Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime: 2023 Top Picks

Best Thrillers on Amazon Prime

Prime Video offers a vast collection of thrilling movies that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Ranging from mystery thrillers to action thrillers, spy thrillers to the rare rom-com thrillers, and everything. Here are the best thrillers available on Amazon Prime.

Our handy guide simplifies the process of selecting the perfect thriller on Prime Video. It comprises a list of the top streaming films, ranging from classics to new releases, from the Amazon Prime library.

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1. Triangle

Year: 2009

Director: Christopher Smith

Cast: Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth, Joshua McIvor

Run Time: 1 hr 39 minutes

Christopher Smith, known for his 2006 slasher film Severance, further diversified his creative approach with the time-loop mind-bender triangle. Triangle, starring Melissa George, follows a group of friends on a yachting trip through the Bermuda Triangle who escape to an abandoned ocean liner and are stalked by a hooded murderous figure.

Triangle is a captivating story with clever twists and turns, featuring a vicious time loop where Jess uncovers a mystery that could lead to their escape. Smith’s intricate narrative showcases the horror of being stuck in a hellish loop. Haleigh Foutch

2. The Man From Nowhere 

Year: 2010

Director:Jeong-beom Lee

Cast: Won Bin, Sae-ron Kim, Tae-hoon Kim, and Hee-won Kim

Run Time: 1 hr 59 min 

The Man From Nowhere, a 2010 South Korean film, features Won Bin as Cha Tae-Sik, an ex-special agent who befriends Jeong So-mi, a neighbor’s daughter. So-mi’s mother steals heroin from a local club, entrancing Tae-sik and So-mi into the world of Korean gangs and drug runners. Later, a gang kidnaps So-mi, leading to her potential death. Tae-sik uses his arsenal to save her and demand justice from those responsible.

The Man From Nowhere is a thrilling mix of Think Taken, John Wick, and León: The Professional, perfect for streaming tonight. John Rocha

3. The Horror of Dolores Roach 

Year: 2023 (current)

Director: Aaron Mark

Cast: Justina Machado, Alejandro Hernández, Kita Updike, and K. Todd Freeman

The Horror of Dolores Roach is a dark horror comedy starring Justina Machado as Dolores Roach, a 16-year-old prisoner who accidentally kills an abusive massage client. Machado effectively portrays the character’s struggle to balance a world’s heaviness with a can-do attitude, loosely based on The Legend of Sweeney Todd, offering a sympathetic hero despite the horrors in the series.

Chase Hutchinson praised Machado’s performance in The Horror of Dolores Roach, stating she adds spark and can be both delightfully funny and grimly terrifying.

4. Vanity Fair 

Year: 2018

Director: Gwyneth Hughes

Cast: Olivia Cooke, Claudia Jessie, Tom Bateman, and Michael Palin

Vanity Fair, adapted from William Makepeace Thackeray’s novel, follows Miss Rebecca Sharp, a determined young woman who overcomes poverty to ascend to high society during the Napoleonic Wars.

Olivia Cooke stars in Vanity Fair, a political drama starring Claudia Jessie, Tom Bateman, and Michael Palin, as devious Becky Sharp manipulates alliances and romances. Yael Tygiel

5. Troppo

Year: 2022

Director: Yolanda Ramke

Cast: Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun, and David Lyons

Troppo, a crime thriller set in North Queensland, follows a private investigator and a disgraced cop as they search for a missing man amid strange behavior due to tropical heat.

The film is a thrilling, chaotic buddy cop story featuring Jane and Chamoun, who navigate their past mysteries and their relationship to keep the audience engaged.

6. The Romanoffs (2018)

Year: 2018

Director: Matthew Weiner

Cast: Diane Lane, JJ Feild, Aaron Eckhart, and John Slattery

The Romanoffs, a short-lived Mad Men anthology series, featured eight episodes focusing on individuals believed to be descended from a lost Russian family. The contemporary anthology provided global audiences with insights into the royal Romanoffs, generating rumors and mythologies and leading to an unexpected twist. Yael Tygiel

7. Swarm

Year: 2023 (current)

Director: Donald Glover, Janine Nabers

Cast: Mezi Atwood, Dominique Fishback, Damson Idris

Donald Glover and Janine Nabers co-created a horror series, “Stanning,” focusing on a young woman’s obsessive fandom turning violent, following their previous work on Atlanta. Dominique Fishback stars as Dre, exploring her mind’s recesses as she seeks connection with fictional popstar Ni’Jah, a figure closely resembling Beyoncé and her dedicated fans.

