Good Movies To Watch On Peacock This Season

good movies to watch on peacock
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NBCUniversal entered the fray in 2020 with the introduction of Peacock, a destination for everything from old monster flicks to episodes of 30 Rock to original programming. However, like with all of these services, it can be a little overwhelming. The truth is that Peacock’s film catalog is a little thin and a little strange, but it does have some of the weight of the Universal brand and all its history, including classic franchises and recent hits. Here are a number of good movies you can watch on Peacock in 2023.

Good Movies To Watch on Peacock

These are some of the best movies to watch on Peacock in 2023:

#1. Afternoon Delight 

Kathryn Hahn appears to have a talent for embracing characters with gloriously complicated lives. She portrayed Rachel, a stay-at-home mom thwarted by her mundane routines and a sexual dry spell with her husband, Jeff (Josh Radnor), before playing Clare in Tiny Beautiful Things. In an attempt to renew their marriage, she brings Jeff to a strip club, where they encounter Juno Temple’s McKenna, a full-time sex worker who subsequently becomes their live-in nanny and with whom Rachel forms an odd bond. Afternoon Delight, praised by none other than Quentin Tarantino, is a pleasantly uncomfortable and hilariously erotic film that Temple defined to EW as “a movie about women…admiring things about each other and learning from each other.” But also, ultimately, kind of destroying each other.” 

#2. American Psycho

Meet Patrick Bateman, a man who not only slays a morning skincare routine but also, well, slays. Adapted from Bret Easton Ellis’ controversial 1991 novel, American Psycho follows Bateman as he leads a double life as a sophisticated New York City investment banker while moonlighting as a serial killer. This satirical horror wonderfully dissects the soulless ’80s capitalist culture, where materialism reigns supreme and vanity is a virtue, while Christian Bale constructs a massive character study with his mordant and monstrous Bateman. The critic at the magazine stated, “Funny, pungent, and weirdly gripping, American Psycho is a satire that feels like a hallucination” with a “tone of rambunctious, light-fingered malevolence.” 

#3. Asteroid City

This is definitely one of the best movies to watch on Peacock. Wes Anderson’s unmistakable flair drapes a storybook landscape in Asteroid City, complete with a VSCO filter-like color palette that puts the ‘Wes’ in this unorthodox, mid-century Western. The setting is a southwestern town in the 1950s (or possibly a retrofuturistic vision of one), when townspeople and educators meet for the annual Junior Stargazer convention. Things take a turn for the worse when an extraterrestrial visitor arrives, further complicating Anderson’s intricate plot (and story-within-a-story), which is brought to life by a large Hollywood cast. As EW’s critic remarked, “Anderson seems to be philosophizing about that gap between the truth we seek in storytelling and the lush, bravura craftsmanship required to tell it.” 

#4. Fahrenheit 

Michael Moore, famed for his award-winning movies Roger & Me (1989) and Bowling for Columbine (2002), produced another cinematic juggernaut with this ambitious and controversial documentary. Fahrenheit 9/11, winner of the Palme d’Or and America’s highest-grossing documentary, fearlessly examines the Bush administration’s use of post-9/11 paranoia to advance unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq rather than seeking the true perpetrators of the terrorist attack. According to EW’s critic, “Fahrenheit 9/11 provides a catharsis for the audience.” Dazzlingly crafted, at once reckless and smart, the film filters the Bush administration’s activities through a nose-thumbing fury that would have been irresponsible if Moore’s own words weren’t girded by pictures that spoke 1,000 more.” 

#5. Half Nelson

In a sea of happy student-teacher stories (think 1989’s Dead Poets Society or 2017’s The Edge of Seventeen), Half Nelson twists the script. Ryan Gosling impresses as Dan Dunne, a beloved history teacher and girls’ basketball coach who is hiding a life of vices. When troubled student Drey discovers him doing drugs, an unexpected relationship arises as they navigate their turbulent lives together. In the words of EW’s reviewer, “Half Nelson conspicuously offers no tidy resolution or concluding uplift, which only makes the movie that much more trustworthy, and the unflashy, documentary-style filmmaking more artful.” 

