How To Buy Audiobooks On Spotify

how to buy audiobooks on spotify
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Audiobooks provide a hands-free way to enjoy literature while driving or relaxing at home. While Spotify is most known for its music and podcast libraries, it now offers audiobooks as well. We’ll show you how you can buy audiobooks on Spotify in this article.

How to Buy Audiobooks on Spotify

Simply follow these steps to buy an audiobook on Spotify:

  • Navigate to the Spotify website using your browser.
  • Select the Find Audiobooks option.
  • Search or browse through any available title until you discover what you’re looking for.
  • Purchase the audiobook and listen to it.

After purchasing the audiobook, it will be available in your Spotify library for streaming from any device, including your mobile device.

What You Should Know Before Buying Spotify Audiobooks

While it’s easy to buy audiobooks on Spotify, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To begin, you may only buy audiobooks through the Spotify website. If you try to buy one using your phone, Spotify will ask you to send an email with a purchase link.

Because audiobooks are one-time purchases, you do not require a Premium subscription. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no discount or incentive for subscribers. Even if you have a Spotify Premium Family subscription, purchases are solely available in the buyer’s library and cannot be shared.

It’s also worth noting that you may buy any audiobook with any credit or debit card, even one that isn’t linked to your Spotify account.

Spotify Audiobooks vs. the Competition

If you currently have a competitive audiobook subscription, such as Amazon’s Audible, you may find Spotify’s service to be more pricey. Spotify does not currently provide an audiobook subscription service, nor does it give a discount to Spotify Premium subscribers.

Because Spotify exclusively sells books à la carte, Audible users may discover that a title costs at least twice as much as it does on Audible.

If you do not subscribe to an audiobook platform, you may be able to save money by shopping around. For example, we examined the pricing of “Talking to Strangers” audiobooks on Spotify, Audible, and Apple Books.

  • Spotify assessed a fee of $21.90.
  • Apple Books was $14.99.
  • Non-Audible subscribers were charged $16.12 by Amazon and Audible.

Remember that book prices fluctuate, and a title may be available on one platform but not on another. However, if cost is an issue, it pays to “shop around.”

If convenience is your top priority, and you already listen to music and podcasts on Spotify, you might opt to acquire your audiobooks from the same source.

Why Spotify Is Adding Audiobooks

Spotify has been attempting for years to grow beyond music into audiobooks and podcasts. Nir Zicherman, Spotify’s VP and Global Head of Audiobooks and Gated Content, was a co-founder of Anchor, a podcasting platform that Spotify purchased in 2019.

Spotify’s expansion into various forms of audio streaming did not stop with podcasts. Spotify announced the acquisition of the audiobook platform Findaway in June 2022.

In time, you may be able to discover new audiobooks in addition to music and podcasts, just like Spotify’s feed can help you find what to listen to next. Spotify may be one step closer to becoming your go-to app for audio streaming in the United States with the addition of audiobooks.

When Will Spotify Audiobooks Be Available Globally?

At the time of writing, Spotify has not stated when it aims to sell audiobooks globally, but it has stated its ambition to do so. In a Medium blog post, Zicherman stated, “Today, we’re in the United States, but over time, we will roll this feature out to more and more of Spotify’s 433+ million users around the world.”

Will Spotify Change Your Audiobook Listening Habits?

Will Spotify do a better job of addressing your listening requirements with so many options? Do you prefer one of its rivals, such as Audible or Apple Books? Finally, your local library and other low-cost audiobook suppliers provide further options.

Can I Listen to Audiobooks on Spotify for Free if I have a Premium Subscription?

Spotify now offers clients access to over 300,000 books with the launch of its new audiobook service. On Home, there are areas for audiobooks in the library, search, and personalized suggestions. Users can purchase audiobooks separately. This implies you can’t listen to as many audiobooks as you like for the price of an Audible membership. The option to review titles, modify playback speed, download titles for offline listening, and listen on different devices are all standard features of Spotify’s audiobook service. The price of an audiobook differs depending on the author and publisher.

How Many Audiobooks are Available on Spotify?