Swarm, a seven-episode series, is praised for its nuances and themes, with critic Remus Noronha praising Dre’s characterization as driven by loss, grief, and obsession. Swarm stands out from similar stories due to its lack of attempts to justify or condemn. Turi Miller

8. The Northman 

Director: Robert Eggers 

Cast: Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang, Anya Taylor-Joy, Gustav Lindh, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Björk.

The Northman is a suspenseful retelling of a Scandinavian myth inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, featuring Alexander Skarsgård as Amleth, a young prince who returns to his childhood promise of revenge.

The movie is a thrilling historical thriller set in medieval Scandinavia, revolving around a medieval fire and avenging a brutal murder. -K.G.

9. Gen V 

Year: 2023 (current)

Directors: Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, and Craig Rosenberg

Cast: Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, and Maddie Phillips

Gen V, a spin-off from The Boys, follows season four and explores the next generation of supes, inspired by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comics. The movie is a new series and features new characters and crude humor while also incorporating familiar faces like A-Train, Victoria Neuman, and Ashley Barrett.

Critic Shreejit Nair praises Gen V as superior to The Boys due to its relatable plot and layered conflict, comparing it to The Boys with a higher dosage of Compound V. Yael Tygiel

10. Horror in the High Desert 

Year: 2021

Director: Dutch Marich 

Horror in the High Desert, directed by Dutch Marich, is a film about the fictional disappearance of wilderness explorer Gary Hinge, played by Eric Mencis. The film follows Hinge’s family, friends, and authorities as they uncover horrific evidence following the 2017 disappearance.

Marich used Zoom footage for talking-head segments in the film, adding a chilling, clinical feel to the chilling exploration of the shocking and vile during the COVID-19 pandemic.

11. Primo 

Year: 2023 (current)

Director: Shea Serrano

Cast: Christina Vidal, Ignacio Diaz-Silverio, and Carlos Santos

Run Time: 1 hr 39 min 

The Spanish word for “cousin” is “Primo,” referring to Rafa, a teenage boy struggling to find direction surrounded by his five uncles. Shea Serrano and Michael Schur create a semi-autobiographical comedy series, combining journalism and character-driven comedy to deliver heartfelt, hilarious content.

Serrano aimed to promote positive Mexican representation on screen, and this show successfully achieved this goal.

12. The Handmaiden (2016)

Year: 2016

Director: Chan-wook Park

Cast: Min-hee Kim, Tae-ri Kim, Jung-woo Ha, and Jing-woo Jo

Run Time:  2 hr 24 min

The Handmaiden is a captivating erotic thriller set in 1930s Japan-occupied Korea, where Sook-Hee, a handmaiden, becomes involved with Lady Hideko, leading to a passionate affair.

Sook-Hee, a thief, collaborates with fake count Fujiwara to defraud Lady Hideko of her fortune. However, when she falls for her mark, the plan unravels, revealing new layers of deception and manipulation. Haleigh Foutch

13. Promising Young Woman 

Year: 2020

Director: Emerald Fennell

Cast: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham, and Alison Brie

Run Time: 1 hr 53 min

Genre: Drama 

Emerald Fennell’s debut feature directorial film, Promising Young Woman, stars Carey Mulligan in the leading role. The film is a feminist revenge drama starring Mulligan as Cassie Thomas, who dropped out of medical school and returned home.

Cassie, in honor of a friend who experienced sexual assault, spends her evenings pretending to be black-out drunk to deter predators from their heinous actions. Mulligan skillfully balances the character’s two sides, seamlessly transitioning between a troubled girl yelling at others and a cunning hunter of sexual predators.

14. Coyote Lake 

Year: 2019

Director: Sara Seligman

Cast: Camila Mendes, Adriana Barraza, and Andres Velez

Run Time: 1 hr 33 min 

Camila Mendes stars in a thriller about a mother-daughter murdering team threatened by drug dealers. Sara Seligman’s feature directorial debut builds suspense, revealing issues facing US/Mexico border residents and their secrets.

Matthias Schubert’s cinematography enhances nighttime filmmaking, while Yael Tygiel praises Mendes’ compassionate grounding of a hostage story in a visually stunning and award-winning manner. Yael Tygiel

15. Orphan: First Kill 

Year: 2022

Director: William Brent Bell

Cast:  Isabelle Fuhrman, Julia Stiles, RossifSutherland, and, Hiro Kanagawa

Run Time: 1 hr 39 min 

Isabelle Fuhrman stars as Esther in Orphan: First Kill, a prequel film revolving around Esther’s escape from an Estonian psychiatric facility.

