How Many Episodes of One Piece are on Netflix? 

How Many Episodes Of One Piece Are On Netflix?

The production of One Piece was initially planned to commence in the summer of 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa, largely at the Cape Town Film Studios, but it was postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Following its first announcement in January 2020, One Piece was supposed to be filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. The production of the show resumed in March of 2021, and showrunner Maeda kept the audience updated on various social media platforms.
In August 2022, production on the adaptation’s filming was finally wrapped up. The members of the cast and crew said their farewells to Cape Town and wrote about their experiences working on the set by posting a variety of images taken at the location. In September, showrunner Matt Owens also announced the completion of filming on Instagram. His post included a heartfelt thank-you to the actors, staff, and everyone else involved in the production of One Piece in Cape Town. You just read about the production of One Piece Live-Action Series. Because One Piece is among the most in-demand anime, subscribers on Netflix want to know how many episodes there are.


One Piece now has ten seasons and 325 episodes available to subscribers in the United States. This allows viewers to follow the story from the beginning of the East Blue Saga through the end of the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs. Because there are over 1000 episodes of One Piece, Netflix has a lot of ground to cover to obtain the few hundred episodes that are still available.

About One Piece

In Japan, the anime version of Oda’s manga series debuted in 1999. The One Piece brand is one of the longest-running and most popular in the history of anime and manga, with over 100 manga volumes, 1000 episodes, and 14 animated films to its credit. It is also one of the most profitable franchises in the world.

The experiences of a young guy named Monkey D. Luffy serve as the inspiration for the anime’s plot. Luffy embarks on a perilous expedition across the East Blue Sea in search of the legendary gold that will make him King of Pirates. He gets his inspiration from the famed pirate Red-Haired Shanks, who was his childhood hero.

The table below shows the number of seasons and episodes on Netflix according to

East Blue / Arabasta
SeasonsArcEpisodesAdded to Netflix
1East Blue1-6112/06/2020
2Entering the Grand Line62-7712/06/2020
3Enter Chopper at the Winter Island78-9112/06/2020
Filler / Sky Island
SeasonsArcEpisodesAdded to Netflix
7The Golden Bell174-19522/05/2022
Filler / Water 7
SeasonsArcEpisodesAdded to Netflix
8The Naval Fortress196-20722/06/2022
9The Foxy Pirate Crew208-22822/06/2022
10Water 7229-26322/06/2022
Enies Lobby / CP9 / Goodbye Going Merry
SeasonsArcEpisodesAdded to Netflix
11Enies Lobby264-28420/02/2023
13Goodbye Going, Merry307-32520/02/2023

How Many Seasons of the Anime Series One Piece Are There on Netflix?

As of 2019, the anime series from the 1990s includes 20 seasons and 1022 episodes. The first ten episodes, which have been divided into several plot arcs, are now available on Netflix in the United States.

East Blue and Arabasta are the focus of the first story arc. It contains the first four seasons, all of which will be available on Netflix on June 12, 2020. The chapters are titled ‘Entering the Grand Line’ and ‘East Blue’. ‘Alabasta’ and ‘Enter Chopper at Winter Island’ comprise the first 130 episodes of the series.

The second phase will mostly focus on the activities that occur on Filler Island and Sky Island. The fifth season’s title will be “Filler,” the sixth season’s title will be “Skypiea,” and the seventh season’s title will be “The Golden Bell.” On May 22, 2022, all three seasons will be available on Netflix. Netflix, on the other hand, has classified the number of episodes in a unique way. There are 195 episodes in all across these three seasons.

The eighth, ninth, and 10th seasons of the show were added on June 22, 2022. These seasons were dubbed “The Foxy Pirate Crew,” “The Naval Fortress,” and “Water 7,” in that order. They have created more episodes, which is an increase.

When Will the Next Seasons of One Piece Be Available on Netflix?

Netflix plans to add three more seasons of the One Piece anime series on July 22, 2022. The eleventh season is titled “Enies Lobby,” the twelfth season is titled “CP9,” and the thirteenth season is titled “Goodbye Going Merry,” bringing the total amount of Netflix episodes to 325.


What Is Certain About Netflix’s Impending Live-Action Remake of One Piece?

