Best Movies on Hulu Right Now: 30 Top Picks

Best Movies on Hulu Right Now

Hulu offers a wide variety of excellent movies, ranging from comedy to romance to horror films. In fact, there are so many good ones, making it challenging to identify the best movies on Hulu right now.

Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the top movies on Hulu to help you find both new and old favorites quickly.

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1. Titane

Year: 2021

Director: Julia Ducournau

Stars: Agathe Rousselle, Vincent Lindon, Garance Marillier, and Laïs Salameh

Rating: R

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Titane is a film directed by Julia Ducournau, focusing on the human body and its limits. The film follows the story of Alexia (Agathe Rousselle), a young girl who has a strong connection to cars and a titanium plate implanted in her skull. After her father (French director Bertrand Bonello) loses control of the vehicle, Alexia becomes a dancer and car model, attracting male fans who want to see her. 

The film explores the human form, gender performance, masculinity, and isolation with a surprising and shocking script. Despite her cruelty and lack of insight into her character, Alexia remains an empathetic protagonist, thanks to Agathe Rousselle’s commanding portrayal. Titane is not just 108 bloody minutes of bodily mutilation and perversion but also the chaos inherent in our human need for acceptance. -Brianna Zigler.

2. Plan B

Year: 2021

Director: Natalie Morales
Stars: Kuhoo Verma, Victoria Moroles, Michael Provost, Myha’la Herrold, Jolly Abraham, Jay Chandrasekhar
Rating: NA
Genre: Comedy

Plan B is a film that explores the intersection of past and present in a road trip plot. Sunny, a responsible student, is tasked with a party to attract attention to Hunter, a real estate convention attendee. After a night of sex with Kyle, Sunny discovers a condom inside her. 

The film requires a willingness to suspend disbelief and viewers should not ask too many questions. Director Natalie Morales, known for her roles on Parks & Recreation, The Middleman, and Dead to Me, understands the emotional angst of high school and treats female leads with respect. Amy Amatangelo

3. Rye Lane

Year: 2023

Director: Raine Allen-Miller

Stars: David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah, Simon Manyonda, Benjamin Sarpong-Broni, Poppy Allen-Quarmby

Rating: NR

Genre: Rom-Com

Rye Lane is a romantic comedy that reimagines the stakes of a story, focusing on relatability and specificity. The film follows Dom and Yas as they wander across South London, using local landmarks as stepping stones through their romantic stories. Director Raine Allen-Miller uses bright colors and elaborate setups to heighten their relationship, capturing the city’s bustling texture. 

The love story is dedicated to recontextualizing their surroundings, using each location as a gateway to understanding the other person. The film’s specificity and care for its central relationship make it one of the best British comedies and one of the best London-based films of the last decade. -Anna McKibbin

4. Parasite

Year: 2019

Director: Bong Joon-ho

Stars: Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun, Yeo-Jeong Jo, Choi Woo-sik, Park So Dam, and Lee Jung Eun

Rating: R

Genre: Drama

In Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, Ki-woo, the son of the Kim family, holds a large rock sculpture that symbolizes financial wealth. The Kims’ cramped home is filled with dingy and unemployed people, and the rock is brought to them by Ki-woo’s wealthy friend. Ki-woo is both naively worshipful of the rock’s potential and understands that wandering around isn’t how one ascends to power. He becomes the English tutor for the daughter of the Park family, a grotesquely affluent family. As the Kim and Park families grow closer, their differences and similarities blur. Bong’s interest in income inequality and class is evident in Parasite, which examines how class manifests when people are pulled from one echelon of society and put in another. The film explores the mutual hunger and tragic separation between the Kim and Park families, using humor and absurdity to highlight social inequity as a lived experience. -Kyle Turner

5. Blue Velvet

Year: 1986
Directors: David Lynch
Stars: Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, and Dennis Hopper
Rating: R
Genre: Drama

Blue Velvet is a film that represents the horror, humor, and reality of cinema, blending elements of classic American genres like noir and thriller. The story follows a boy and a psychopathic man, Jeffrey Beaumont (MacLachlan) and Frank Booth (Hopper), who are drawn into the dark underworld of American domesticity. 

The film’s sadness is the closest it gets to realizing the American Dream, as it explores the darker aspects of everyday life. -D.S.

