Difference Between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Which Should I Choose

Difference between Pokemon Scarlet and violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have special Pokemon, unique professors, and unique clothing, among other variations. The difference between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is thoroughly detailed in this article, which will simultaneously guide your choice of version.


Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet differ from one another in terms of their respective strengths and weaknesses. Since the release of Pokémon Red and Blue in 1998, version exclusivities have been a mainstay of the Pokémon community. Still, these characteristics have never made as much of an impact as they have in Generation 9.

You can choose which version of the new game to spend your gaming budget on, depending on the significant differences between the two versions. One of the new Pokemon games may be a little better for you than the other, depending on the experience you want to have. In the end, though, there is no right decision, and the fundamental experience is essentially the same.

Difference Between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Exclusive Pokemon:

Some critters can only be caught in each edition, making this one of the most important arguments for choosing Pokemon Scarlet over Violet or vice versa. They are referred to as “exclusive Pokemon.”

Pokemon Scarlet’s Version

Armarouge, the formidable (and invaluable ride) Koraidon, the entire Tyranitar evolutionary line, Oranguru, Skrelp/Dragalge, Stunky/Skuntank, Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon, Drifloon/Drifblim, Stonjourner, and Tauros’ Blaze Breed are among the most incredible and powerful Pokemon that are exclusive to Scarlet. When it comes to its exclusive Pokemon, Pokemon Scarlet might be the better purchase, especially when taking Tyranitar, Hydreigon, and Dragalge’s capabilities and strengths into account.

Pokemon Violet’s Version

Of course, the Violet edition also includes Pokemon that are version-exclusive. These include Ceruledge, Miraidon, the Salamence evolutionary line, the Aqua Breed of Tauros, Misdreavus/Mismagius, Passimian, Gulpin/Swalot, Clauncher/Clawitzer, and Dreepy/Drakloak/Dragapult. Ceruledge over Scarlet’s Armourouge may be the key selling factor for Pokemon that are exclusive to Violet (its design garnered a lot of attention before its release). Picking between them is an interesting path to walk, though, and it also depends on who your opponent is.

You should take note that in Violet you will eventually be riding Miraidon around the map, whilst in Scarlet you will be using Koraidon. It will ultimately come down to your preferences since Scarlet and Violet both have several formidable rivals in their respective lineups.

Version Exclusive Professors

Depending on whatever version of the new Pokemon game you choose to buy, your professor will differ, even though it may not be everyone’s top priority. This will also significantly affect the storyline, but both versions offer virtually the same gameplay as the original Pokemon games.

The professor in Scarlet is Professor Sada. The Paldea region’s history is one of Professor Sada’s research interests. She is also looking for information on the specifics of how the Terastal phenomena operate. 

Turo will serve as your professor if you decide to get Pokemon Violet. Professor Turo works at the Naranja Academy alongside his wife. Overall, it makes very little difference to your game experience, but, intriguingly, Game Freak went through the effort of making this special couple so you can ‘choose between’ professors.
You’ll also have to deal with Arven, a youngster who is both Professor Sada and Professor Toro’s son. It just depends on who you want to be your professor because that will happen no matter which game you select. If you wish to learn from Professor Turo, get Pokemon Violet.

The Violet and the Scarlet Books

Another distinction between the two Pokemon games is the”Scarlet Book” and the “Violet Book,” both of which help players uncover the exclusive Pokémon found in their chosen edition.

By selecting the Scarlet version, you can read through some written selections that are unique to the version of the game. The volumes discuss the folklore and history of the Paldea region without giving anything away.

They also discuss Area Zero’s secrets and contain varied depictions of Pokemon, natural settings, and unusual artifacts. The last bit of information pertains to a creature called Great Tusk. You should use the Scarlet edition and book if you want to learn about powerful Pokemon’s first forms.

Similar to this, if you decide to play Pokemon Violet, you’ll be reading through the Violet Book, which contains the narrative and history of the Paldea region. Despite the fact that the content in each of these intriguing books is comparable to that in the other, each version has some unique information. One such fact is that the Violet Book is the only place where you may learn about the creature known as Iron Treads.

You won’t be left disappointed by Pokemon Violet or Pokemon Scarlet if you like to read about journeys investigating the mysteries of the Paldea region, Area Zero, ancient creatures, and the like. If you’re more interested in learning about and stumbling into futuristic varieties of Pokemon, purchase the Violet game.

Academies and Outfits

The academy you attend in the big city of Mesagoza differs, despite the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet both take place in the Paldea Region.

You’ll attend Naranja Academy in Scarlet and Uva Academy in Violet.

Every school features a specific crest styled uniquely.

The fact that each academy’s students wear a different school uniform is possibly the most significant variation that goes along with the different academies. Trainers attending the Naranja Academy in Pokemon Scarlet dress in four different seasonal variations of a school uniform with a version theme. Do you find it appealing to go through a Pokemon game with orange and scarlet colors? If it’s a yes, you might want to choose Scarlet over Violet.

By choosing Pokemon Violet off the shelf at your neighborhood video game shop, you also automatically enroll in the Uva Academy. Trainers that attend this Pokemon academy dress in purple-colored clothing, and the school’s crest features a bunch of grapes.

Like its sister school, the Naranja Academy, the Uva Academy has four seasonal outfit changes for the uniform. It’s vital to know that while you can change your character’s accessories at any time during the game, you cannot alter the overall violet color scheme of your clothing.  Purchase Pokemon Violet if you want your game to be mostly colored with violet and blue accents.

Paradox Pokémon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have a different collection of Paradox Pokemon, which may be the biggest distinction between the two. You will have access to these powerful creatures in the post-game.

You’ll gain access to Paradox Past Pokemon in the Post-Game of Pokémon Scarlet

Great Tusk, Brute Bonnet, Scream Tail, Flutter Mane, Slither Wing, Sandy Shocks, and Roaring Moon are Pokemon from the Paradox Past that are only available in the Scarlet game.

The previously mentioned Past Paradox Pokemon are all related to and resemble their contemporary counterparts. If you have to choose, it’s another tight tie, but the Scarlet version of the game may offer a little advantage over Violet in terms of its selection of Paradox Pokemon. Take Flutter Mane, the Paradox form of Misdreavus, a dual Ghost/Fairy-type, as an example. Consider its abilities and attributes. When and if it is allowed to be played, of course, Flutter Mane will be a dominant offensive force in the meta.

In Pokemon Violet, you’ll gain access to Paradox Future Pokemon in the Post-Game

After accomplishing the major storyline objectives in Pokemon Violet, you’ll be able to capture Paradox Future Pokemon. Iron Treads, Iron Bundle, Iron Hands, Iron Jugulis, Iron Moth, Iron Thorns, and Iron Valiant are some of these mighty ’mons.

There are several powerful Paradox creatures in the Violet version, yet overall, Scarlet’s Paradox Pokemon may be marginally superior. If you’re seeking for the version with the best Paradox Pokemon to win in bouts against opponents, Scarlet is the superior option; Flutter Mane, Roaring Moon, and Great Tusk will be absolute terrors to their foes. Each Scarlet Paradox Pokemon has a design based on a possible former incarnation of the species. These Pokemon, however, resemble technologically advanced counterparts of Pocket Monsters in the Violet version.

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