How to Get Verified on YouTube

As a YouTube creator or manager of a YouTube channel, once you’ve established your channel and built up a solid following, it’s natural to start thinking about how to get verified on YouTube. The YouTube verification badge ensures credibility by verifying identity and authenticity on YouTube. It proves to viewers and the world at large that your page is official and authentic. YouTube account verification can also unlock new features to boost your YouTube marketing strategy.

Getting verified on YouTube is easy and straightforward, but there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before you can apply. Find out how you can get the coveted YouTube verification badge in this article. This write-up explains in detail all you need to know about YouTube verification, what are YouTube verification, the benefits of getting verified, and the steps to get verified on YouTube..

Let’s start.

What is YouTube Verification?

Simply put, YouTube verification is a process that verifies and recognizes the official owner of a YouTube channel and authenticates their identity. It’s a way of letting the platform know that you’re an actual person and not a robot. Basically, there are two types of YouTube verification:

  • Account Verification:

This type of verification can also be called phone number verification. YouTube verifies the user’s account by sending a verification code to the user’s phone number, which the user enters to confirm that they are actually a person and not a robot. This verification ensures authenticity and unlocks some additional YouTube features.

  • YouTube Verification Badge (Channel Verification):

This verification is for YouTube channels with 100,000 subscribers and above. It entails the channel user submitting a verification form, and YouTube reviewing and verifying the channel based on YouTube criteria. This, in turn, gives the qualified channel a verified badge, fostering viewer trust. Verified YouTube channels differentiate original creator/brand channels from fake channels.

Knowing the meaning of YouTube verification and the basic types, it is equally important to know the criteria you must meet to get verified on YouTube.

Eligibility Requirement to Get Verified on YouTube:

Note: There are no basic criteria for account verification; all the user has to do is make sure that they are the actual owner of the phone number specified in their YouTube account. For a YouTube channel to be eligible for a verification badge, the channel needs to meet these specific criteria:

  • Have a complete profile: To be verified, the channel should be a public channel with a profile picture, a placard or banner, and a proper description. Also, the channel should be active on YouTube and post content regularly.   
  • Have at least 100,000 subscribers: A channel should have at least 100,000 subscribers to get a YouTube verification badge. If you don’t have up to 100,000 subscribers, prioritize growing your audience. Verification badges may appear on channels with fewer than 100,000 subscribers, but this can only be on a case-by-case basis.
  • The channel should be authentic: Be who you say you are, no lying about age, name, or identity. YouTube puts this succinctly: “Your channel must represent the real creator, brand, or entity it claims to be. We’ll check different factors to help verify your identity, such as the age of your channel.” YouTube will check you out and can ask for more information and documentation.

Would you like to know the benefits your YouTube channel will get if it gets verified? Keep reading this article to find out.

Benefits of YouTube Verification 

The basic benefits of YouTube account and channel verification include; increasing viewers’ confidence. A verified badge shows that your channel is authentic and viewers trust that the information given is accurate and reliable. Other benefits of YouTube verification are:

  • Upload longer videos: Verified accounts can upload longer videos. By default, YouTube only allows you to upload 15-minute videos, but verified accounts can upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
  • Livestream on YouTube: Verified channel has no restrictions to live streaming. To Livestream on YouTube, your channel needs to be verified and you need to have no live streaming restrictions in the past 90 days
  • Add custom thumbnails to your videos: Unverified channel users can only choose from YouTube’s automatically generated thumbnails but If you are verified, you may upload your own customized thumbnails. Note: Custom thumbnails are specific images, created by you, designed to attract viewers’ attention to your videos.
  • Appeal content ID claims: Content ID claim occurs when an uploaded video matches another’s content. Verified channel users can dispute such claims.

Without further delay, let’s learn the basic and easy steps in verifying a YouTube channel. 

How to Get Verified on YouTube: Easy Steps.

Earlier in this article, we discussed the two kinds of YouTube verification; Account Verification and YouTube Verification Badge (Channel Verification). At this stage, we will also show you the steps to get these two verification. Let us learn the step to Account/ Phone number verification.  

