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Best Games on App Store
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Game lovers, including me, often download games from the App Store. And often times, we are faced with the challenge of choosing the best games on the App Store.

Nevertheless, the Apple App Store is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide selection of both new and classic titles. Thanks to the impressive capabilities of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, they are getting console heavy-hitters like Assassin’s Creed: Mirage and Resident Evil 4 Remake.

However, avoiding the dregs can be difficult, but don’t be afraid; we are here to help. We’re recommending fun iPhone games for your Apple device that are enjoyable and well-crafted.

We advise that you continue reading this article, download the recommended games, and don’t forget to share your favorite titles in the comments section.

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If you’re already an iPhone gamer or you’re just interested in the best games that are worth your time, we recommend the following games:

#1. Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness is a challenging card designed by Zach Gage and Pendleton Ward, known for their work on the Wordle-like puzzle game Knotwords and “Adventure Time.” 

The game Card of Darkness is available on Apple Arcade. It requires players to navigate a grid-based board filled with decks of cards. In order to reach the exit, players must exhaust their decks by picking up item cards, including weapons and potions, or fighting deadly enemy cards in the pile.

After selecting a card from a deck, the challenge is to defeat the entire deck, presenting complex choices: Do I grab a sword or health potion at the top of the deck, knowing I may face several enemy cards underneath?

If you have Apple Arcade and have been thinking about trying the subscription service, I will recommend Card of Darkness. This game is a great brain teaser.

#2. Desta: The Memories Between:

Desta: The Memories Between is a roguelike game where players play dodgeball against dream versions of people they have unresolved business with from their hometown. The game offers engaging gameplay, resembling “Hades” and XCOM, with captivating narrative beats and engaging character work.

The game explores the difficulties of managing complex emotions and engaging in difficult conversations with loved ones and friends without succumbing to misery.

One more thing: Playing the Desta game requires a Netflix subscription, but if you already have one, it’s completely free to play. Simply download through the App Store or launch the Netflix mobile app.

#3. Pokémon Unite:

Pokémon Unite resembles a “League of Legends” clone, with a team-vs-team format and top-middle-bottom lane map structure. Unite offers two unique features that could attract MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) fans: a massive Pokémon roster to draw from and a simplification of the core format.

The game’s mobile version is compatible with the Nintendo Switch’s UI placement, but its simple controls ensure no translation loss.

This game serves as an excellent entry point to advanced MOBAs like “League,” offering a diverse range of Pokémon and movesets that are sure to captivate players.

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#4. Love You to Bits:

Love You to Bits is a charming point-and-click game where players must solve puzzles on various planets to reassemble their robot girlfriend. You play as Kosmo, a small human searching for missing parts and trinkets in the universe.

The game is a heartwarming, atmospheric experience that can be easily completed in a few sittings.

#5. Marvel Snap:

“Marvel Snap” is a quick-paced card game that excels due to its simple gameplay. It is played by building a Marvel-style deck of cards with unique abilities and placing them on a board in one of three locations to alter the game’s outcome.

You win if your power levels in two of three locations at the end of six rounds exceed your opponents’. The game’s quick and enjoyable events make it an ideal way to fill an idle moment.

#6. Mario Kart Tour:

Nintendo Switch’s best-selling game, “Mario Kart 8,” or Mario Kart Tour, a mobile device port of the series, offers racecourses and unique maps for small screens. The marquee edition of Mario Kart Tour has been enriched with maps.

The “Mario Kart 8’s” New York Minute track and Mario Run on iPhone allow easy transition to mobile and precise control over Mario’s jump timing.

#7. Dicey Dungeons:

Dicey Dungeons is not just a great mobile game, but a full-fledged game that offers a variety of exciting features. A game originally designed for PC and consoles, it involves players in a series of Pokemon-style battles where moves are determined by dice rolls.

The nature of this game is chaotic and it involves a deliberate, move-by-move approach as players acquire new weapons and moves as the game unfolds.

Once you understand the underlying mechanics of the game, the additional characters are unlocked after a successful run, which can potentially complicate and undermine what you have already learned.  

The game’s challenging levels make it a valuable addition to any mobile gaming collection.

