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You were at a friend’s housewarming or something like that and suddenly realized you have overstayed and needed to hit the road asap, but your phone battery is dead. Now, you can’t go back because the only option is to order a ride and you need your smartphone to able to do that. Again, your friend is too busy attending to the remaining guests that he kind of lost his car keys in the crowd. Now you’re totally screwed—well, maybe not totally. I guess this was exactly what Uber thought about that made them launch a feature that enables users to order a ride for someone else.

No matter the situation that puts you in the position to order a ride for someone else, all you need to make it happen is your smartphone. However, if you’re just learning about this for the first time, this post will enlighten you on the process involved when ordering Uber for someone else.

Uber’s New Feature

Uber has, over the course of its existence, introduced a new in-app function that gives users the ability to order and pay for a ride on behalf of someone else, in the event that they don’t have a smartphone or the Uber app installed on their device.

When someone orders a ride through the Uber app, they usually have the choice to either select themselves as the passenger or another individual to ride with them. Once the ride is ordered, the passenger will receive a text message with the details of the trip and a link to follow along. The individual who placed the ride request will also be able to see how far along the ride is in its completion.

Users can choose to have the person who ordered the ride pay for it using a credit card that is saved in the Uber app, or they can have the passenger pay cash at the end of the ride.

Even though it has always been possible to order an Uber ride on behalf of another person, Uber is now formalizing the process and eliminating the need for a middleman: Now, the driver and passenger can contact each other directly.

Situations That May Warrant Someone to Order Uber for Someone Else.

Apart from the scenario painted earlier, there are a number of other situations in which you can find yourself ordering an Uber for another person.

#1. When the other person doesn’t have a phone

The fact that 85 percent of Americans now own smartphones may give the impression that everyone possesses a smartphone in this day and age, but this may not necessarily be the truth because of obvious reasons. There are still some people who do not own smartphones or do not have data stored on their smartphones. This could be because they have made the conscious decision not to purchase a smartphone, do not have the financial means to purchase one, or have just had their phone stolen or lost.

Therefore, if they require an Uber to get them to their destination, they can delegate the task to another person as long as that person possesses a smartphone and the Uber app.

#2. As a show of kind gesture

There are situations in which you might want to pay for someone else’s Uber ride as a gesture of generosity, in exchange for a favor, or simply because you have the financial means to do so. You can save time and avoid confusion by booking an Uber for the other person using your own account instead of letting them use their own credit card.

Other reasons may include:

  • Maybe your folks are in town for a visit, and you’d like to give them a ride to your place, but you don’t have a car available to do so. In this case, you’ll need to make other arrangements to order an Uber. Furthermore, if a friend is under the influence of alcohol and needs transport home, you’d want to make sure they arrive home in a safe manner by ordering an Uber for them.
  • Last but not least, some people who have cell phones only obtained them recently or are not very knowledgeable about technology. In this situation, you could help them save the time of having to do it themselves by booking an Uber for them rather than letting them try to do it themselves.

How to Order an Uber for Someone Else

Maybe you have gotten used to ordering a ride for yourself and you’re thinking ordering for someone else is complex—it is not. In fact, it is almost the same process.

You can successfully order an Uber for someone else by doing the following on your Smartphone:

Ordering Uber for someone else

  • Install and open the app
  • Select “Where to?”
  • Order an Uber for Someone Else.
  • By selecting the “For me” option, you can change the rider.
  • Select “Choose who rides” from the drop-down option.
  • Allow the Uber app to access your contacts list, then select the phone number of the contact. You can also restrict access and manually enter the person’s number.
  • A new box displays, detailing the Ts & Cs of this feature; make sure to read everything before clicking “Accept.”
  • Fill in your friend’s first and last name in the new form that displays, then press “Continue.”
  • Your friend’s phone number and full name are now in the Uber app. The information you enter is also visible to the Uber driver, so make sure you type it correctly.
  • Specify where the Uber driver should pick up your friend and where they should drop them off.
  • You will also be able to choose between UberX, which is a less expensive alternative (cars that seat four or more people), and Uber XL, which is a larger vehicle (minivans and SUVs).
  • To finish the transaction, tap “Confirm UberX/XL.”

Once you’ve completed these steps, the person will then be sent a link to a “real-time Uber tracker” where they may track the exact location of their vehicle while they wait. Also, the person will receive the driver’s estimated time of arrival (ETA), the driver’s name, the license plate number, and the vehicle’s make and model. This feature does not require your friend to have the Uber app installed on their device in order to utilize it. On the other hand, it’s not possible to request more than one ride at a time. If you order a ride for someone else, you won’t be able to request a ride for yourself or anyone else until the person’s trip is over.

How to Order a Ride for Someone Else Using Uber Family Profile

Uber has made the new feature very convenient in that you have the option of creating an Uber Family profile if you wish to have a standard method of placing orders for a certain group of individuals within your Uber account.

With the Family Profile, you can add as many as four persons to one profile, and each member of the group has the ability to request rides for the other members of the group.

Go ahead and create the standard method by following these steps:

  • Launch the Uber app, and then select your profile picture from the menu that appears in the upper-right corner to access your profile.
  • To view your trips, click the button labeled “Trips” which looks like a clock.
  • Choose “Family” from the menu that appears when you click the arrow next to the word “Past” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • In order to set up your Family Profile, click the box that says “Create a family profile” at the bottom of the page.

You can also order rides in advance with Uber, and schedule rides in advance for someone else. Do these:

  • Open the Uber mobile app.
  • Change the timing by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the “Now” option before you click the “Where to?” box.
  • Choose the date and time that you want the ride that you are ordering for someone else to take place.
  • Adjust the location of the pickup so that it corresponds to the location where the person will need to be picked up.
  • After that, fill in the target address in the box labeled “Where to?”
  • Choose the ride you want, and then click “Schedule UberX” to confirm your reservation.

It is important to note that you can’t change who will be riding in an Uber that you have scheduled for someone else since that feature is not available in the app. As a result, you will be required to communicate with the rider regarding the ride in a manner that is distinct from the one you would use if you were placing an order for them right away.

How Can I Make Changes to the Payment Method in a Family Profile?

  • Navigate to the Settings menu within the app.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach the Family option.
  • Select the Default payment option found under Preferences.
  • You have the choice of using one of the already present payment methods, or you can add a new payment option.

How Do I Remove My Profile from the Family Section?

  • Choose Settings from the menu of your application.
  • Tap the Family tab after scrolling down to the Profiles section.
  • Scroll down until you reach the bottom, then tap the button labeled “Leave Profile,” and then confirm.

Can You Order an Uber for Someone Else in a Different City?

You are able to order an Uber for someone else in a different place as long as that person’s Uber service is available in the city or area where they are located. You will first need to choose a different rider than yourself, and then all you will need to do is modify the pickup location to their current location rather than yours.

Can You Order an Uber Ride for Someone Else in a Different Country?

There are thirty countries in which the Uber app can be used to make a ride request for another person. You might be subject to a conversion rate fee as a result of this action.

Can I Order an Uber for Someone Else in a Different Timezone?

You can order Uber for someone else in a different time zone. In order to place an accurate Uber order in a different time zone, you need to be sure that you are arranging the order at the appropriate time in the time zone of the pickup location, rather than the time zone in which you are.

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