Best Christmas Movies To Watch On Hulu This Season

best christmas movies on hulu
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It’s never too early to start planning for Christmas, and we all know there’s a hidden treasure mine of all the best Christmas movies on Hulu—from vintage Lifetime and Hallmark originals to Santa Claus movies for kids. So, why wait for your favorite Christmas movies to air on network TV when you can watch them on Hulu whenever you want? Let’s see some reviews

Best Christmas Movies to Watch On Hulu

#1. Die Hard

This is definitely one of the best movies to watch on Hulu this Christmas! Despite having a somewhat greater body count and a few more explosions than It’s a Wonderful Life, John McTiernan’s action classic is still a Christmas film! And a really fine one at that. Along with James Cameron’s Aliens and George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, Bruce Willis’ Christmas Eve fight royale versus Alan Rickman and a band of heavily armed terrorists atop Nakatomi Plaza remains as one of the best action films ever filmed. Die Hard was a surprise box-office success that earned Willis four Academy Award nominations and catapulted his reputation as an action hero into the stratosphere.

#2. It’s a Wonderful Binge  

In a bizarre spoof of The Purge, during which all crime (including murder) is lawful for 12 hours, alcohol and narcotics (which are illegal in this reality) are legal for the same amount of time. That’s going to be one wild celebration! It’s a Wonderful Binge is the holiday-themed sequel to The Binge, but you can probably move on to the Christmas one without missing much. 

#3. Christmas Perfection

Darcy wants a perfect Christmas this holiday season—well, rather, every holiday season since she was a little girl. Not just any ideal Christmas, but the seemingly perfect Christmas in Ireland that she envisions for her porcelain holiday hamlet. After shattering her ceramic post office, she returns to the store where she purchased her village, where a mystery shop owner granted her request.

Darcy awakens the next morning in her Irish village. There, her parents aren’t divorced like they are in real life, she’s dating the handsome man from work she’s been crushing on, and every morning is Christmas morning: waffles, hot cocoa, snowmen, and designing her own Christmas jumpers aplenty! But is it possible to have Christmas every day, and, more importantly, is perfection even possible? Christmas Perfection is a Lifetime 10/10 because it is cute, amusing, and incredibly watchable.

#4. Catering Christmas 

You have to like how simple the titles of Christmas movies are. Catering Christmas is about a caterer who works over the holidays. A wealthy foundation head hires a young caterer to supply cuisine for the annual Christmas Gala. The caterer falls in love with a young photographer while there, and the rest is Christmas magic. 

#5. Naughty & Nice

Naughty & Nice is a beautiful (if a bit too clichéd) tale of fire and ice starring Haylie Duff as Dr. Sandra Love, a small-town radio personality with a hopeless romantic lens on practically every circumstance. Of course, Dr. Love is the lovely one, but she’s forced to share her love-advice radio show with a new, wicked counterpart (Tilky Jones) who isn’t interested in delivering any love advice at all. But the unlikely pair manages to pull it off, and soon the entire town is enjoying their amusing back-and-forth conversation. You’ll enjoy this easy-to-watch rom-com if you like odd pairings, stories about personal crossroads, and Jim O’Heir and Maureen McCormick.

#6. Christmas In The Heartland

Who doesn’t enjoy a Parent Trap-style switching-families plot? Two girls become good friends on their aircraft flight from the big city to, you guessed it, the heartlands, in Christmas in the Heartlands. They’re both visiting distant relatives, so they decide to swap places for the trip, with the rich girl shifting into families with very different wealth levels. What possibly could go wrong? 

#7. The Truth About Christmas 

Jillian’s life is fairly idyllic. She’s got the guy, the fame, everything. When she lies to a small child in front of Santa, Old Saint Nick “curses” her with the power to always tell the complete truth and nothing but the truth. As in, she can never, ever lie. During the holidays, she even spoke to her prospective in-laws.