#8. Solitairica:

Solitairica is a card battler with roguelike role-playing game mechanics that performs the impossible. It is a captivating game with an upgradable class deck, an item system, and an innovative gameplay loop that makes it both enjoyable and engaging.

In addition, the game features a storyline about defeating the formidable Emperor Stuck, a beloved puzzle opponent for puzzle fanatics. The game has effectively utilized the “just one more match” strategy, requiring players to play with caution. 

Solitairica is a captivating and challenging game that is difficult to master, making it difficult to put down.

#9. Crypt of the Necrodancer:

The game features a roguelike, dungeon-crawling style with a beat-matching element, to provide a thrilling yet challenging gaming experience. You can only move or attack by matching the soundtrack’s rhythm, thereby gaining multipliers for successful matches.

The goal is not only to win each level but also to acquire superior items and enhance one’s effectiveness in each new level.

#10. Dead Cells:

The roguelike game, which has already been successful on home consoles and PCs, is now available on iOS. The game allows players to control a small creature that can manage dead bodies. The goal is to escape prison by gaining power and fighting enemies in randomized levels.

When a player dies, his life is ended, but the experience can be used to enhance preparation for the next phase.

#11. Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfer is a Chicago-based game where Jake, a graffiti artist, races through subways and train yards to escape an inspector and his dog. Players must move through various obstacles to acquire items and power-ups to enhance their speed and their special abilities.

#12. Monopoly:

Now you can play Monopoly on your Apple mobile device. The classic board game is now available in a fully immersive mobile experience, featuring new graphics and enjoyable animations.

Roll the dice, travel the board, buy properties, build houses and hotels, collect Monopoly Money, and bankrupt friends and family. You can even play classic game pieces like the Scottie, cat, T-Rex, rubber duck, and others.

#13. Fallout Shelter:

Fallout Shelter allows you to manage a vault, a safe colony of survivors buried beneath the earth. The game is practically similar to numerous other mobile resource-management games.

Fallout Shelter’s appeal lies in its clever and non-exploitative use of in-app purchases, coupled with the unmistakable feel of the Fallout franchise.

#14. Two Dots:

Two Dots is a charming puzzle game that revolves around connecting dots of the same color. The game features hundreds of stages with new mechanics and items, making it challenging yet enjoyable as it gradually increases in difficulty.

Start Two Dots at your own risk, as the game’s quick levels can lead to addiction and you can even lose hours to Two Dots.

#15. The Battle of Polytopia:

This real-time strategy game allows players to manage a tribe, expand its territory, fight enemies, and ultimately build an empire. The Battle of Polytopia allows players to participate in online multiplayer games, either solo or with friends or strangers.

#16. Royal Match:

Royal Match is a match-three puzzle game where players must assist King Robert in restoring his kingdom to its former glory. As you match more, you complete more levels, and you restore the kingdom. Meanwhile, you can get coins by unlocking bonus levels and rooms to stay alive.

#17. Gardenscapes:

Gardenscapes is a puzzle game where players build their dream gardens with the help of Austin the butler, spanning hundreds of levels. The game involves restoring gardens, fountains, and mazes while unlocking characters and mysteries along the way. The app can be linked to your Facebook account, allowing you to connect with your friends and become neighbors.

#18. Fruit Ninja Classic:

Slicing and dicing fruit is easier and more efficiently done with an iPhone. Fruit Ninja, an early high-score chaser on the App Store, is a game that focuses on not only splitting produce but also beating personal bests.

As a sword-wielding warrior, swiftly swipe your finger to destroy as much fruit as possible while avoiding bombs that could quickly end your life. 

Halfbrick, the creator of Fruit Ninja Classic, has successfully maintained the game’s experience with the release of the Fruit Ninja 2.0 update.

#19. Hearthstone:

Hearthstone is a popular collectible card game that surpasses other digital alternatives like Magic: The Gathering, a popular digital card game, is often compared to Hearthstone and the Magic games in the App Store. But none of them can be compared to Hearthstone.

Hearthstone, a Warcraft card game by Blizzard, combines the charm of its source material with a strategic and infinitely collectible experience. The game is a well-balanced and ever-evolving platform, with Blizzard constantly adding new expansions, adventures, cards, and modes to maintain its growth and appeal.

