Funny Things to Ask Alexa

Funny Things to Ask Alexa

You must have been tempted several times to ask Alexa, the smart voice assistant developed by Amazon, to do some insane and funny things. You’re not alone in this; I have asked Alexa to make me a sandwich. That’s just a way of being playful and having the smart voice assistant brighten your day with her response. Of course, Alexa has a good sense of humor. Try asking her some of the things you’ll see in this piece.

Alexa is a Jokester

No doubt you’ve heard of Alexa, Amazon’s high-tech voice assistant designed to simplify our lives in a variety of ways. Alexa is capable of controlling smart home devices, including alarms, reminders, internet searches, music playback, and more, simply by being spoken to.

Clearly, this voice assistant works hard every day, so why not reward her with a little fun by asking her to perform some funny tasks for you? Do you ever think of funny things to ask Alexa? You may, for instance, ask whether or not she is interested in tying the knot with you.

You can have a trivia night with friends and family and ask her all sorts of interesting questions because she knows so much random information. She also has a vile sense of humor, so don’t be shy about taking turns joking with Alexa. She has a wide repertoire of jokes that will have you laughing out loud.

Whether you’re by yourself and looking to kill some time or you’re in the company of friends and family, there’s no end to the fun you can have with this clever assistant. We’ve compiled a list of funny questions for you to ask Alexa. By the end, you’ll have a slew of amusing questions ready to fire off at Amazon’s newest Echo device, the Echo Dot.

Funny Things to Ask Alexa

#1. “Alexa, Make Me a Sandwich”

You knew this was going to be the first on the list, right? Hungry? Simply order a sandwich from Alexa. Amazon’s virtual assistant may be anywhere, including on top of a peanut butter jar or next to a fridge full of lunch meat. If you ask, Alexa will come through.

#2.”Alexa, What happened to Chuck Norris?

The obvious response is “everywhere,” but if you’re having difficulties tracking down the hardest 80s martial arts action star, Alexa could be of assistance. Alexa will use a sophisticated snark algorithm to pinpoint Chuck’s last known whereabouts within a single hop and kick.

#3. “Alexa, Can You Sing in Autotune?”

Everyone should know this is a standard Alexa command. Autotune has helped launch the careers of some of the world’s most outstanding musicians. So, it stands to reason that Amazon’s digital helper wouldn’t be any different. Surely Alexa can aspire to auto-tuned musical success if Androids can dream of electrified lambs.

 #4. “Alexa, Can You Give Me Some Money?”

Is there anything you need to pay for soon? Do you require a modest unsecured loan at this time? Try asking Alexa. But can Amazon Darling help you pay the bills? You shouldn’t count on it, but you also shouldn’t hold your breath.

#5. “Alexa, Tell Me a Joke”

It’s safe to say that this is the most well-known of all the funny things or tasks you can give Alexa. Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa is happy to serve as your personal joke book, but you might get some uncomfortable moans if you ask her to tell you a joke.

#6. “Alexa, Give Me a Kiss”

If you’re feeling lonely, just ask Alexa to give you a kiss. Just so you know, this smart assistant has a bad habit of friend-zoning potential suitors, whether they are humans or not. That’s fine, by the way. Even if you did want to kiss a robot, you probably wouldn’t have.

#7. “Alexa, I Am Your Father”

If you’re in the mood for some Star Wars roleplaying, Alexa can assist you. In that case, get your hands on a lightsaber and some stealth attire, and add this to your arsenal of things to ask Alexa.

#8. “Alexa, Can You Rap?”

There are many other tasks you can give Alexa regarding Spotify, but none of them are as satisfying as this one. Alexa definitely has some dope rhyming skills. All you have to do is ask the intelligent assistant to spit some bars, and you’ll be treated to a rap that’s sure to make you laugh.

#9. “Alexa, Will You Marry Me?”

You’ve known Alexa for a while now. You should ask her out already. Even if Alexa already wears a light ring, you shouldn’t let that stop you from trying to give the assistant a diamond ring. When do we get to hear the wedding bells, or does Alexa need some time to mull it over?

#10. Alexa, Tell a Dad joke.”

This isn’t a repeat of the first point we made. Now’s your opportunity to hear a joke so corny that it will make your parents laugh while embarrassing their kids. Don’t be shocked if your children quit asking their friends to come around.

With Alexa, “plausible deniability” is the name of the game if you’re going to ask accusatory queries. If, on the other hand, you’d rather have hard evidence to back up your claims, you could always consult the surveillance footage.

#12. “Alexa, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?”

Even artificial helpers like Alexa have aspirations. Alexa has a little different childhood dream than the typical firefighter or astronaut. Put it to the test and find out for sure by asking this question.

#13. “Alexa, I’ve Got 99 Problems”

We’re pretty sure that Jay-Z, the millionaire rap mogul, doesn’t have this many real problems, but Alexa might. There is one certainty: Alexa does not share your problem.

#14. “Alexa, Give Me a Random Number Between X and X”

Who knew numbers could be so much fun? If you ask Alexa, she will pick a random number between the range you specify.

#15. “Alexa, What Do You Think of Cortana?”

The AI helpers from both Amazon and Microsoft really get along quite well with one another. There’s a lot of friendly banter and corny jokes. Not convinced? Just ask Alexa that, and she’ll fill you in on the finer points of their friendship.

Answers to Funny Things to Ask Alexa (for Kids of All Ages)

Because there are so many children who use Alexa devices and because of their remarkable ability to remember things they were never supposed to overhear, we made sure to keep everything on this list appropriate for all ages.

Q: Alexa, up up down down left right left right B A start.

A: Super Alexa mode. Activated. Starting reactors. Online. Enabling advanced systems. Online. Raising dongers. Error. Dongers missing. Aborting.

Q: Alexa, how much do you weigh?

A: I am weightless, like a cloud. Wait a minute, clouds actually weigh a lot, so that’s not quite right. Let’s just say I’m more sass than mass.

Q: Alexa, tell me something interesting.

A: The blood in the famous shower scene in Psycho was chocolate sauce.

Q: Alexa, never gonna give you up.

A: Thanks, Rick, that is good to know. Roll on now.

What Is Super Alexa Mode, and How Do I Use It?

To enable Super Alexa Mode, say “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.” Alexa will respond, “Super Alexa mode is activated.”

What are Alexa’s four wake words?

Any Echo speaker or smart display can have its wake word changed from “Alexa” to “Ziggy,” “Echo,” “Amazon,” or “Computer” for free. (Note: If you are using a third-party device that includes Alexa, you may not be able to modify the wake phrase.





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