#8. A Christmas Movie Christmas

“Isn’t It Romantic?” fans will enjoy this movie, as will anyone familiar with the myriad clichés of Hallmark/Lifetime/Netflix Christmas movies. A pair of sisters, one infatuated with the genre and the other jaded about the holidays, awaken in a clichéd Christmas film. There are plenty of corny jokes, but you know someone will discover the genuine spirit of Christmas before all is said and done. 

#9. The Christmas Calendar 

Handmade, apparently anonymous Christmas calendars are the new letters-from-a-secret lover, because everyone in town obsesses over them when Emily receives one. Who and why sent it to her? The Christmas Calendar is a fun and harmless Christmastime watch as long as you’re ready to suspend some disbelief to make place for the cheesiness.

#10. Christmas With The Andersons

Mike Anderson (George Stults) has just been laid off, so the Anderson family Christmas celebration is a huge affair this year. Can Mike and Caroline (Christy Carlson Romano) get away with not celebrating Christmas? The film, which is reminiscent of Christmas with the Kranks, follows Caroline and Mike as they try to escape Christmas until someone comes along to teach them and their 10-year-old twins that you don’t need a big AF party or a lot of money to enjoy Christmas.

#11. Cupid For Christmas

Cupid, played by the hilarious Richard Kind, is ready to hang up his diaper and crossbow in this Christmas crossover extravaganza. His protégé, on the other hand, is overzealous, sloppy, and possibly unprepared for the obligations that come with making people fall in love. As a result, she’s been tasked with organizing some Yuletide fun. If she succeeds at Christmas, she might be able to advance to the Valentine’s Day big leagues. 

#12. Dear Santa

If you’re sick of watching Christmas romances, here’s a documentary that’ll give you a break. Every year, the US Postal Service organizes Operation Santa, a large effort that allows youngsters to write letters to Santa Claus. This documentary shows how vast of an operation it is and how it brings joy to the lives of so many children each year. 

#13. The Secret Of Nutcracker 

If you’re still suffering from Succession withdrawals, you can see Brian Cox in this innovative take on the Nutcracker (though, mercifully, he’s not telling anyone to F off). When a young girl wishes to visit her father, who is currently imprisoned in a WWII POW camp, for Christmas, Drosselmeyer (Cox) assists her on a fantastic adventure. Nothing beats Tchaikovsky’s music to get you in the mood.

#14. My Dad Is Scrooge

Every year, we get a few fresh interpretations on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and this Canadian version debuted in 2014. As you might expect, our little heroine has a parsimonious father who is short on festive cheer. Three talking animals, on the other hand, emerge to teach dear old dad the true spirit of Christmas. 

#15. The March Sisters At Christmas

Since Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, people have been asking themselves, “Are you Meg, Jo, Amy, or Beth?” The book has been adapted several times, including for this extremely modern take in which grown-up, contemporary versions of the March sisters must band together to help repair their home in time for Christmas. 

#16. Second Chance Christmas

This is also one of the interesting movies to watch on Hulu this Christmas. You thought we’d go through this entire list without mentioning the biggest Christmas movie trope: amnesia at the Yuletide? Consider again! In this clichéd holiday romance, a woman is getting ready to serve her husband with divorce papers when a car hits her, rendering her memoryless. Her husband sees it as a second opportunity to save their marriage. It just goes to show that sometimes a hit-and-run is all you need for a Christmas miracle. 

#17. I’m Glad It’s Christmas

Holly’s own five-year deadline to make it on Broadway is fast approaching, and there is no hope in sight. Could the holiday magic deliver Holly her dream role (and dream guy)? Find out in this heartwarming holiday romcom.   

#18. All I Want for Christmas 

Ivy’s only wish for Christmas is for her recently split parents to reconcile. Ivy’s wish may just come true thanks to a little holiday magic and light-hearted fun, thanks to a twist of fate that is only conceivable around the holidays. All I Want for Christmas will undoubtedly become a holiday classic, warming even the coldest of hearts. 