6. Infinity Pool

Release Date: January 27, 2023

Director: Brandon Cronenberg

Stars: Alexander Skarsgård, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman, and Jalil Lespert

Rating: R

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Infinity Pool is a satirical film directed by Brandon Cronenberg, focusing on the sexy, terrifying world where death is a game for wealthy people. The film dismantles the havoc Western nonsense causes on other cultures and the false-mystical enlightenment hawked by gurus and Goop fools. 

Infinity Pool explores the dangled lure of Europeans, particularly the sexy couple Gabby and Al, who are approached by strange Europeans. The film also explores the alienation of white people in Li Tolqa, a culture where they don’t speak the language or read the forms asked by the cops. 

The film’s production design, location scouting, and cinematography create a late-night freakout experience. The characters in Infinity Pool exist in the conceited class with the luxury of being horny for death, as death has never been real to them. Jacob Oller

7. Fire of Love

Year: 2022

Director: Sara Dosa

Stars: Maurice Krafft, Katia Krafft

Genre: Documentary

Rating: NR

This stunning movie, Fire of Love, nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards, introduces Maurice and Katia Krafft, French volcanologists who challenged stereotypes. Director Sara Dosa innovates with film footage, animations, music, and editing. The film features a fascinating love triangle and explosive volcanoes, making it a nature documentary and art film. –Tim Surette 

8. Another Round

Year: 2020
Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Stars: Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Lars Ranthe, Magnus Millang
Rating: NR
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Another Round is a film by Thomas Vinterberg that explores the concept of camaraderie, which initially serves as emotional support but later becomes a distraction in a drinking contest. The film follows Martin, a teacher in Copenhagen who is indifferent and lonely at home. His friends, Tommy, Nikolaj, and Peter, share their feelings. 

To cure their malaise, Nikolaj tests Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud’s blood alcohol content theory. Mads Mikkelsen’s performance balances his revelry with deeper emotions, ultimately leading to anger and mourning. The film highlights the importance of pause in life, especially self-reflection, and the cycle of good times. —Andy Crump

9. Sputnik

Year: 2020
Director: Egor Abramenko
Stars: Oksana Akinshina, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Pyotr Fyodorov, Anton Vasiliev
Rating: NR
Genre: Horror

Egor Abramenko’s Sputnik is a film that evokes Alien-esque themes as it portrays governments and corporations using innocent people as vessels for extraterrestrial monsters. The film’s style is unnerving and unflappable, contrasting high-end creature FX with a lo-fi backdrop. The alien’s design, coated in layers of sputum, anchors the film to 2020, making it a new pop cultural dividing line. -Andy Crump

10. I’m Your Man

Release Date: September 24, 2021
Director: Maria Schrader
Stars: Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller, and Hans Löw
Rating: R
Genre: Sci-Fi, Rom-Com

I’m Your Man is a German rom-com that aims to shake up the genre by focusing on loneliness and intimacy through technology. The film follows Alma, a researcher at the Pergamon Museum who is part of a three-week research program where she must provide an in-depth report on the ethics of lifelike robots. Tom, a handsome, smart, blonde robot, is programmed to be Alma’s partner. The film effectively modulates Alma’s slow thaw towards Tom and assimilates to Alma’s pragmatic needs. The film also doubles down on Tom as the romantic, undeterred partner. Tara Bennett

11. Together Together

Release Date: April 23, 2021

Directors: Nikole Beckwith

Stars: Patti Harrison, Ed Helms, Rosalind Chao, Tig Notaro, Fred Melamed, and Julio Torres

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy

Together Together is a surrogacy dramedy by Nikole Beckwith, featuring comedian Patti Harrison’s multi-layered performance. The film explores intimacy among strangers and challenges media empires and preconceptions of women’s autonomy.

The story of fatherhood and friendship is told through the chemistry of a rising trans star and her anxious straight man, adding to its charm. –Shayna Maci Warner

12. Palm Springs

Year: 2020

Director: Max Barbakow

Stars: Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti, J.K. Simmons, Peter Gallagher, Meredith Hagner, Camila Mendes, June Squibb, Conner O’Malley, Jena Friedman

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi

Max Barbakow’s Palm Springs explores the idea of living in a paradise that becomes a sun-soaked Hell, where pizza pool floats and alcoholism is seen as a blessing rather than a disease. The film remains funny even when the mood takes a downturn, highlighting the characters’ struggle to maintain a holding pattern on someone else’s happiest day.