#6. The Invisible Man 

This is also one of the best movies to watch on Peacock. Reviving a horror classic isn’t always a good idea, but casting a fearless force like Elisabeth Moss as the lead in Blumhouse’s feminist reimagining of the 1933 film was a stroke of genius (her Golden Globe-winning performances in Top of the Lake and The Handmaid’s Tale had already proven she’s a pro at facing terror head on). Moss plays Cecilia Kass, a woman who feels she is imprisoned in a gaslighting nightmare thanks to her “dead” and now-invisible ex. If you’re seeking for something terrifying that goes beyond cheesy jump scares, The Invisible Man conjures spine-chilling fear while masterfully analyzing the evils of domestic violence and spying in the digital age.

#7. Jerry Maguire

It’s the film that sparked a million quotes. Tom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire, a young sports agent who goes rogue after being sacked from his posh agency job. With only one client – the gifted but high-maintenance wide receiver Rod Tidwell — Jerry must find a way to progress the player’s career if he is to stay in the sports management game, all while balancing his connection with his new family. This classic sports dramedy is “an ode to the pleasures of family, both real and extended,” according to EW’s critic.

#8. Night of the Living Dead 

George Romero’s indie horror masterpiece altered the zombie genre, turning these once-subjugated creatures into autonomous, flesh-craving fiends while indelibly carving them into mainstream culture (and paving the way for future undead favorites like The Walking Dead). This film revolves around a group of improbable survivors holed up in an abandoned farmhouse as they fend against an army of ravenous ghouls storming the area. Night of the Living Dead not only made cinematic history; it gnawed its way into the national consciousness, spawning a thriving franchise with five sequels from 1978 to 2009, all of which bear Romero’s unique directorial touch.

#9. The Nutty Professor 

The Nutty Professor still crackles with its goofy charm, thanks to a rib-tickling family dinner scene in which Eddie Murphy skillfully inhabits every character. Sherman Klump (Murphy), a bright scientist suffering from obesity, invents a miraculous weight-loss serum and consumes it after a terrible date with Carla Purty (Jada Pinkett Smith). Sherman establishes an alter ego dubbed Buddy Love, whose hubris causes havoc. Despite its hit-or-miss fart jokes and problematic weight humor, the picture shocks with its prosthetic creativity and comforting touch that goes beyond the usual comic fare.

#10. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

How far are you willing to go for love? Scott Pilgrim, a 22-year-old musician, says the answer is yes. Scott realizes that in order to win Ramona Flowers’ hand in marriage, he must first vanquish her seven bad exes in combat. This movie, a romantic action comedy picture based on the graphic novel series and conveyed utilizing video game and comic-like graphics, may have Sex Bob-Ombed at the box office, but the film has since established a devoted cult following — and rightly so. Scott Pilgrim is a distinct comedy with a distinct style, showcasing an ensemble cast with some of the best twentysomething comedic talent the early-2010s had to offer. 

#11. Short Term 12 

Short Term 12 is a film written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (who relied on his own experience working in a teen group facility). It takes place in the titular foster home for troublesome youth. Grace, a supervisor with her own buried wounds, sees herself in Jayden, a newcomer struggling with self-harm, which sparks a confrontation with her past. Though anchored by strong performances from then-rising talents like Rami Malek and LaKeith Stanfield, it’s Brie Larson’s first big picture role as Grace that explodes off the screen, oozing acting wisdom beyond her years as she epitomizes genuine vulnerability and understated strength. This indie treasure — which won SXSW’s Grand Jury and Audience Awards for a Narrative Feature — immerses you so fully that you’ll forget you’re just a spectator for a moment.

#12. Shrek

Once upon a time, in a swamp far, far away, Mike Myers honored us by voicing DreamWorks’ misanthropic monster. He was living the dream, relishing in the seclusion of his marshy sanctuary, when a swarm of storybook animals — a talking donkey, three small pigs, seven dwarves, and more — decide to crash the party after being expelled from the realm by Lord Farquaad. To restore his peace and quiet, Shrek must rescue a certain red-haired princess, all for the sake of Farquaad’s amorous illusions. Shrek is an animated joy with surprising friendships, laugh-out-loud moments, and enough layers to rival an onion.