#19. Santa Games

When the mall Santa decides to retire, the competition to take over causes mayhem (and humor) among a gang of Santa hopefuls. Santa Games will keep you smiling all season long if you’re seeking for a new favorite Christmas comedy. 

#20. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story, one of the most popular holiday films of all time, is about Ralphie Parker remembering the Red Ryder Range 200 Shot BB Gun that was at the top of his Christmas wish list when he was 9 years old. Ralphie decided to take matters into his own hands when it became evident that he wouldn’t be finding a BB Gun beneath the tree.

#21. Jingle All the Way

Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a hardworking parent who is determined to impress his son by bringing him the one thing he desires for Christmas—a Turbo Man toy. But, in classic Howard manner, he doesn’t start shopping until Christmas Eve. When the last Turbo Man in town is sold just as Howard arrives, he embarks on a frenetic search for the year’s trendiest toy, learning the true meaning of Christmas along the way. 

#22. Just Getting Started

Duke Diver (Morgan Freeman) is the manager of an opulent Palm Springs resort. Previously, he had a secret life as a defense lawyer for the world’s most dangerous criminals. Everything appeared to be serene and cheerful for the holidays at the resort until Leo (a.k.a. Tommy Lee Jones), a former FBI agent, arrives and provides Duke some solid competition for being the most popular guy on the site. When the mafia tracks down and attempts to kill Duke, the unusual couple soon transforms from foes to teammates. 

#23. The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker, by George Balanchine, delivers a traditional Christmas story through live theatre, dramatic musical soundtracks, and magnificent ballet choreography. This is a must-see for a quirky Christmas movie experience unlike any other. 

#24. A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge is a bitter, Christmas-hating old man who is forced to reflect on his past, present, and future when the ghost of his former business partner visits him. This vibrant rendition of Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas story will motivate you to share compassion and joy this holiday season. 

#25. Santa Claus: The Movie

This 1985 classic Christmas film stars David Huddleston, Dudley Moore, and John Lithgow as a greedy toy producer plotting to take advantage of an overworked and overburdened Santa.

#26. It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is more than simply a traditional black-and-white Christmas film; it’s an emotional story with a compelling message about seeing the beauty of life even when things don’t go as planned. George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) has spent his entire life agonizing over what might have been, but his perspective changes when a guardian angel shows him how lovely his life is. 

#27. A Cinderella Christmas

It’s a traditional fairy tale with a Christmas twist! In this sweet rom-com, a wealthy playboy meets a Christmas masquerade ball event coordinator but does not learn her name. He’s now on a quest to locate the woman of his dreams!

#28. Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

Heather has only a few months to live if she does not receive a new liver. Then she meets a compassionate stranger who turns out to be a match made in heaven—in more ways than one.

#29. Baking Spirits Bright

Mira Varma is determined to reopen her family’s fruitcake shop in time for the holidays. Mira discovers the missing component she didn’t realize she needed when they hire a marketing firm to help raise sales.

#30. A Snow White Christmas

Enjoy a fairytale Christmas this year by watching this spin on the famous Snow White narrative. It revolves around Blanca, a young woman whose stepmother is attempting to defraud her of her father’s property. Blanca is fortunate to have seven eccentric heroes on her side to assist her.

#31. A Christmas Switch

When two ladies suddenly switch places during the holidays, they’re racing against the clock to make things right before Christmas. This is a Freaky Friday story for the holidays!

#32. Girlfriends Of The Christmas Past

When Livvy’s boyfriend dumps her around the holidays, she doesn’t want reconciliation—she wants vengeance! She joins forces with her ex’s exes to teach him a valuable lesson about life and love.

#33. A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale

This adorable film about a part-time dog walker who must decide where her loyalty lie when her boss announces intentions to bulldoze her neighborhood dog park ushers in the paw-liday season.

Best Christmas Movies On Hulu: Conclusion

There is nothing more relaxing than cuddling up on the couch and watching Christmas movies. Whether you’re looking for a festive fantasy, a touching rom-com, or a Christmas classic, Hulu has all the types of Christmas movies you could ever want.

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