Spotify’s American subscribers will get access to over 300,000 audiobook titles as of January 2023. It is expected that as more albums are uploaded to Spotify’s catalog, this figure will rise. The Spotify app now has a “Audiobooks” section where users may search for audiobooks. Major publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Group, and Penguin Random House have collaborated with Spotify to make their titles available on the platform.

Free Books On Spotify

Spotify does not offer free audiobooks. Audiobooks start at $3 for short titles and go up to $20 or more for longer ones. Spotify, on the other hand, provides numerous original audiobooks for free to all users, including those who pay for its Premium service. Among these publications are Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. Begin by typing “audiobooks” into the search area on Spotify to do a basic search for these audiobooks. You may also use the “Audiobooks” icon on the site to search for certain titles or authors.

How Much Do Spotify Audiobooks Cost?

Audiobooks can be purchased once and paid for with a debit or credit card of your choice. Spotify currently solely offers audiobooks in the United States. Prices for shorter works, such as children’s novels, begin at $3 and rise to around $40 for sagas. Users can hunt for audiobooks by typing a book title or author into the search bar on or by heading to the Audiobooks section under “Browse all” of the “Browse” menu in the app.

Spotify Audiobook Library

Spotify users in the United States may now buy and listen to audiobooks thanks to a new feature. Over 300,000 titles are now available in the library, with more to come. Individual audiobooks can be purchased and streamed using the app. Spotify’s future goals include expanding the service to other markets.

Spotify’s Top Audiobooks

On Spotify, you can listen to audiobooks. Though their number is growing, audiobooks on Spotify may be difficult to find. To help customers find audiobooks, Spotify includes a “Recommended” section with the option to search for authors or titles. Users can find more audiobooks by searching for “audiobooks” and then scrolling down to “view all playlists.” The best audiobooks on Spotify are Dead Awake by Jack McSporran, Solar Bones by Mike McCormack, Room by Emma Donoghue, The Wrong Man by Kate White, Anne of Green Gables, The Wind in the Willows, works by Beatrix Potter, David Krueger audiobook series read by Edward Bauer, Sandi Mann audiobook series read by Esther Wane, and Daniel Pinchbeck audiobook series read by Sophia Rokhl.

The Audiobook Industry’s Figures

According to the Audio Publishers Association’s annual sales research, audiobook sales have increased by double digits for the past ten years. The global audiobook market is expected to reach $19.7 billion by 2028, increasing at a market development rate of 26.0% CAGR. Furthermore, the global market for audiobooks is expected to be worth USD 33,538 million by 2030, rising at a CAGR of 26.5%. According to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, the global book market is worth approximately $140 billion, with audiobooks accounting for only 6% to 7% of that total.

Why are Audiobooks Locked on Spotify?

If you haven’t purchased an audiobook yet, a lock will show next to the play button, indicating that you must do so before you may listen.

Why are Audiobooks So Expensive?

The price of an audiobook is proportional to the cost of production. Audiobooks, like hardcover novels, come in a variety of lengths and production scales. The average cost per completed hour of production is between $300 and $400.

How Do I Listen To Audiobooks on My Phone?

  • Open Google Play Books on your Android phone or tablet.
  • Select Library.
  • Tap Audiobooks at the top.
  • Select the audiobook that you wish to listen to. It will begin to play.

How Do I Download Audiobooks To My iPhone?

  • Open the Books app.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select Audiobooks.
  • You may browse new and featured audiobooks from this page. Tap Browse Sections at the top of the screen to browse genres and book shop sections.
  • Tap the price to purchase the audiobook.

Is Spotify Better Than Audible?

While Audible may be the preferred option for devoted readers, Spotify may be a better fit for those seeking a broader range of entertainment selections. Whatever platform you choose, there is no doubting that both provide tremendous value for money!

Are All Audiobooks Locked on Spotify?

For the time being, Audiobooks on Spotify can only be purchased through the Spotify Web Player, but after you’ve unlocked a title, you may listen in the app. Navigate to, choose an audiobook you wish to listen to, and complete the checkout process. Return to the app and begin listening.

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