#13. The Act of Killing

You’ve never seen a documentary quite like The Act of Killing. One of the best films of the decade, Joshua Oppenheimer’s film unpacks the Indonesian genocides of the 1960s and how the men who conducted them went unpunished. These guys repeat their murders, resulting in an almost exorcism for both the killer and the survivors. It’s breathtaking.

#14. The Beyond

Giallo aficionados are most familiar with Dario Argento, but you should also pay attention to Lucio Fulci. One of his most renowned films is The Beyond, a 1981 supernatural horror movie about a lady who inherits a Louisiana motel only to discover the hard way that it may be a portal to Hell. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

#15. Croupier

Clive Owen broke through with his 1998 noir, in which he’s so slick that people instantly suggested he should be the next Bond. Owen portrays a writer who obtains a job as a croupier (a fancy phrase for a casino dealer) and falls into the wrong scene. It’s one of the more undervalued films of the late ’90s, and a terrific vehicle for Owen’s charm.

#16. Emma

This clever period piece, released in March 2020, was a victim of the pandemic, not being viewed by nearly enough people. Do you like Anya Taylor-Joy and Mia Goth? Then check them out in this humorous, entertaining adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic. ATJ completely gets the title character, cleverly updating the role to make her appealing to a modern, young audience without overdoing that aspect of this version. It’s a savvy performance from a rising star who seems more incapable of delivering a bad one.

#17. Fitzcarraldo

The creation of this film (documented in the excellent documentary Burden of Dreams) is almost as remarkable as the picture itself, since director Werner Herzog literally had a crew lug a 320-ton steamship up a hill and clashed on a daily basis with the psychotic star Klaus Kinski. The amazing thing about the film is that you can see the chaotic production right on the screen, as Herzog captures the lunacy of his subject matter in a way that necessitated a little instability.

#18. Glengarry Glen Ross

David Mamet created the adaptation of his Pulitzer Prize-winning play and pulled off the uncommon feat of creating a virtually faultless version of a theatrical smash. It helps a lot to have a cast full of luminaries, and this one features Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alex Baldwin, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey, and Jonathan Pryce, all of whom are excellent in their roles.

#19. John Wick

The one who started it all! But, in fact, the first three films in the series about an assassin who destroys worlds when his dog is murdered are already on Peacock, just waiting for the superb fourth picture to join them. Enjoy a marathon and marvel at Keanu Reeves’ outstanding stunt choreography and captivating leading man skills. There isn’t a bad film in this series.

#20. Let The Right One In

This Swedish horror film based on the 2004 novel of the same name is one of the best horror movies to watch on Peacock. It tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who is tormented in a Stockholm suburb and befriends a neighbor girl who turns out to be, well, odd. This is likely one of the most significant horror films of the 2010s, spawning a (excellent) remake and a (not-so-good) Showtime series.

#21. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

What makes this horror classic so spectacular is what it does not reveal. Many people remember this film as a gore-filled nightmare, but Hooper actually lets your mind do the most of the job, rarely displaying as much as the film’s reputation suggests. It’s still an unforgettable film, one that forever altered the indie horror landscape.

#22. Train to Busan

This 2016 South Korean film is one of the best zombie pictures of its era, earning about $100 million globally. It’s simple – zombies on a train — but that’s one of the reasons it works so brilliantly. It has a pulsing, never-ending intensity, and it feels like its legacy is only getting started.

#23. Trust

Friends fans may be astonished to hear that star David Schwimmer is also a fantastic director, as proven by this compassionate, searing 2010 drama. Liana Liberato plays a 14-year-old girl who meets a man on the internet who turns out to be a predator; Catherine Keener and Clive Own play her parents.

This concludes our list of the best movies to watch on Peacock, although there are a number of others.

Does Peacock Have Any Good Movies?

Peacock features classic films such as Django and Jerry Maguire, as well as recent classics such as The Northman and Asteroid City, in addition to its TV series and live sports programs.

Which Is Better: Netflix or Peacock?

Netflix has a large collection of worldwide films and television shows from numerous countries, and it even creates original content in multiple languages. Due to NBCUniversal’s relationships, Peacock, while mostly focused on American entertainment, also offers a selection of international titles, particularly from the United Kingdom.

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