feedback. Negative criticism can harm both parties’ reputations and lead to greater issues down the road.


When providing feedback, it is essential to maintain clarity while still being succinct and informative. To begin, provide a description of the activity or circumstance for which you are offering comments. To ensure that the recipient understands what you are referring to, it is important to be clear and to add any pertinent details. Every time you leave feedback on eBay, you help to build a stronger community of buyers and sellers. It also feels good to hear that someone loved doing business with you. So, if you’ve had a terrific experience buying or selling on eBay, go on and leave feedback to brighten someone else’s day.

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