What Is The Difference Between Paramount And Paramount Plus?

difference between paramount and paramount plus

When looking for something to watch, the Paramount brand is instantly identifiable. But not everyone understands the difference between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus. They may sound similar, but they are not! We’ll outline the differences in this article. First, let’s understand how they work.

Paramount Network and Paramount Plus: Overview

Because ViacomCBS owns both services, the similarities are unavoidable. The service provided by Paramount Network is a cable network. This means you can access its app and watch whatever is available. It’s similar to viewing TV, but through an app. Furthermore, in order to see your favorite titles, you must adhere to its airing schedule.

However, because the streaming market has grown so rapidly in recent years, Paramount Network may not be everyone’s first pick. Then comes Paramount Plus, the streaming arm of the company. The streaming service receives many shows from its cable network, but not all of them. There are also originals, such as the Halo TV series, that make it worthwhile.

When it comes to content volume, Paramount Plus outperforms Paramount Network. Because the streaming service has programming from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon. On the other hand, Paramount Network will not have such a large library.

What is Included in Paramount Plus Essential?

The Paramount+ Essential Plan is the most basic option for watching favorite series and exclusive Paramount+ content, although with advertisements.

This strategy includes a wide selection of original Paramount material and large libraries, including the finest comedy series to watch on Paramount Plus in 2023. It’s worth noting that this option includes in-show advertising.

However, while it provides access to a multitude of on-demand entertainment, such as Never Seen Again Season 4, it does not contain live CBS shows.

What is Included in the Paramount Plus Premium Plan?

What exactly is the distinction between Paramount Plus and Paramount Plus Premium? Upgrade to the Paramount+ Premium plan for major improvements over the Essential option.

For just $9.99 a month, you can enjoy ad-free viewing, live CBS shows, the ability to download favorite episodes, and stay up to date on local news.

Consider utilizing a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN to access Paramount Plus content from anywhere in the world, as ExpressVPN works best with Paramount Plus.

What is Included in the Paramount Network Plan?

The Paramount Network is a typical TV channel that is available through cable companies for $50 to $100 per month.

The Paramount Network App supplements this by providing clips and episodes that require TV credentials, but it is not a replacement for the TV channel itself.

What Is the Difference Between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus?

Let’s compare the primary differences between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus to help you decide which service is best for your reviewing needs. 

The User Experience 

Spike TV, as well as The New TNN and The National Network, were previous names for Paramount Network. After seeing a few different network names, targeted demographics, and numerous changing offerings, it may be unclear what content will be available when subscribing. Viewers of the Paramount Network may now expect to see several made-for-TV movies, feature films, and reruns of legendary shows. 

The look and feel of the Paramount Network may vary depending on your provider and the device you’re using to watch content. Unfortunately, you will not be able to store anything for later. 

Finding content on Paramount Plus is very simple, since you can search for specific titles or browse by genre. There are hit movies, new and vintage shows, and live sports programming. You can also watch movie trailers if they are available. You can also save titles to My List to easily return to them later. 


If you have cable or satellite, you may already enjoy local live viewing. There’s no need to download an app to watch news or a new episode of your favorite show. Yellowstone is one of the most recent and popular series on the Paramount Network. Yellowstone is only available on the Paramount Network, which is unfortunate for people who only have the Paramount Plus subscription. In fact, if you want to watch the western-themed series, you must first purchase a Peacock streaming membership. 

Thousands of titles are available to view on MTV Plus. Viewers can select from a variety of genres, including humor, action, horror, and thriller. Sports fans will appreciate the abundance of sports channels available. If you enjoy reality television, you’ll find everything from Survivor to Ink Master on Paramount Plus. One of the most appealing advantages of Paramount Plus over Paramount Network is the option to watch your favorite shows anytime you want.

While Paramount Plus does allow you to live stream your local CBS station, this is only available for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, the most expensive tier. Furthermore, live streaming may be limited to certain places. 

Watch Parties, Lists, And Profiles

Profiles in Mount Plus are an ideal way to organize your family’s streaming choices. By creating a profile just for children, you can ensure that kids are exposed to age-appropriate information, giving you peace of mind.

The availability of various profiles is really useful for seamless streaming. You won’t have to wade through your partner’s recently viewed list to find your favorites this way.

It’s also convenient to have separate watchlists, referred to as “My List,” for each household member. After all, not everyone will share your love for Halloween scary films in July.

Additionally, the ability to start a watch party using a third-party app adds an easy and pleasant dimension to your streaming experience. Subtitles can also be enabled on Paramount Plus to enhance your streaming experience.

These watch parties establish a virtual meeting spot for you and a few pals to watch episodes or movies on Paramount Plus together, even if you’re thousands of miles apart.

In contrast, Paramount Network does not support the creation of favorites or lists. Instead, you must wait for a show to air, prepare some snacks, and settle in for a viewing session. 


Unfortunately, because Paramount Network requires a cable or satellite provider, your costs will vary. Most members pay between $50 and $100 per month. 

Subscribers to Amount Plus have a few options. SHOWTIME now offers two pricing tiers: Paramount+ and Paramount+. You can subscribe to either of these tiers and pay monthly or annually. 

Key Differences Between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus

  • You may get Paramount Network through your cable or satellite TV provider. 
  • You can join Paramount Plus using your email address or a streaming service. 
  • With SHOWTIME and Paramount+, you can download material to watch later. 
  • Yellowstone, a popular TV show, can be seen on Paramount Network, but to stream it, you must go to Peacock.

Do I Need Paramount Network and Paramount Plus?

The two products, Paramount Network and Paramount+, are distinct. To access Live TV and more full episodes, you must have Paramount Network from a participating cable TV provider. Subscription logins for Paramount Network cannot access the app or website.

Is Paramount Plus Better than Netflix?

Best Movie Streaming Services ranks seventh. It provides a nice mix of on-demand streaming and live TV, particularly sports, but trails industry leaders like Netflix and Disney+ since it provides a relatively small variety for a relatively expensive price. Still, for sports enthusiasts, Paramount+ could be an excellent choice.

What Is Special About Paramount Plus?

Paramount+ provides access to live networks such as CBS, CBSN, CBS Sports HQ, and ET LIVE, as well as episodes from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and the Smithsonian Channel. With Paramount+, you may also watch your local CBS affiliate.

What Channels Are Owned By Paramount?

CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Paramount+, Pluto TV, MTV, Paramount Pictures, Showtime Netwo, Smithsonian Channel, and Nickelodeon are among the company’s brands. National Amusements Inc. owns and runs Paramount.

Is Paramount Or Hulu Better?

Fans of fantasy and science fiction may wish to watch all of the Marvel movies on Disney+ or the most recent Star Trek series on Paramount+. If you want to watch the latest episodes of network television, Hulu may be a better alternative for you, as many cable networks’ shows are removed the day after they air.

Why is Paramount Plus So Expensive?

The price rise comes as Paramount Plus streamlines its subscription options with the introduction of the new Paramount Plus with Showtime tier. Prior to this adjustment, Paramount Plus offered two ad-free premium plans: one without Showtime for $9.99 per month and one with Showtime for $11.99 per month.

What Country Owns Paramount?

The American global mass media and entertainment corporation Paramount Global (doing business as Paramount) is controlled by National Amusements and located at One Astor Plaza in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

In Conclusion

If you’re choosing between Paramount Network and Paramount Plus, your first consideration may be which viewing platform you prefer. If you have satellite or cable television, Paramount Network is most likely your best option. However, if you acquire your stuff from streaming sources, Paramount Plus will most likely work better for you.

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