One Piece, which contains nearly a thousand episodes, will be cut down to ten episodes that will focus mostly on Luffy and the other members of his crew of Straw Hat Pirates rather than veering into other tales.

The ensemble cast includes actors such as Mackenyu, Jacob Romero Gibson, Taz Skyler, Emily Rudd, Morgan Davies, Vincent Regan, and Aidan Scott. Inaki Godoy, a Mexican actor, plays the role of Luffy. Ilia Isorelys will portray Iron Mace Alvida, Luffy’s first foe, and Peter Gadiot will play the renowned Shanks.

How Many Episodes of One Piece Are Available in English on Netflix?

Many people will only watch anime series and movies if they have the Japanese dub, however, this does not apply to everyone. An English dub of One Piece caters to those individuals.

As of this writing, more than 800 episodes have had an English dub. These episodes are currently available to view online via the streaming service Funimation. However, it is likely that Crunchyroll will include these episodes in the future. When One Piece was added to Netflix, it was accompanied by the English dub. This meant that all 130 episodes available at the time could be seen in either Japanese or English.

Where Else Can I Watch One Piece?

If all other circumstances remain stable, Netflix is probably not going to be your best option for watching One Piece. If you want to subscribe to a general service, Hulu is your best bet because it will save you money in the long term ($6.99 vs. $10), regardless of whether you are on a tight budget. Not only that, but Hulu has a significantly bigger quantity of episodes available than Netflix.

On Hulu, One Piece presently has 724 episodes and 11 seasons, up from 195 episodes and six seasons previously. Crunchyroll, on the other hand, is likely to be your best option if you are solely looking for a solid way to legally watch One Piece. The fact that Netflix may still acquire new episodes is a huge plus for the subscribers. There is a chance it will, despite the fact that there are still many episodes to air before it catches up with Hulu.

Crunchyroll does a good job of keeping up with One Piece, as seen by the fact that new episodes of One Piece dubbed into English are available to premium customers only one hour after they air in Japan. If, on the other hand, you wish to use Crunchyroll for free, it will take a week before you can view a new episode of One Piece.

Is There a Netflix Movie Based on One Piece?

There are roughly as many feature-length films based on One Piece as there are episodes of the show. To date, 15 films have been made available to the public. When it comes to Netflix, though, things are a little more constricted and complicated. The English version of Netflix only allows you to watch three different movies, but if you want to see more, you must watch the Japanese version of Netflix.

How Long Does It Take To Watch a Single Episode of One Piece?

On July 16, 2023, the 1,069th episode of One Piece came out. That means that a first-time viewer would need a long time to catch up on any future shows. The length of each show is between 22 and 24 minutes. If the last one was used as the standard and multiplied by 1069, it would take 25,656 minutes to finish the set. This equals 427.6 hours, which is 17.81 days. Adding all fifteen pictures brings the total viewing time to 449.7 hours or 18.73 days. This is an increase of 22.1 hours.

Well, that’s if they didn’t sleep or stop to do something else while watching it. If people watched anime for the eight hours a day that they would usually spend at work or school, it would take 53.45 days to watch all of the One Piece episodes. With the movies added in, it would take a total of 56.21 days to catch up. That’s if they did it every day, even on the weekends, for eight hours. That would be almost two months of watching nonstop, which would be hard to do.


After taking out the intro and outro from each show, which takes about two and a half minutes, the 1069 episodes add up to about 22,984 minutes. This is the same as 383.05 hours or 15.96 days, or more than two weeks of watching without stopping to watch other shows or do other things, like sleep. Now that the manga is in its last saga, there will be a lot more episodes to bring all of that new material to TV. As time goes on, it will get harder and harder to catch up, but a dedicated watcher might be able to do it. In the end, it’s still hard to watch this huge amount of footage, but there’s never a bad time to start watching One Piece, especially since Netflix is making a live-action version that will make fans excited about Luffy’s adventures all over again.

Wrapping up

Netflix plans to add more seasons and episodes pretty soon. In other words, anticipate the following:

14TV Original 2326-336
15Thriller Bark337-381
16Saboady Archipelago382-405
18Island of Women408-421
19Impel Down422-458

You just read about the production of One Piece Live-Action Series and the number of seasons and episodes available on Netflix, along with the ones to expect.


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