The game provides a welcoming onboarding process for all skill levels and utilizes a matchmaking system to ensure fair fights. Don’t be discouraged by your prejudged conceptions about games like Magic: The Gathering. Hearthstone provides a wide range of strategy options in an accessible manner.

#20. Alien Isolation: 

The incredible console and PC game is now available on iPhone, and it is an excellent addition to the gaming experience. The ship is constantly being attacked by aliens, who are constantly searching for food and resources to eat.

The game is similar to console and PC versions, making it a worthwhile experience for those who haven’t played it before.

Having seen these enjoyable and thrilling games we have suggested, to ensure a smooth search process for downloading your choice game, here are some guidelines to help you.

What to expect in Apple iPhone Games

Starting with just one game on the Apple App Store can be discouraging due to the large number of apps and games available. Before downloading a game, it’s important to take note of some factors aside from the most popular free or paid lists.

Here’s what to look out for in Apple iPhone games:

Firstly, if you’re using an old iPhone, ensure it’s compatible with the mobile game. For instance, most games require iOS 8 or higher on your iPhone, which is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4S or higher. This iPhone model was released in October 2011, therefore these games will not be compatible with any iPhone release beforehand.

Secondly, you should know how much space you have on your iPhone. Mobile game file sizes range from a few hundred megabytes to 20GB, which needs sufficient space to fully download on the hardware. This means that if you don’t have enough space on your smartphone, then it won’t be able to download completely on your hardware

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If that’s the case, you will need to delete a few apps to free up some space, get a new iPhone with a larger storage capacity,, or better yet, download a new game with a smaller megabyte.

Thirdly, you should check the price of the game. While there are a lot of free games available, free doesn’t necessarily mean completely free. Many free games provide in-app purchases for upgrades. For example, in the Royal Match game, the player has a limited number of lives to play; once you lose a life, you have to wait 30 minutes to regain it. However, you can pay to unlock the app to get more lives.

Regrettably, the same can be said for a paid game as well. The fact that you have to pay for an app at first doesn’t imply that there are no in-app purchases. But if the game is costly, then the unlocked version may likely be downloaded to your iPhone.

Lastly, when choosing an Apple iPhone game, make sure it’s fun, enjoyable, and challenging enough to play. If yes, then you can go ahead and download and immerse yourself in a new universe and experience.

Wrap Up

When you have the latest iPhone device, it means you can play any mobile game with ease. Thanks to the smartphone’s power and smoothness. In fact, no matter the age of your iPhone, it can still provide a great gaming experience on the go

iPhone offers a wide range of games, including puzzles, RPGs, and action, catering to various gaming preferences. If there’s a game you want to play, chances are it’s already there.

Which game has 1 billion downloads?

Subway Surfers by Kiloo was the first game to get 1 billion downloads in March 2018 but currently shows 500 million on the Play Store due to delayed updates on Play Store.

Currently, the trending games on the App Store are Super Mario Run, 8 Ball Pool, Snake VS Block, Ballz, Word Cookies, Subway Surfers, Episode – Choose Your Story and Rolling Sky.

What is the first app game?

The earliest mobile phone game was the Tetris variant, featured on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device in 1994, followed by Snake which was launched in 1997 by Nokia. And ever since, Snake has become a globally played game on over 350 million devices.

What are the iPhone games to play?

iPhone games include Michael Jackson: The Experience, Crush the Castle, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leg, Lemonade Tycoon, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master, Brick Breaker, and lots more.

Who is the king of games?

The game of chess is a game of kings and also the king of games. It can be downloaded from various platforms, including Google Play, App Store, and even on your computer, and you can begin learning immediately to enjoy its rewards

Which is the first Android game?

SEGA’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” was the first game to be released on Google Play on October 7, 2008. In March 2008, Google introduced the Android operating system, with “Angry Birds” being the first app, and since then, over 1.5 million apps have been released on the Play Store.

Who is the father of gaming?

Ralph Baer has been known as the father of video games. Baer is a renowned video game pioneer. He significantly contributed to the development and commercialization of interactive video games and modern consoles in the 1960s.

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