Orphan: First Kill is a psychological horror film directed by William Brent Bell, featuring a talented cast and a unique approach to de-aging, showcasing Fuhrman’s character. Yael Tygiel

16. Run Sweetheart Run

Year: 2020

Director: Shana Feste

Cast: Ella Balinska, Pilou Asbæk, Clark Gregg, Shohreh Aghdashloo

Run Time: 1 hr 44 min 

Ella Balinska stars as Cherie in the film Run Sweetheart Run, directed by Shana Feste and co-written by Keith Josef Adkins and Kellee Terrell. Run Sweetheart Run is a tragic movie that follows Cherie, played by Pilou Asbaek, as she navigates her past and escapes her terrifying terrorizer.

Run Sweetheart Run is a thrilling film with talented actors like Clark Gregg and Shohreh Aghdashloo, but its true standout is its relatable portrayal of danger. Yael Tygiel

17. A Simple Favor 

Year: 2018

Director: Paul Feig

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding, Andrew Rannells

Run Time: 1 hr 57 min 

Paul Feig, known for Bridesmaids, introduces a dark and twisted mystery thriller based on Darcey Bell’s novel. A Simple Favor stars Anna Kendrick as quirky Stephanie Smothers and Blake Lively as cool and mysterious Emily Nelson, showcasing their distinct motherly personalities.

Emily’s disappearance leads her bestie to investigate, but her investigation leads her deeper into a web of lies, drugs, and murder. –Tauri Miller

18. You Were Never Really Here 

Year: 2017

Director:  Lynne Ramsay

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Judith Roberts, Ekaterina Samsonov

Run Time: 1 hr 35 min 

Director Lynne Ramsay’s film features Joaquin Phoenix as Joe, a Gulf War veteran lost in hallucinations and hired hitman delivering brutal death. Joe, a hammer-wielding detective, is tasked with finding 13-year-old Nina, a girl about to be sold into teen sexual slavery, while also caring for his elderly mother and medication.

John Rocha embarks on a personal mission to find and punish those responsible for her kidnapping, unsure if it’s real or a hallucination in a confusing end scene. – John Rocha

19. Wilderness

Year: 2023 (currently)

Director: Marnie Dickens

Cast: Jenna Coleman, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Ashley Benson

Jenna Coleman stars in Wilderness, a haunting adaptation of B.E. Jones’ Marnie Dickens novel, as a British couple’s dream romance unravels into a terrifying nightmare. Wilderness, a thrilling six-episode story of revenge and mystery, is filmed across the continent, featuring characters from Calgary, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and New York. – Yael Tygiel

20. Panic 

Year: 2021

Director: Lauren Oliver

Cast: Olivia Scott Welch, Mike Faist, Jessica Sula

Lauren Oliver’s Panic, a gripping drama based on her novel, resembles The Hunger Games but is set in a small town, examining poverty’s desperation. The 10-episode series Panic follows teens in Carp, Texas, participating in a terrifying competition for a cash prize, starring Olivia Scott Welch as Heather. – Yael Tygiel

21. Tribunal Justice

Year: 2023 – present

Director: Judy Sheindlin

Cast: Tanya Acker, Patricia DiMango, Adam Levy

Tribunal Justice, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin, is a fast-paced court series featuring real-life cases involving judges Tanya Acker, Patricia DiMango, and Adam Levy, involving entertaining characters.

Tribunal Justice features judges, bailiffs, and behind-the-scenes videos for audiences to witness even more context for the cases. – Yael Tygiel

22. Judy Justice 

Year: 2022 – present

Director: Judy Sheindlin

Cast: Judy Sheindlin, Sarah Rose Levy, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Rasco

Judy Justice, a new court show by star Judy Sheindlin, features the Honorable Judge Sheindlin presiding over a simulated small-claims court, delivering genuine advice and tough love.

Judy Justice, America’s favorite television judge, is joined by her granddaughter, Sarah Rose Levy, and stenographer Whitney Kumar in the courtroom.

23. Dance Moms

Year: 2011-2019

Director: Collins Avenue Entertainment

Cast: Abby Lee Miller, Gianna Martello, Stacey Ketchman, Lilliana Ketchman

Dance Moms is a popular reality show featuring young dancers and their mothers attending Abby Lee Miller’s studio to win competitions and become top dancers. Despite intense training, the show showcases real talent and high pressure, making it entertaining.