13. Prey

Year: 2022

Director: Dan Trachtenberg

Starring: Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro, Stormee Kipp, Michelle Thrush, and Julian Black Antelope

Rating: R

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

Predator prequel Prey by Dan Trachtenberg embraces simplicity, focusing on the thrill of an uninterrupted hunt and interpreting predator codes as hunter-gatherer dichotomies in Native American cultures.

Set in the Northern Great Plains of 1719, Prey pits a predator challenging any species’ alphas against a Comanche tribe. The film pays homage to John McTiernan’s 1987 masterwork and adds Indigenous representation with cultural strength.

The performances are tough as nails, the action sequences are gory, and the intensity is streamlined. Prey sheds pounds of franchise dead weight for a leaner, meaner Predator prequel with all the spine-tearing gladiatorial conquest fans desire. -Matt Donato

14. Pig

Release Date: July 16, 2021
Director: Michael Sarnoski
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Alex Wolff, and Adam Arkin
Rating: R
Genre: Drama

Pig is a film directed by Michael Sarnoski, focusing on the masculine response to loss. It features Rob, a truffle forager who sells his pig’s findings to sustain his isolated life. The film explores broad themes and the details of its microcosm, with Nicolas Cage playing a successful character.

The film also features Alex Wolff’s character, Amir, a small business jerk, and their search for the pignapping victim. The film’s restraint allows actors like Cage to fill in the gaps, showcasing their desperation for validation and the world they once lived in.

Pig is a sad but not unkind movie, putting faith in a discerning audience to look past its premise. It is a satisfying emotional thoroughness that showcases the full dramatic arcs of lives. -Jacob Oller

15. Ingrid Goes West

Year: 2017
Director: Matt Spicer
Stars: Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olson, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Wyatt Russell
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller

Aubrey Plaza’s Ingrid Goes West elevates her post-Parks and Rec career to a more complex level, showcasing her talents in a script that previously focused on rolling her eyes.

Plaza’s portrayal of Ingrid, a character with mental illness who uses social media to control her life, showcases her complex gradations and vulnerability. Her facial contortions, swooning with desperation and desire, elevate her performance and the film to the ranks of queer personality-swap films. -Kyle Turner

16. The Beach Bum

Year: 2019

Director: Harmony Korine

Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Martin Lawrence, Zac Efron, and Jonah Hill

Rating: R

Genre: Comedy

Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of Moondog in The Beach Bum is a powerful exploration of his essence. The character represents a moral imperative to consume all that’s truly beautiful about life, even if he’s plagiarizing D.H. Lawrence. The film seamlessly transitions into absurdity, with the character’s self-destructive addiction and lurch toward oblivion being questioned by the director, Harmony Korine. 

The film explores Moondog’s journey towards annihilation and his relationship with his wife, Isla Fisher. Despite his struggles, Moondog is portrayed as a bad dad, artist, saint, or from a different dimension. The film is a hagiography for the end of history, capturing the essence of McConaughey’s character. -Dom Sinacola

17. Se7en

Year: 1995
Director: David Fincher
Stars: Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow, and John C. McGinley
Rating: R
Genre: Thriller

David Fincher’s Se7en is a short-term film that focuses on detectives David Mills and William Somerset on the trail of John Doe, a murderer planning his killings around seven deadly sins. 

The film offers valuable life lessons and an emotionally draining finale. -Tyler Kane

18. Barbarian

Release Date: September 9, 2022
Director: Zach Cregger
Stars: Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, Justin Long
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy, Horror

Barbarian, the horror debut of writer/director Zach Cregger, is a gripping tale of unyielding terror that leaves audiences in awe. The film follows Tess, a woman who finds herself locked in her Detroit Airbnb, and her ruthless landlord, Keith, who insists she take the bedroom for the night. 

The film explores the bleak reality of women’s lives in the U.S., both past and present, and incorporates a #MeToo subplot. Cregger’s humor is also a significant element, aided by his time on the IFC sketch comedy show The Whitest Kids U’ Know. Barbarian exposes the societal misogyny of gendered violence and the omnipresent threat of rape. 

Despite being brutal, the film avoids depicting sexual violations on screen, illustrating the pervasiveness of this reality without exploiting it for shallow shock value. –Natalia Keogan

19. Amazing Grace

Year: 2019
Director: N/A
Stars: Aretha Franklin, C.L. Franklin
Rating: G
Genre: Documentary, Musical

Aretha Franklin recorded the greatest-selling gospel album of all time, Amazing Grace, at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles in 1972. The film, shot by Sydney Pollack, was kept from public view until Franklin’s death at 76. 

