How to Change Google Voice Number: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Change Google Voice Number

Planning on starting a new business? Relocated, or probably just have the feeling of getting a different number that’s private mainly for personal use, or got a new device and wants a different number? Search no more; you’re one step ahead of getting it done. Almost half of the world’s population is already used to making phone calls only on their smartphones. But there are other ways in which one can easily carry out those same functions on a computer and other devices with the use of Google Voice. Google Voice gives you a unique number that enables you to carry out calling activities on any device, including iOS and Android, through a dedicated app and also on the web. Before we go into those basic steps on how to change your Google Voice number, let’s take a look at what Google Voice is all about.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a Mobile service that provides the U.S. phone number to Google Account customers, not just in the U.S. but also in Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. It gives you a phone number for calls, texts, and voicemails. You can also use this number to make domestic and international calls from your web browser and mobile devices. If you’re in the US, you can choose your own number based on your location and region.

Why Google Voice?

Unlike other call network plans or services, Google Voice is one of the easiest and most assertive options, providing users with an active connection that includes texting, calls, and voicemail. The number given by Google Voice can be used to make domestic and international calls.  At a low rate, which implies fewer charges for international calls, it protects against spam calls and messages, making it safe and reliable. It also blocks unwanted callers and processes text and voicemail information from the user.

How to Change Google Voice Number

It’s easier to change one’s Google Voice number, which reflects immediately without delay. But in order to carry out this process, make sure you already have an existing Gmail account, or you’d do well to create one, and an active mobile number. These two requirements are mainly for those in the US.

Even if you’re not in the US, you can still have access to Google Voice and change your Google Voice number by making use of a Gmail account, an active phone number, and a VPN connection.

Steps to Change Your Google Voice Number

  • Open the Google Voice website ( use of any web browser of your choice. You can choose between Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Sign in to your Google account so as to have access to making the changes you want.
  • Click on the ‘settings gear, which is in the upper right corner. 
  • In the account section, under the side where you’d see the Google Voice number located, click the delete button.
  • Then Click on the Delete Number button in the pop-up window if you want to make use of that Google Voice. You can reclaim your Google Voice number if you do so within 90 days.

Note: It’s advisable not to do away with your previous Google Voice number at first when requesting a new one because a code might be sent to the line in order to complete the process successfully.

  • Click on the Get a Number button, where you’ll get various options like City and Zip code.
You’re almost there
  • Proceed by checking out the actual City and Zip code you’d prefer to use for your Google Voice.
  • You’ve got the number you want, right? Now tap Select to the right of it.
  • After getting the number you want, you’d still have to click on the verify button.
  • Enter a phone number linked to your Google Voice number. i.e., the number you want to change, and also selecting the new one you prefer.
  • Select Send Code. As soon as you receive a code, enter the code and click verify.
  • Tap on the finish button on the dialogue box, then click finish 

With these steps, changing your Google Voice number should be quick and easy.

Note: Once you’ve completed the last step, your number will be exchanged for a new one. This action can only be carried out on a web page, not on any mobile application.

How to Port a Number to Google Voice Account

Once you’ve got a Google Voice account that’s active, porting your number to your Google account would be much easier. All you’d have to do is 

  • Get logged in to your Google account, then click on the settings cog in the top right corner.
  • Click on the voice settings drop-down menu, scroll down to the phones section, and click on Add Phone. 
  • A pop-up  will appear, Select your carrier from the drop-down list and enter the phone number you want to make use of 
  • Click on Continue, and you’ll finally follow the instructions to verify the phone number. That’s all. Once your phone number is ported, you’ve successfully added your number, and you’ll be able to use the number as a primary contact under Google Voice.

Not all phone numbers can be ported to a Google Voice account. So, before carrying out this process, you should first check your porting status to know if the number is eligible for porting. Note also, that while carrying out this process, you’d be required to pay the sum of $20 to make the changes effective.

Can You Have Two Google Voice Numbers?

Having two Google Voice Numbers are possible but it’s best if you get a different google voice number with another Gmail address or a different mail address

Does Google Voice Number Expire?

When you make at least one phone call every six months using your Google Voice number, it will remain active. In other words, if it has not been used for more than six months, Google might reassign the number to anyone claiming it. So, in order to have timeless, uninterrupted communications, you should make use of Google Voice.

Can Someone Else Use Your Google Voice Number for Codes?

Once you’re able to receive codes on your Google Voice, you should keep them safe and personal because scammers can make use of these codes to create a different Google Voice number for themselves linked to your account.

So giving third-party verification codes shouldn’t be allowed in order to secure your account and have full access to it.

How Many Times Can You Get a Google Voice Number?

If the Google Voice number is deleted for the first time from a certain Google Voice account, the history of its previous call details and messages would still be visible on the account; however, changing a Google Voice number on an account can only be done once a year.

Note that you won’t be eligible to change your Google Voice number if you have a workspace account on Google through a job or school.

Why am I Unable to use my Google Voice Number?

If you’re experiencing problems with Google Voice, it could be a problem with your internet connection. Alternatively, you may need to visit your Google Play or App Store to update to the most recent version of the Voice app. You may also have difficulties if you attempt to use more than one Google Voice number on your phone.

What are the Best VPNs for Google Voice in Another Country?

There are quite a number of VPNs, but the following are best for sustaining a strong connection in order to access your Google Voice account without delay or connection issues:

  • Nord VPN: This is a double VPN with server obfuscation that removes all restrictions.
  • Private Internet Access: It’s known to be one of the greatest servers worldwide for VPN coverage.
  • Surfshark VPN: It’s known to be a powerful cybersecurity feature that blocks any network threats and also removes geo-blocks.

How to Know if your Google Voice Number has Been Blocked or Disconnected 

If the user has blocked your number, when you call them, you’ll receive an automated message that the number you’re calling has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

Why is my Google Voice Number Account Blocked?

Google Voice will restrict certain calling or text messaging behaviors that seem to be unwelcome group communication (or spam) to prevent abuse of the service. These habits may include, making a large number of short-distance outbound phone calls.

How do I Unblock my Google Voice Number?

If your Google Voice was blocked, you can easily unblock it by simply doing the following:

Go to and sign in to your Google Voice account to unlock your number.

If you only have one Google Voice number, click Unlock my number next to it.

Continue to confirm that you want to unlock your phone number.

Sign in to Google Wallet to finish the porting process.

How do I Fix Google Voice, which isn’t supported in my country?

In other regions of the country, making use of VPNs is required to enable strong connections. You may likely come across an error message saying Google Voice is not available in your country 

You can easily fix this by going to your browser and clearing up your browser cookies. Secondly, check your VPN connection and try switching it to a different location.

If it persists, then it’s time for you to pick a Google Voice phone number. This time you may enter a US area code and some words to get a memorable phone number or pick one of the available choices to get your account working and connected back to the Google Voice server.

Without a doubt, it has been an amazing ride with you. I believe that you now know everything you need whenever you want to change your Google Voice number. These steps aren’t changing anytime soon—they’re the same, and will always be. So, you got nothing to worry about.

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