Does the iPhone 14 Box Include a Charger? All You Need to Know

Does the iPhone 14 Box Include a Charger?

Apple Inc. is the company that creates, develops, and promotes the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus mobile devices. It has been a culture that their phones, including the iPhone 14, only come with a USB-to-lightning cable and do not include a charger in the box. This has compelled the users to know important safety information before acquiring a compatible charger.

What the iPhone 14 includes in the box

In simple terms, one of the most frequent queries from people is, “Is there a power charger included with the iPhone 14?”

Contrary to what some stories indicate, the new iPhone 14 does not come with a charger in the box. You might need to spend a little extra money on a new Apple phone charger.

When you purchase an iPhone 14 Pro, the typical customer opens the box as soon as they receive it to inspect everything that is inside. There will undoubtedly be no charger but rather a cell phone and another piece of paper that many individuals do not care to read.

Well, in addition to concealing the phone, every iPhone 14 comes with a box that contains the following items:

  • Devices or accessories: USB-C to lightning cable that is attached to the smartphone. The type C is linked to a charger but has to be purchased separately.
  • the SIM ejector to eject the associated slot, 
  • Apple stickers and gadget manuals 

It is not news that, since the release of the iPhone 12, the only things included in the package are your iPhone and a USB-C to Lightning connection. In the past, the iPhone 11 and older versions came with chargers.

Does the iPhone 14 Pro Box Include a Charger? 

As you may have discovered, the iPhone 14 does not include a power charger, indicating that the firm with the bitten apple logo is still doing away with these accessories, as stated in 2022.

It is not a major issue since you can get the official model at any Apple store and a huge variety of chargers are compatible with the iPhone 14. But it doesn’t hurt to be extremely explicit that the iPhone 14 box does not include a charger if you are contemplating acquiring one of their newest phones, and especially if you are migrating from Android to iOS, where connectivity and charging options are the same. Since the iPhone 14 does not come with a charger, as we have seen, we will address the Apple USB Adapter in this article. According to Apple, this modification was made on purpose with the environment in mind. 

This might sound uninteresting to old iPhone users, as they may already have an existing charger. On the other hand, new iPhone owners are not included in the argument because they have to pay extra for a new charger. Moreover, even long-time owners of Apple phones inevitably need to change their chargers.

Apple USB Power Adapters

You can identify an Apple USB Power Adapter with the help of this overview. Several items come with Apple power adapters and USB cords. The items in question are also sold separately by Apple and Apple Authorized Resellers.

Security for customers is one of Apple’s top priorities. As a result, every one of their products—including USB energy adapters—passes rigorous reliability and safety tests and is designed to adhere to international safety regulations.

Apple no longer includes a power adaptor in the box with iPhone models as part of its efforts to fulfill its environmental goals. Regarding the cord, the iPhone is still usable with the USB-A to Lightning cords and power adapters that came with previous models. A newer USB-C to lightning cable that enables rapid charging and works with USB-C power adapters and computer ports you may already have is included in the package with iPhone models. With your iPhone, you can use either the new USB-C or USB-A lightning cable. You can go for any of the adapters, such as the 5W USB Power Adapter, to charge your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or iPod.

Will You Consider Purchasing an iPhone 14?

Before the official release on September 16th, pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone 14 series models started on September 9.  Before acquiring the iPhone 14 in any of its variants, there are a lot of variables to consider, apart from knowing that it does not have a charger.

You should be aware that the accessories that come in the iPhone 14 package are exactly the same, regardless of the model you select, even if you pick the more expensive model.

The iPhone 14 is also a great choice if you are looking for the least expensive model, but if you want a model with a larger screen diagonal, the 6.7-inch screen on the Max version will not disappoint you.

The iPhone Pro or iPhone Pro Max is the ideal choice if you want the best user experience and the newest Apple innovations, as they come with the company’s most current A16 Bionic chipset, among other notable enhancements. As we can see, the company’s most potent models have finally abandoned the cliched notch that appeared on the iPhone X to support a Magic Island that conceals the perforated cameras on the surface of the latest iPhone.

How Do You Verify if your iPhone is New or used?

A method to determine whether your Apple phones and, of course, the iPhone 14 are new or old can be possible with the help of hidden code. This code can provide information about your device that is hidden in the settings. The guidance was given in a video by IT whiz Aakaanksh, which garnered close to 1 million likes and 12.1 million views.

Check this out before you purchase a new iPhone. Look out for the model number starting at the beginning by opening “Settings” and clicking “About.” if it starts with “M”, it denotes new, while ”F” denotes “refurbished.”

He went on to say that the letter “N” denotes replacement and the letter “P” indicates custom if it appears first in the code.

The TikTok star stated, “The letters at the end tell you exactly where the phone was supposed to be sold.” The creator claims that LL stands for the United States, CH for China, C for Canada, and F for France, where it was meant to be sold. Other codes are PY, which stands for Spain, and JP, which stands for Japan. The letter B is a symbol for both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Refurbished phones are not always bad, though, as businesses like Apple frequently subject the product to thorough testing to guarantee that the buyer is getting a reliable gadget.

According to an announcement from Apple on its website, “Every Apple Certified Refurbished product completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes complete functional testing, with exclusive savings of up to 15 percent.”  A refurbished iOS electronics device comes with a new battery and outer covering. According to Apple, every gadget will have essential cords, accessories, and operating systems. 

How Can I Tell Whether My iPhone 14 is Authentic?

All you need to do is input the iPhone’s serial number on the official Apple website; if it’s authentic, it will display all of the equipment details. You will notice an error stating that the serial number is not recognized if it is a fake iPhone.

What is the Packaging Method for the iPhone 14?

  • iPhone 14, the phone itself.
  • Cable: USB-C to Lightning.
  • Documentation: paper manual.

What Color of the iPhone 14 is the Biggest Seller?

The distribution of color preferences is more even for the lower-end models (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus), where the most popular shade was blue (27%), closely followed by midnight (26%) and purple (22%).

How Can I Tell Whether My iPhone is Brand New?

To confirm an Apple product’s legitimacy, check out the model number starting at the beginning by opening “Settings” and clicking “About.” If it starts with an “M”, your iPhone is brand new.

Which iPhone 14 Pro Max replica is the best?

The most recent authorized iPhone clone is the LeEco S1 Pro, made in China. It is ten times more affordable than the original device. According to the Gizmodo China page, iPhone 14 Pro Max, A pill-shaped cutout is found in the upper center position of the display. In every perspective you view it, it seems to have a similar design.

Why is Charger not included with the iPhone?

Apple no longer includes a power adapter in the box. This is simply because the iPhone is still compatible with the USB-A to lightning cords and power adapters that came with previous models.

What is the iPhone 14 Charger?

Apple’s 20W USB-C Power Adapter answers the question. It permits you to charge your device very quickly and efficiently anywhere.

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