Although rumored to be lost, Amazing Grace is a titanic vision of a performer’s extraordinary gift. The film brings back the young Aretha Franklin, who is vulnerable and normal in between songs. Although the film peaks early with Franklin’s excellent version of Marvin Gaye’s “Wholy Holy,” it hums with the thrill of lightning being captured in a bottle. -Tim Grierson

20. The Banshees of Inisherin

Release Date: October 21, 2022
Director: Martin McDonagh
Stars: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon, and Barry Keoghan
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Comedy

The Banshees of Inisherin is a film that explores the fear of abandonment and violence in relationships. Martin McDonagh’s film is a simple break-up story, focusing on the consequences of one Irishman cutting ties with another. The film takes viewers back to Ireland a century ago, when the civil war was raging and things progressed slowly on the island of Inisherin. Colm Doherty (Brendan Gleeson) decides to end his relationship with his old pub pal Pádraic Súilleabháin (Colin Farrell). 

The film creates an atmosphere that invites viewers to question whether it really matters if one man decides to cut ties with another, whether history will record it, or if being nice to one’s neighbor is the only thing that matters. The film’s haunting power lies in its ability to call these questions to mind, leaving viewers both laughing and shaken to their core. The Banshees of Inisherin is a haunting and universal film that will leave audiences laughing and shaken to their core. Matthew Jackson

21. Love & Mercy

Year: 2015
Director: Bill Pohlad
Stars: Paul Dano, John Cusack, Paul Giamatti, and Elizabeth Banks
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama

Love & Mercy is a film directed by Bill Pohlad, focusing on the life and music of a pop star who aims to create more than just happy hooks. The film explores the layers of Wilson’s genius and torment, making seemingly simple songs like “In My Room” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” more meaningful. -Amanda Schurr

22. Crimes of the Future

Year: 2022
Director: David Cronenberg
Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Don McKellar, and Scott Speedman
Rating: R
Genre: Sci-Fi

Crimes of the Future is a 2022 film by body horror auteur David Cronenberg, focusing on the art world’s neo-organs and the development of creative cancers in a womanless world ravaged by viruses. The film explores the idea of organic novelty in a collapsing society, with characters like Saul Tenser and Caprice (Viggo Mortensen) playing performance artists who generate and remove neo-organs. 

The film explores the dystopian bureaucracy and subversive multimedia generated by Cronenberg’s nihilistic predictions, highlighting the potential for new cogs in old machines and rebels in old resistances. It is erudite, exploitative, gory yet gentle, and shows the new kids on the chopping block that an old master can still dissect with the best. 

However, the film’s more meaningful impact is its representation of a trailblazer finally seeing the horizon, highlighting the tragic failure to evolve and the true death of an artist and society. -Jacob Oller

23. The Bob’s Burgers Movie

Year: 2022

Director: Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman

Stars: H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Larry Murphy, John Roberts, Kristen Schaal, Zach Galifianakis, and Kevin Kline

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Comedy, Animation

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a family-friendly film that combines the charms of the show with a theatrical twist. The film follows the lives of grillmaster Bob Belcher, his wife Linda, and their three children. They face financial difficulties when Bob’s loan payment is denied and their storefront is damaged during a festival. 

The movie features an animation upgrade, with flatter landscape drawings and a three-dimensional, pop-off-the-screen style. The film is crisper, tastier, and more luscious, showcasing the Belchers’ legacy as American middle-class darlings. 

The animated carny musical, created by Loren Bouchard, smells like the crusted beef of his dreams, promoting the Belchers’ legacy as American middle-class darlings. -Matt Donato

24. Hell or High Water

Year: 2016

Director: David Mackenzie

Stars: Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster, and Gil Birmingham

Rating: R

Genre: Thriller, Western

David Mackenzie’s film, Hell or High Water, balances genre and plot, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the lives of its characters. Taylor Sheridan’s screenplay, featuring colorful human detail and humor, creates a realistic portrayal of the characters. 