24. Serpico

Year: 1973

Director: Sidney Lumet

Serpico, directed by Sidney Lumet, stars Al Pacino as a cop in a corrupt New York City precinct, contrasting his reputation as a mobster. The film tells the true story of Frank Serpico, a whistleblower in the 1960s and 70s, who challenges the status quo to expose police corruption.

25. The Batman

Year: 2022

Director: Matt Reeves

The Batman, a comic book adaptation, is the first film to primarily focus on detective work, incorporating thriller elements. Matt Reeves directed Batman, a movie focusing on the pursuit of the serial killer Riddler, who leaves behind clues.

The film draws inspiration from David Fincher’s mystery thrillers, Zodiac and Se7en, as Batman investigates the Riddler and the villains’ motivations.

26. Nope

Year: 2022

Director: Jordan Peele

Nope, a 2022 film by Jordan Peele, features a mix of sci-fi, comedy, and horror, focusing on siblings Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer who discover a UFO. Peele’s films often defy horror tropes, creating unexpected anticipation and keeping audiences on edge. Nope, a thrilling thriller on Amazon Prime Video, is a must-watch.

27. Joker

Year: 2019

Joker, an acclaimed comic book film, follows Arthur Fleck, an isolated man feeling rejected by society, showcasing his dark, gritty character study inspired by Martin Scorsese films. The film’s climax sees Fleck transitioning into the Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix’s realistic performance bringing praise to the film.

28. Blow the Man Down

Year: 2011-2019

Director: Collins Avenue Entertainment

Cast: Abby Lee Miller, Gianna Martello, Stacey Ketchman, Lilliana Ketchman

Blow the Man Down is a moody New England tale featuring Priscilla and Mary Beth Connolly, sisters struggling with their mother’s death and new responsibilities. Mary Beth’s disastrous night with a bad man leads to a dark exploration of morality, community, and corruption in their sleepy town, driven by a sense of dread.— Kristina Grosspietsch

29. Hackers

Year: 1995


Hackers, a 1995 cult classic, tells the story of cyber-hacking New York teens in the early internet days. It features suspense, romance, and absurd three-dimensional visualizations of cyber-security.

Dade Murphy, a teenage hacker, moves to New York with his mom. His new friends, unaware of his identity, discover he’s secretly “Zero Cool,” the infamous hacker who crashed the NYSE at 11. They use their hacking skills to bring down Dade.

30. The Dead Zone 

David Cronenberg and Christopher Walken, a brilliant team, created one of the best Stephen King adaptations, a rare and perfect union that deserves celebration.

Walken portrays Johnny Smith in The Dead Zone, who gains “science” to see people’s futures by shaking their hands, but soon becomes a curse, using babies as human shields.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The Spy Coast: A Thriller (The Martini Club Book 1).
  • Tempted By The Devil (Kings Of Mafia)
  • The Exchange: After The Firm (The Firm Series) 
  • Haunting Adeline (Cat and Mouse Duet Book 1) 
  • Lights Out (Kate Green Book 1)
  • The Housemaid: An absolutely addictive psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist.

Where can I watch a good thriller?

Major streaming platforms offer a variety of psychological thrills, including horror, heart-wrenching dramas, and soap opera-like twists and turns.

Why is a thriller the best genre?

Thrillers are a genre that evokes suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation, and anxiety, making them well-suited for film and television.

Is the thriller genre scary?

The thriller and horror genres, while offering thrills and chills, have significant differences, some of which are subtle and unnoticeable to the average viewer.

What is the difference between suspense and thriller?

Suspense builds tension, while thrillers involve a push-pull between the protagonist and antagonist, with established conflict, and differ in pacing.

What kind of people like thrillers?

“Thriller stories contain darker elements, appealing to adrenaline junkies who crave twists and surprises,” said ITW Executive Director Liz Berry.

What is the scariest genre of horror?

  • Paranormal horror—spooks give many of us, well, the spooks.
  • Horror-thriller—scarier to some because they’re not supernatural, but grounded in reality.
  • Body horror—plays on instinctual fears around physical violation and mutilation.

What is the difference between a thriller and a psychological thriller?

Psychological thrillers delve into the psychology of unstable characters, focusing on their minds and behavior, offering a unique perspective on the genre.

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