Steps to Account/ Phone Number Verification:  

#1: Go to the YouTube phone number verification page.

#2. Select how you want the verification code sent to you, via text message or phone call.

#3. Select your country and enter your phone number.

#4. Click GET CODE. A code will be sent to you either through sms or via a phone call 

#5. Enter the verification code.

#6. Click SUBMIT  and your account will get phone verified.

To verify phone number verification authenticity: Go to Settings, select Account, select Channel status and features, click on Channel, and click on Feature eligibility. You will find “Enabled” written in green color. 

Steps to YouTube Channel Verification:  

#1. Go to the YouTube channel verification page.

#2. Complete the application form by entering your channel name and ID.

#3. Click on submit 

#4. Wait for YouTube to verify the account and provide your channel with a verification badge. Note: YouTube verification process takes weeks due to various factors. 

#5. Once your channel receives the YouTube verification badge, all you have to do is keep posting credible and entertaining content on your channel, while enjoying the benefits thereof,  in line with YouTube requirements and terms of service. 

But in the case where your YouTube channel does not have at least 100,000 subscribers, you will be able to access the application form in Step 1. You will get a prompting message from YouTube requesting you return after the channel has reached 100,000 subscribers.

Now you know the benefits of getting your YouTube channel verified and how to go about it, It’s time to get your YouTube channel verified! 

Bonus Answers to FAQs:

Why Didn’t I Get A YouTube Verification Badge?

YouTube verification application may still be rejected despite 100,000 subscribers.  Here are some reasons:

#1. Your channel has been inactive or unavailable for some time.

#2. Your channel is not authentic. An unauthentic channel represents a false creator, brand, or entity.

#3. The information or documents you submitted for verification is Inconsistent.

#4. Incomplete profile. This may be due to the lack of a banner, description, or picture in your profile.

#5. Your YouTube channel violates YouTube’s terms of service and Community Guidelines.

Once you address issues, your chances of getting a verified YouTube badge will increase. Displaying a YouTube verification badge on your channel after approval may take a few days.

Can I Lose the YouTube Verification?

Yes, you can. Getting verified and enjoying the benefits is not all you need to do, the goal is to stay verified. To stay verified and avoid losing your YouTube verification badge, consider these pro tips: 

  • Do not violate YouTube’s Terms and Conditions:

Prioritize adhering to YouTube’s terms and conditions. To prevent YouTube from removing your verification status, create content following YouTube guidelines and manage your account professionally. Violation of YouTube rules can lead to loss of verification status/badge.

  • Do not fake Your Numbers:

YouTube continues to grow and advance daily, removing bots, and criminal activities from the platform while promoting genuine work on the platform. YouTube may reduce subscriber count and dismiss verification if you’re found to add fake bot followers or in constant violation of this rule.

  • Do not change your Channel Name:

You will need to revalidate your mobile number and channel name if you change your mobile number and channel name. 

Note: Consistent YouTube updates limit mobile number and channel name updates.  Also, a Verification badge can be lost after years of hustle, no doubt you can reapply, but trust me, you don’t want to take that risk again and again.

How long does it take to get YouTube verified?

After filling out and submitting the form for YouTube verification, next you have to wait for YouTube to verify your account. The YouTube verification process takes weeks to finalize due to various factors involved. YouTube verifies your channel identity including how active and frequent your channel has been alongside video uploads. 

Copyright takedown involves submitting a formal request to YouTube, claiming the creator used your content. This will lead to deleting the video and a six-month strike if YouTube finds the claim genuine. Three strikes within six months delete a channel permanently. On the contrary, YouTube’s content ID system protects content from misuse, detects plagiarism, and informs creators of copyrighted content automatically.

Wrap up:

A gray checkmark next to a YouTube channel’s name indicates verification, making the channel stand out from other channels and gain viewers’ attention. YouTube verification badge distinguishes your channel from others by making it an official channel and also enhances the brand image by identifying creators, brands, and public figures as official channels.

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