The film also serves as a topical anti-capitalist lament, set in a west Texas town devastated by the recent economic recession. The characters, including veteran sheriff Marcus Hamilton and bank robbers Toby and Tanner Howard, are driven by a desire to break out of poverty. -Kenji Fujishima

25. Mandibles

Year: 2021

Directors: Quentin Dupieux

Stars: David Marsais, Grégoire Ludig, Adèle Exarchopoulos, India Hair, Roméo Elvis, Dave Chapman

Rating: NR

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

French director Quentin Dupieux’s Mandibles is a magical realism film that follows two friends who use an oversized housefly to make quick cash. Despite the surreal plot and the disaster left in their wake, Mandibles is characterized by a sense of joy and exuberance. 

The film features absurdist comedy leanings and is surprisingly exuberant. The comedic duo, part Cookie and King Lu from First Cow and part Dante and Randall from Clerks, treat the housefly with reverence while acting in selfish, boorish ways. 

Despite the violence and destruction, Mandibles maintains Dupieux’s penchant for perplexity and asserts that life is a glorious thing, even in its distasteful weirdness. —Natalia Keogan

26. Akira

Year: 1988
Director: Katsuhiro Otomo
Stars: Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki, and Mami Koyama
Rating: R
Genre: Sci-Fi, Animation

Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, adapted from his manga series, was the most expensive animated film of its time and a cinematic benchmark. Set in Neo-Tokyo, the film follows the stories of Kaneda Shotaro and Tetsuo Shima, two members of a youth motorcycle gang. Their lives are drastically changed after a fateful night when Tetsuo crashes into a strange child and is taken away by a clandestine military outfit. 

Akira’s origins and aesthetic are deeply rooted in post-war Japan’s history, from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics to the economic boom and Bosozoku racing. Akira is a film with many messages, including anti-nuclear parables and a critique of capitalism and progress. It is considered the most important anime film ever made, inspiring a generation of artists, filmmakers, and musicians. —Toussaint Egan

27. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Year: 2020
Director: Céline Sciamma
Stars: Noémie Merlant, Adèle Haenel, Luàna Bajrami
Rating: R
Runtime: 119 minutes
Genre: Romance

French director Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire explores the history of women, their relationships, and the patriarchal forces that restrict their agency. The film follows Marianne, an artist commissioned to paint a portrait of an aristocratic young woman named Heloïse, who resists marriage. The class distinctions between Marianne and Heloïse reveal power dynamics within the muse/artist dichotomy. 

The film is emblematic of Sciamma’s relationship with Hannel, who publicly announced their relationship in 2014 before the filming. The film focuses on the climactic act of knowing another person, rather than just feeling inspired by their art. —Natalia Keogan

28. Support the Girls

Year: 2018
Director: Andrew Bujalski
Stars: Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Shayna McHayle, Brooklyn Decker
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy, Drama

The concept of a “breastaurant” is declining in the service industry, as seen in Andrew Bujalski’s film “Support the Girls.” The film follows Manager Lisa Conroy at Double Whammies, dealing with her duties, customers, and staff. Bujalski’s film explores the everyday pain of these contradictions, highlighting the need for a better understanding of the working class and the sacrifices made in their jobs. The film highlights the importance of balancing work and personal fulfillment in today’s world. —Dom Sinacola

29. Her Smell

Year: 2019
Director: Alex Ross Perry
Stars: Elisabeth Moss, Amber Heard, Cara Delevigne, Ashley Benson, Dan Stevens, Agyness Deyn, Gayle Rankin
Rating: R
Genre: Drama

Her Smell is a film about the life of Becky Something, a punk rock frontwoman played by Elisabeth Moss. The film explores Becky’s struggle with her toxic personality and drug habit, leading to her self-immolation. Despite her struggles, the film’s final act redeems her, demonstrating the compassion and tenderness of filmmaker Perry’s work. Becky is seen as sober and repentant, singing a moving cover of “Heaven” to her daughter. —Andy Crump

30. Nomadland

Year: 2020
Director: Chloé Zhao
Stars: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May, Swankie, and Bob Wells
Rating: R
Genre: Drama

Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland explores the underside of the American Dream, focusing on older Americans who have abandoned traditional homes for vans and RVs. Nomadland explores the challenges faced by these nomads, including the Amazon warehouse and the reclaimed sense of autonomy gained from their newfound freedom. 

The film features Bruder’s sources, including Frances McDormand, who delivers a compelling performance. The film highlights the complex relationships and challenges faced by these nomads, highlighting the country’s ultimate failings and the resilience of those who make the best of their situation. —Jacob Oller

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