How to Change iMessage Background on iOS 17

How to Change Imessage Background on iOS 17

You’ll be disappointed to learn that there is no way to change the iMessage background on iOS 17 yet. Contrary to various other customization options, iOS 17 only allows users to use the basic white and black themes. In other words, users cannot select their own unique backgrounds or themes for their iMessages.

Despite the fact that iOS 17 doesn’t directly provide a way to change the iMessage background, third-party apps like iOS 17 contact posters offer great options to enhance your chat experience. You may add creativity and uniqueness to your discussion with these tools, making your iMessage experience genuinely unique.

iOS 17 Contact Posters

Contact Posters are a new feature in iOS 17 that lets users customize how their contact card appears when calling someone. When you call someone on an iPhone and they have you saved in their contacts, your Contact Poster will show up on their screen. It provides you the chance to be creative with how you want to come across to your friends, family, or coworkers and replaces the much smaller notification and thumbnail photos that were previously displayed.

You may change your Apple ID avatar depending on the contact poster while configuring your contact poster. 

The iOS 17 contact posters offer a special option to personalize how you and your contacts seem when you call each other, even if they are not, especially for changing the iMessage background.
How to make use of this functionality is as follows:

  1. Open the iPhone’s phone app and choose the Contacts tab from the bottom
  2. Choose the contact you want to edit.
  3. In the top right corner, select Edit, and then select the Contact Poster option.
  4. Make your iMessage chat stand out by personalizing the typeface, image, and backdrop for you and your contacts.

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Even though this may not seem like much, there are still plenty of customizing options to create an original iMessage background.

How to Change iMessage Background on iOS 17 Using Third-part Applications

With iOS 17, third-party applications are your best friend if you want to change your iMessage background. These programs provide a wide range of personalization choices, such as backdrop colors, bubble textures, and more.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the App Store: From your iPhone’s home screen, open the App Store and select the search option at the bottom.
  2. Look for Customization Apps. In the search box, enter “color text messages” and press the search button. There are many apps that let you customize iMessage.
  3. Choose an App: Opt for an app that you find appealing and that adheres to your customization choices. Download it on your iPhone 
  4. Customize Your Background: To change the iMessage background to an image or a new color, open the app and follow the program’s instructions.

What colors are the backgrounds in iMessage by default?

It’s vital to remember that changing the iMessage background is not a feature available in iOS 17. As a result, users are unable to establish custom backgrounds or themes and are instead limited to the standard white or black themes.

What are the messaging features on iOS 17?

On iOS 17, there are several features for messaging, including the ability to share your location via the plus button. It also includes the ability to have verification codes automatically destroyed after usage, a catch-up arrow for unread messages, and many more.

In iMessage iOS 17, how can I change the mode?

By accessing the Settings App and selecting the Display and Brightness option, you can change the mode on iMessage iOS 17.

How can I change the iOS 17 iMessage background?

Since iOS 17 does not yet have this capability, you cannot change the iMessage background, unfortunately.

How can you give screen effects to iMessage?

It’s simple to add eye-catching screen effects to your text messages directly from the messaging app on your iPhone. There are several effects available, including fireworks, bubbles, lasers, shooting stars, and others.

An explanation of how to use these screen effects is provided below:

  • Enter the Messages App’s URL: On your iPhone, start by opening the Messages app.
  • Start a new chat: Open a new chat window and invite the person you wish to message.
  • Apply the Screen Effect: Press and hold the “Send” button to bring up the screen effects menu. You’ll be given the chance to select an effect from the list after performing this action.

By following these instructions, you can easily add dynamic screen effects to your text messages, improving their aesthetic appeal, directly from the messaging app on your iPhone.

What new messaging features does iOS 17 bring?

Even though changing the iMessage background is still not an option in iOS 17, Messages has several intriguing new features. Here’s what’s new:

  • A convenient arrow that allows you to easily navigate to the first message in a conversation that you haven’t yet read.
  • A “Check-in” feature that helps you notify a friend or member of your family when you arrive at your location
  • You can easily find certain messages, thanks to enhanced search filters
  • The + button that makes it simple to share your location or request a friend’s location. You can also access all the items you commonly transmit, including photographs and places, by using the + button.
  • Audio messages can be transcribed. In other words, you get to read them rather than listen to them.
  • By simply swiping to the right of the message bubble, you can respond to a message directly.
  • Cool features like Contact Posters and StandBy Mode are also available. In addition, 118 new emojis will be released soon.


The inability to change the iMessage background and bubble colors on iOS 17 has caused many users to express their annoyance and disappointment. Again, while iOS 17 may not offer a direct in-built option to change the iMessage background, there are third-party applications that serve as alternatives to making your chat background unique.

Try them out while we wait for the day this feature will finally be made available.

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