How to Change Birthday on Facebook: Comprehensive Guide

How to change birthday on Facebook

It would have been totally unacceptable if some of the details we used to sign up on Facebook for the first time were permanent—that is, uneditable. This would mean that we would have a greater number of Facebook users than we do today. It is, however, a great relief to know that you can edit and change your profile details on Facebook if you feel like they need to be changed for whatever reason you may have. In our previous post, we discussed How to Add an Admin to Facebook. Today, we will be talking about how to change your birthday on Facebook. But before that, let’s see why people don’t add the original DOB when signing up. Stay tuned.

Reasons why people don’t always include their original birthday information

  • They didn’t realize they wouldn’t be able to quickly edit their Facebook account later, so they went for a random DOB. 
  • To acquire a job, they may have to appear younger or older than their original age.
  • Facebook inquires about new users If they are over the age of 18. So, they tend to add a false DOB to create an account.
  • Some people just don’t want to tell anyone about their original birthday. I think that’s understandable.

These are the only reasons I can think of right now why people do not include their actual birth date on Facebook. I can relate to people not wanting you to know their real age. I can also relate to having to appear younger in order to get a job {Please don’t ask me to explain because I won’t.} Alright, as much as the above reasons make sense, it’s important to add real information to Facebook because it provides some sort of security for both Facebook and the user. When Facebook asks you to authenticate your account with your details, the user may encounter a problem. If the user is unable to represent himself, he may lose access to his own account.

Furthermore, if at some point you violate the Facebook community, your account will be suspended. You will then require proof of identity to regain access to your account. However, you must provide the same information on your Facebook page and paperwork. Otherwise, your account will be lost forever. Facebook is very concerned with privacy and security. In today’s world, every platform requires users to keep their information accurate.

Does Facebook tell you about birthdays?

Of course, Facebook will let you know when your friends’ birthdays are if they have made their birth dates public. In the same way, Facebook will tell your friends it’s your birthday if you make your birth date public.

What do you say when people on Facebook wish you a happy birthday?

You can answer direct messages or comment on birthday wishes posted on your Facebook page. Thank them for the thoughtful birthday wishes, and don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday when it’s their special day!

Are Facebook’s birthday donations recurring?

Donations made once on Facebook may show up as ‘Recurring’ on your bank statement, but you should only be charged for them once. Your Facebook Payment Settings are where you may check to see if your contribution will be made on an ongoing basis.

How do I Change My Birthday on Facebook?

Back to how you can easily change your birthday on Facebook: That is what this chapter is here to communicate to you. Note, however, that Facebook has placed a limit on the number of times one can change their DOB to help prevent abuse of the feature.  But if you have a legitimate reason for changing your birthday after the limit, you can try reaching out to Facebook’s support team and explaining your situation.

Change your birthday on Facebook by doing the following:

Navigate to your profile page and click About if you’re using a desktop computer. Then, from the menu options below, select Contact and Basic Info. Scroll down to your birth date, next to the cake icon, and select the Edit button. You’ll then see various boxes where you can adjust the day, month, and year of your birthday. To alter who may view this information, check the box next to Friends. When you’ve finished fine-tuning the details, go ahead and click Save.

As you already know, there is a limit to the number of times you can update your birthday; once adjusted, you may have to wait before editing it again. In this example, it appears that we can only update it once more before having to create an entirely new profile to do so.

Navigate to your profile page in the Facebook mobile app and tap Edit profile. Scroll down and select Edit Your About Information. Then, scroll down to the Basic Info area and select Edit. On the next screen, use the drop-down arrows to modify the month, day, and year of your birthday. You can also change who can see this information on your profile by tapping the persona symbol. That’s all there is to changing your Facebook birthday. But keep in mind that you can only adjust your age so many times, so use it wisely.

What happens if you hide your birthday on Facebook?

Absolutely nothing! If you hide your birthday, no one other than you will be able to see your birth date on your Facebook page. So you see, nothing happens. And I mean that literally

Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

You know what? Instead of going ahead and adding the wrong DOB simply because you don’t want anyone to know your actual age, why not hide who can see it? I mean, you could actually add your real birthday on Facebook and still keep it from those people you didn’t want to know about it.

Hiding your birthday entails following the methods stated above, with one exception. Here are the instructions in brief again.

Navigate to your profile page on the Facebook desktop website, then choose About, Contact, and Basic Info. Scroll down to your birthday and click the Edit button next to it. Then, click the button labeled “Only me.”

You’ll then see a list of people with whom you can share your birth date information. Anyone refers to any individual who has or does not have a Facebook account. Friends are merely your Facebook buddies. Only me indicates that only you can see your birthday, which is the best option if you want to entirely conceal it. Close friends will similarly share the information with your specific list of closest friends, which specifically allows you to establish a custom list of who can view your birthday.

How to connect a Facebook group to a page

The simple way to add more administrators and moderators is by liking a Facebook page and joining the group. When a Facebook page is connected to a group, all of the page’s administrators, moderators, and editors have access to manage the group without having to be added as admins or moderators to the group individually.

Then, you can still manage these responsibilities in each Page’s settings, or you can unlink the group whenever you wish to get rid of all of the new moderators.

Every time you add a new administrator, moderator, or editor to your Facebook page, they will also have access to control the associated group by default. If you’re in charge of a group connected to a Facebook page, you should definitely do this.

Use these methods to connect or link a Facebook page with a group.

  • Log in to Facebook by opening the app.
  • Click “Groups” in the menu on the left (or “See more” if you can’t see “Groups”).
  • (You must have admin rights to connect to a Facebook page.) Choose the group you want to connect to the Facebook page.
  • Scroll down and select “Group settings” from the menu on the left (or, if the left menu stays the same, select the badge icon at the top).
  • Click “Settings” once again in the menu on the left by scrolling down.
  • Scroll to the “Manage advanced settings” section at the bottom of the screen’s center, then click the pencil next to “Linked Pages” to make changes.
  • Next to the page you want to connect with, click the “Link” button.

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